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By Kristen
Apr 18, 2010
Well this was me just experimenting for my girlfriends birthday.  I wanted to play around with my petal cutters and try and make a fancy free flower and stacking a double barrel cake.  I'm pretty happy with how they both turned out - stripes aren't as straight as I'd like but ohh well :) TFL
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By cakeinthebox4U
Apr 30, 2010
Fancy Nancy Birthday cake for Macey!  Vanilla cake with bc covered in fondant, fondant and royal icing details, fondant/gumpaste ballet slipper, purse, bow, sunglasses and daisys.  This turned out to be one of my favorite cakes, and they loved it.  The ballet slipper was my favorite... this was my first attempt to make it so I was pleased.  There is a template on here that I used and it works great. TFL!
By lacecakes
May 2, 2010
Fancy Nancy cake for 3rd Birthday. My first cake ever - first time using fondant and first time baking!! Vanilla and chocolate cake with Buttercream. Covered in Marshmallow Fondant and "fancy" boa and feathers!
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May 11, 2010
Made for a Fancy Nancy third birthday party.  This cake was inspired by many CC posts (and the book).  It represents many firsts for me.  Feedback is welcome.  The bottem is 6" and the middle 5"ish.  The top is a dress cakelet inspired by Cupcake Envy (I bow to their awesomeness).  Thanks for looking.
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By CarolinaCakeMom
May 17, 2010
This cake was for a Fancy Nancy themed 5th birthday party.  This was my first attempt at making a purse.  Thank you to Maria_Campos for posting a template!  All of the other decorations were done in fondant.
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By shelly150
Jun 1, 2010
This was iced in buttercream with fondant decorations. The dog's head was done in rice crispy treats and covered with chocolate icing using the grass tip.
By lscain1
Jun 7, 2010
I made these to go along with a Fancy Nancy cake.  I am still learning and unfortunately over-whipped the butter cream and let it crust before putting on toppers.  Live and learn.  I thought the toppers were cute.  Thanks for looking.
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By CarolinaCakeMom
Jun 7, 2010
This cake of Fancy Nancy was so fun to make.  She is my daughters favorite book character and the look on her face when she saw it, was worth all the hours of sleep lost making it.
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By cakemommie02
Jun 11, 2010
this was made for a little girl who was having a fancy nancy tea party -most all the decorations & letters were cut using my cricut cake - the crown was also cut using the once upon a princess Cricut cartridge . and decorated with edible pearls .
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By debescakes
Jun 12, 2010
Birthday cake for twins.
By Carla9900
Jun 18, 2010
By makupwmn
Jun 26, 2010
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By mannabakes
Jun 27, 2010
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By cakeblondie
Jul 4, 2010
all fondant decorations, small 6 inch cake
By Hollysweet
Jul 7, 2010
Bc with fondant flower and Butterflies.Picture doesn't do the picture justice.The colors are truly Beautiful! Fuscia color is really nice.
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By Kiddiekakes
Jul 22, 2010
Thank you so much for looking!  I used homemade fondant from a great cake book I found at the library.  Worked great - like alot better thank MMF.  Have a great day!
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By tomswife
Aug 2, 2010
I believe this original design was made by Sweet Tooth Fairy Cakes in Utah.  Thanks for the inspiration.  I was asked to duplicate this cake for a little girl's 6th birthday.  She was very happy to see the cake.
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By anmnewlin1
Aug 2, 2010
This cake was three teirs of lemon cake with vanilla filling, covered in mmf and has wiltons sugar pearls and brush embrodiery.  thank you for looking
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By 1456
Aug 10, 2010
First time making the 'loopy' type of bow for top.Oh well, I guess practice makes perfect :)
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By Danikapink
Aug 13, 2010
fancy nancy cake for a 4 yr old birthday
By sugarcakes2525
Aug 17, 2010
By mico31381
Aug 28, 2010
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By Anaconda31
Aug 30, 2010
this cake was made for a little girl who has a love for both fancy nancy and the dallas cowboys. she loved it :)
By tjolene
Oct 9, 2010
This is a 4", 6" and 10", yellow flavored,  Fancy Nancy birthday cake for my best friends daughter.  It was  coated in Coconut Sugarshack buttercream and covered in fondant. The crown was made of straight gumpaste.  It is covered in rainbow disco dust.  i love disco dust so much and will be purchasing different colors of it in the future.
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By amyvanderhaag
Oct 10, 2010
By mrsprinkles
Oct 14, 2010
Fancy Nancy party - loves everything fancy, so lots of bling!!
By HeartStrings2
Oct 14, 2010
By Dalicha
Oct 16, 2010
Chocolate cake orange buttercream icing.
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By sstermer99
Oct 17, 2010
Here's my little girl's Fancy Nancy cake! Also my first experience with SPS, though it wasn't a true SPS cake through and through (bottom tier was a cake dummy, and very top tier was 4 inches and I didn't see a plate that size :) ). The very top tier is the messy "hairdo" that Fancy Nancy always fills with butterflies and flowers and glitter and other pretty sparkly things. SO much fun to make!!!! I loved it that there was no way to overdo this cake ... when my elaborate royal icing tiara fell apart, I threw a simple fondant cut out one on the "hair" and mounted the highlights of the tiara on top. Alternating layers of raspberry and blueberry with strawberry and cream fillings in the corset tiara; peaches and cream for the other two tiers. Special thanks to Peechekeeno and Grammasue for their awesome help with the tutu!
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By emiyeric
Oct 24, 2010
By jibbies
Oct 25, 2010
2 tiered white cake iced and filled with buttercream and covered with marshmallow fondant sprayed with airbrush pearl.  All decorations made of fondant, gumpaste and edible glitter.
By bamagrama
Nov 2, 2010
pink, fancy,elegant, birthday
By haymeli
Nov 7, 2010
By luckygurl1203
Nov 16, 2010
This was a very fancy Cinderella cake for a 3 year old girl.
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By CristyInMiami
Nov 23, 2010
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By calamity_clair
Nov 29, 2010
3 Tier covered w/Fondant
Choc w/ choc mousse and wasc w/ rasp mousse

Teacup and saucer, spout and handle are gumpaste everything else fondant

By dutchy1971
Dec 18, 2010
This cake was inspired by the Fancy Nancy books. It was for a 3yr old. Vanilla cake with almond bc. All decorations were  mmf and gumpaste. So fun to make.
By Mrs_Burns
Dec 20, 2010
This is the first cake I made for Leigh Ann...I told you she wants AWESOME cakes!!!!
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By CakeMadam
Dec 22, 2010
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By Hollysweet
Dec 24, 2010


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