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Cake balls are fudge marble cake.  Painted with thinned down pastes.  Big eye is chocolate cake and buttercream.  Junior mint pupil.
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By GinaJuarez
Nov 2, 2005
This was for my cousins Halloween/Birthday Party.  It is chocolate cake with chocolate pastry cream and chocolate buttercream.  I airbrushed darker brown over the icing.  The letters were done ahead of time with Royal Icing.  The fingers are aluminum foil wrapped in gumpaste strips.  The ghosts, RIPs, bones, and eyeballs are gumpaste or fondant.
By pastrypuffgirl
Nov 3, 2005
I made this cake for a friend's Halloween party.  She asked for something gory.  The cake is all edible except the wooden skewers. The shape is made my the sports ball pan cut in half
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By 4friend
Nov 12, 2005
I just finished this one. It's a book cake for an Optometrist. I know it's rather large for a book, but I have been wanting to try one for a while now so I thought I might as well do it since I had free reign with this cake. Cake is half vanilla/half chocolate, bc with edible image.
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By bigcatz
Feb 1, 2006
Chocolate 1/4 sheet. Just a pretty quick simple cake, didn't have alot of time. I do wish now that I would have iced in green instead of blue, but it was for one of my sons and he likes blue, sooo.
By cakesbgood
Jul 25, 2006
Birthday cake for a Eye Dr. Buttercream with fondant Snellen Chart.
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By redsoxgirl
Aug 9, 2006
This was a birthday cake with an LSU theme.  It's a German chocolate cake, with German chocolate frosting on the sides and between the layers.  The top is a FBCT to look like an eye of the LSU tiger -- based on a new logo the school uses.  This was my first FBCT.  It was a really fun technique to try -- and I learned it here.
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By MooieKatooie
Aug 22, 2006
Yellow cake, buttercream icing, eyeballs covered in fondant.
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Aug 30, 2006
The Tiger cake is vanilla with crusting buttercream and FBCT.  The football is devils food with chocolate buttercream.  WAR EAGLE!!!
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By LittleBigMomma
Sep 1, 2006
Took the picture before I fixed the color on the cheeks.  The entire top is a FBCT that gave me a heck of a time.  Somehow I miscalculated the size and ended up with the transfer being much larger than the cake.  Had to trim off the edges, so I lost a lot of the picture.  The colors smeared.  It was a mess!  This came from an illustration in one of my daughters' story books.
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By madicakes
Sep 12, 2006
Eyeball covered with bc.  Made with the sports ball pan.
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By KylesMom
Sep 21, 2006
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By Estasrica
Oct 8, 2006
These are the cupcakes I made for my son, Christopher's, 3rd birthday.  They were a huge hit and very easy to make.  I used whipped topping and it was wonderful!!
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By Stephiepooh
Oct 17, 2006
I was asked to make a cake for an Optometrist.
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By ang_ty95
Oct 19, 2006
these little buggers were a pain in the rear....and look like a 5yr old did them!!  :)

didn't quite turn out how I had them pictured in my head!  but oh almost 3yr old new what they were suppose to be!!  :)
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By sugartopped
Oct 25, 2006
These were for our halloween party. My favorite is the pumpkin.
By mushbug9
Oct 27, 2006
I'm a beginner. This was my first try with the sports ball pan.
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By WickedBlu
Oct 27, 2006
Made RedVelvet cake for the first time, and, inspired by a fellow CC'er, made this for my FH's food day at work!
By movingritealong
Oct 29, 2006
I got the idea for these from CC and thought it would be great for a party I was invited to. I had been saving cake scraps from the last couple of cakes I did. The green eyes are vanilla carmel cake with cream cheese, the blue eyes are german chocolate cake with cream cheese, and the yellow eyes are carmel chocolate cake with cream cheese with pecans. They were a big hit.
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By kittysparkle
Nov 1, 2006
I used my Wilton football pan for this.
By llynnowens
Nov 11, 2006
5" and 8" rounds frosted in buttercream with fondant accessories painted with luster dusts: glasses, lab coat, name tag, eyeballs, contact lenses in case, eye chart & eye cover paddle.
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By KimAZ
Dec 27, 2006
I made this for my father-in-law's birthday.  Eye of the tiger is a FBCT.
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By Flur
Jan 28, 2007
For my nephew's 9th birthday/halloween party.
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By Iheartcake
Feb 27, 2007
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By PearlBee
Mar 22, 2007
Another view of the book for my eye doctor.
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May 24, 2007
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By midialjoje
Jun 4, 2007
I made this cake for a MAC make up artist's birthday at my work.  i used all fondant and used luster dust to create the eyeshadow color.
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By spiffchicknpink
Jun 12, 2007
Had a friend who had PRK (similar to LASIK).  Made the cake to celebrate not having to wear glasses anymore!  Used half of the sportsball pan.
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By Virginia
Jul 8, 2007
Church event....see all picture on my album.  
The theme was Avalanche Ranche and here are the kids hiding under the hat!
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By Cancook
Jul 27, 2007
theme was "the apple of her eye" and babys room was done in monkeys so they wanted both incorp in the cake.  Loved the way this thurned out!  monkey molded out of fondant and "A" from gumpaste. all covered in fondant w/ fondant accents
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By fiasmama
Sep 16, 2007
this pic show the cupcake bouquets that went along with the cake
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By fiasmama
Sep 16, 2007
First time carving, chocolate cake chocolate frosting.  I think it's cute but maybe it looks too much like a furby?  Haha, oh well.  I tried!!
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By leightorres
Sep 18, 2007
Grandma (an artist) calls me and requests a "really different" baby shower cake.  We determine together that a 3-tier whimsy cake would fit the bill.  Then she starts getting more than a bit too involved in determining colors, flavors, fillings, etc.  I think I took about 6 calls from her in the space of a week, each time with more detail she "needed" to see .  I'm amazed that the colors she wanted were okay ... the entire shower really was wowed by the cake.  I guess you never can tell, can you?
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By aobodessa
Sep 24, 2007
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By butlah
Sep 30, 2007
A simple cake for a simple wedding. Fondant (sugar paste) covered cake. Ox-eye daisy's made in gum paste. Aug -07
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Oct 1, 2007
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By GrannieJ
Oct 17, 2007
Thanks to kittysparkle for this idea and help.  I've been planning on doing them since last Halloween and they were a huge hit.  Chocolate cake scraps with buttercream and mini chocolate chips dipped in white chocolate.
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By zoraya
Oct 19, 2007
Sugar cookies with MMF. Regards to the Flour Pot Cookie book, which led me to the Web site, which gave me some wonderful ideas!
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By JillK
Oct 23, 2007
All fondant
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By gingersoave
Oct 26, 2007
Inspired by so many eye balls on the site!  My son picked it out to take to the YMCA party this afternoon.  Vanilla cake with MMF and Wilton color accents.
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By thecakemaker
Oct 31, 2005


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