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For my son's 3rd birthday.  Started with a 12x18 sheet cake & made Thomas & the 2 cars behind him.  Covered in MMF with piped buttercream accents.
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By jjbasket
Jan 15, 2008
This is a 1/2 sheet cake for a 2nd Birthday
2 2
By tadawade
Jan 20, 2008
Thomas the Tank Engine cake, client asked for a Number one it was my idea to make it look like the face of Thomas because I thought that the shape would really work. Later she asked if I could add a small track and train, I ended up getting the toy train for $2 I thought that way they can keep it as a momento. The plan was to sprinkle a grass like feature around the tracks, it didn't quite come out like I expected, I hope I didn't ruin it.
5 19
By nicolevoorhout
Jan 26, 2008
This was a Chocolate Cake filled with Peanut Butter icing carved to look like the new Fire Truck that  local Fire company purchased.  I used 16" Square pans to start with.  It was a lot of fun to make but definitely a lot of work.  They seemed pleased when I delivered so I think it was a success.  Thanks for looking!
3 4
By ThatsHowTcakesRolls
Jan 27, 2008
So, I was finally asked to do one of these...  I knew it was inevitable.  :)  The Landscape is a carved 11x15 french vanilla/milk chocolate swirl cake with marshmallow-flavored buttercream, covered in airbrushed fondant, with airbrushed RKT bushes and trees.  Thomas and the carts are RKT covered in fondant.  Tanks (hee hee) for looking!
16 41
By Danielle111
Jan 28, 2008
This cake is a carved sponge cake covered in SP and i made this for a friends son. The face is made from MMP. TFL
1 4
By lynseyg2002
Jan 28, 2008
By LetThereBeCake07
Jan 31, 2008
This is a cupcake cake for a 5 year old's birthday party.  It has 18 cupcakes and is covered and decorated with bc.
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Feb 2, 2008
Made for my nephew who is a big fan :o)  Buttercream, with fondant roof, windows and tracks. Front engines are real, with a Thomas candle. Original idea from Michan.
6 39
By amberhoney
Feb 10, 2008
My husband and I made this cake for our nephew's third birthday.  Everything was completely edible (face was made from gumpaste).  I think we ended up with a total of 14 cakes.
By bks9581
Feb 14, 2008
All buttercream and cake. The engine parts are MMF. I needed as many servings as I could get out of this cake, so the seat, window, radiator and tires are all cake iced in buttercream
1 1
By tasteebakes
Feb 14, 2008
All Fondant.  Not my best work yet.  I really struggled with this one, but the customer was pleased with it.  I wanted to make the ladder from royal icing, but it kept on breaking so I made it out of flower paste and it turned out fine.
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By Lilla
Feb 17, 2008
I made this cake for my little grandsons birthday, he was born on Valentine's Day.  He wants to start collecting Thomas Tank Train stuff now so  his birthday was the start of a new toy collection. Fun!! :)  He loved the cake and wanted his piece of cake to be Thomas's face!  LOL....Both cakes are marble cake with all buttercream filling and frosting.  Thomas cake was made from the Wilton Choo Choo Train pan.
2 2
By Teekakes
Feb 18, 2008
Thanks to  meomy for the cake board idea from her train cake! TFL
1 12
By laurakelly2
Feb 24, 2008
Another view of Cayden's Thomas cake!
1 6
By laurakelly2
Feb 24, 2008
This was my first cake! I made it for my son's 3rd birthday earlier this month, before I discovered CC and the VIVA method :-) I am pretty happy with it considering I had no idea what I was doing. I found some basic instructions on the web to help with the fondant face. Cake is chocolate with buttercream.
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By maimerbaker
Feb 27, 2008
I was asked to make a Fire Truck for a 3 year old who is a Fireman Sam fan, and luckily had Debbie Brown's book, which I used for inspiration. The customer was happy, and I was quite pleased with the result!
Although I would love to hear any tips on how to colour sugarpaste with such strong colours and at the same time not compromise the sugarpaste consistancy - the red was a nightmare to work with!
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By krnpl
Mar 2, 2008
I used my son's Thomas toy to mold Thomas' face from MMF.
Everything else butter cream icing.  I added tracks later but didn't get a pic of it.
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By urslin
Mar 15, 2008
Made for a little boy's birthday.  Iced in BC, Thomas is fondant
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By kimmy37
Mar 16, 2008
6-8 rounds covered in fondant with fondant decorations. Based on a cake by
4 39
By golfgirl1227
Mar 19, 2008
second birthday cake
By sarahs999
Mar 25, 2008
OK!I had a lot of problems  with this cake I baked it 3 times!By the time I finally got it iced the back end was sagging so bad I had to just cut it off and bake another small cake to replace the back!The lady said she liked it but I was not happy with it!!!
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By lynsey
Mar 31, 2008
Thomas the Tank Engine style cake
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By pokit
Apr 7, 2008
Cake for a friend of a friend's son who is turning 3. He LOVES Henry from Thomas the Tank Engine. I didn't make Henry quite long enough, but otherwise it runed out OK.Chocolate cake covered with fondant and gumpaste decorations.
5 27
By Bonnie151
Apr 10, 2008
I made this cake for my son's 2nd birthday in February. He loved it and still does. He is beside me now and keeps talking about it. This was my first character cake I have ever done and the first cake I have done 'painting' the icing down to try to make it smooth. I am very happy with the way this cake turned out except that I miscentered his name :)  It was very tasty too!
1 8
By mrsbutt
Apr 12, 2008
This cake was for my son´s 5th Birthday. he loved it !
2 7
By tikkie01
Apr 14, 2008
Fire truck decorated in BC with fondant and royal icing accents.  This was my first attempt at sculpting with fondant - both the dog and fire hydrant are fondant as is the hose. Also my first time decorating with royal icing.  My customer was very happy!
4 15
By Boshellbug
Apr 17, 2008
This is the front view of my fire truck. I used candy dots for the sirens.
2 3
By Boshellbug
Apr 17, 2008
These are NFSC w/ Royal icing.  I made them for my son to share with his preschool class tomorrow for his birthday.  Unfortunately, my son has Pneumonia, so he won't get to enjoy them with his classmates!  (Btw..the 51 stands for Squad 51 from the 70s tv show, "Emergency" per my husband's request! LOL)
1 2
By bambuf
Apr 22, 2008
combo party for sister and brother
2 3
By Sandra80
Apr 27, 2008
Thomas the Tank Engine Style cake.  This is my third attempt.  Each time 
they get abit better.
2 9
By pokit
Apr 30, 2008
Using Wendy's excellent tutorial, I carved Thomas from an 11x15 sheet cake, stacked and frozen.  He is covered in mmf.  Face is molded from mmf.  Cake flavored with vanilla caramel coffee creamer powder and frosted in whipped buttercream.
1 4
By jamiemichelle
May 1, 2008
Also fron the Australian Women's Weekly Kids Birthday Cake book.
1 1
By jaazza
May 3, 2008
My sons 2nd birthday cake
1 3
By DoughGirl
May 4, 2008
Fondant face (per Debbie Brown's book)  The rest of thomas is FBCT with fondant accents.  White chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache and raspberry filling.  Thanks for looking!
8 4
By foxymomma521
May 11, 2008
For school career day
2 20
By Jenn123
May 12, 2008
I made this cake for my son's third b'day. He was so thrilled to see his favorite Thomas running on top of his cake. (It's a wrap around Thomas which runs on the track!) This was my first cake decoration, so please ignore the imperfections!
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By Praj
May 13, 2008
This was inspired by arwa - thanks so much for posting it!  Couldn't find the stand-up train pan, so I had to carve it.  All BC except for MMF face, smokestack and duck.  Words in the "smoke" were just printed onto card paper, then laminated.  Caboose is carrying Skittles (also arwa's idea)!  Made the hills to give more cake servings.  Really fun cake to make!  Thanks for looking.
6 29
By gakali
May 17, 2008
1 5
By rybicka
May 17, 2008
This was a red velvet & yellow cake baked with the Wilton checkerboard cake pan set.  The cake was iced with buttercream and blue sparkles were used to add some pizzazz to the water spraying out of the hose in the design.
1 4
By somethingmoore
May 22, 2008


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