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I made this for my cousin's son.  I found pic of Elmo and modified it a bit to do this BCT.  It was quite large and split at the neck when I flipped it onto cake but I think it still turned out ok.  LOL.  My aunt said the kids won't know and they don't care they just want to eat it!
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By sweetbaker
Jul 15, 2005
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By Fishercakes
Jul 22, 2005
This was a last minute whip up for my niece
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By Tazalexis
Jul 15, 2005
1/2 sheet with all buttercream design
10 49
By KimAZ
Oct 21, 2005
This cake looked fine...until I moved it!  :-(  The arms are just icing and one side fell almost completely off!   I fixed it for now but somehow this cake has to travel a whole hour tomorrow and I am just not sure if its going to make it.  Its a large cake.  The structure is sturdy but the icing is not so durable.
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By Kitagrl
Jan 20, 2006
Tried my first buttercream transfer for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  I made 3 different ones just to be on the safe side and they all turned out beautifully.
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By mhicks0009
Mar 10, 2006
Another Elmo cake. Added the birthday boy's name and age.
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By KimAZ
Apr 7, 2006
I made this before taking any classes.  I still think it came out nice though!
By CakesByEllen
Oct 21, 2005
This cake was a french vanilla double layer.  All frosting was buttercream.  This was my baby's 2nd birthday cake.
By mistiek2006
Jun 25, 2006
This is a 2 tier..4 layer amaretto cake...iced in buttercream with fondant accents.
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By Mommyof2Angels
Jul 21, 2006
9X13 white cake base with 3-D Elmo on top.  Iced in butercream with fondant accents. Elmo is made from rice crispie treats.  Little tip:  let them dry before you attempt to decorate!  This is Elmo's 2nd head...the first one blew up!

Thanks to CakeFairy and lilrev for their awesome renditions of Elmo, as well as all the others on here!
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By tripletmom
Jul 22, 2006
I did this for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  It is my first attempt at a transfer.  It's not perfect but I was pleased with it.
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By tsdamron
Jul 29, 2006
for a sesame street luau party.  the lay is fondant flowers that I let dry out for a day.
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By seven
Aug 11, 2006
This is the second cake I've ever made.  Older Wilton Elmo pan, chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  Made this for my son's 2nd birthday~~Elmo theme!
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By korensmommy
Aug 28, 2006
Made in Wilton pan. Chocolate cake with buttercream icing.
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Aug 31, 2006
My thanks to "lilrev" for her Elmo & directions.  My changes were to use egg shape pans for the head (she used ball pan) I made 2 eggs, split in center & used rounded ends. Wrapped in fondant to keep together. feet were 3" rounds with just a little batter in them. arms are 4" rounds. I cut out the mid sections & used the curves. Base is 12" rice kripes. 
And he survived a nail bitning 3 hour trip over very bumpy roads. I put him in a cardboard box (silicon sheet under tray) and set on a feather pillow to absorb the shock. Not one pc of "fur" fell off!
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By marecip
Sep 10, 2006
Elmo wilton pan. Choc. cake, BC frosting
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By ShelBell
May 26, 2006
I decorated this Elmo face with a grass tip instead of the star tip so it would look more like Elmos fur
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By boosqmom
Oct 7, 2006
This is a large sheet cake with the elmo shaped cake on top. It is all buttercream. Thanks for looking!
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By ashley87
Oct 10, 2006
Rectangular cake cut to Elmo shaped and covered with buttercream stars
By boosqmom
Oct 11, 2006
This one was inspired from here on CC! Thank you for the inspiration!! I made my Elmo out of gumpaste using my trusty little garlic press to give him fur.
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By cakegirl0315
Nov 17, 2006
This was a wilton tin turned out really well
By chelwright
Nov 21, 2006
Made this one for my son's 2nd birthday in 1998.  It was the first Wilton pan/star tip cake that I had ever done!  It got rave reviews (looks and taste).  Can't say that I remember exactly what kind of cake it is, but I do remember the carpal tunnel pain afterwards.  ;-)
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By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
Nov 29, 2006
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By dali120
Dec 11, 2006
All BC and airbrush.
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By Kiddiekakes
Jan 6, 2007
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By bobbiejo2225
Jan 19, 2007
Used Elmo Shaped Pan.  Covered in Buttercream.  First Cake ever.
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By MandMCakeDesigns
Feb 16, 2007
2nd birthday.   Round cake with small Elmo cake on top.
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By Suebee
Feb 22, 2007
Made this for my son's 2nd birthday
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By Lettyva
Feb 25, 2007
Yeah, it's finally done!!  I was having anxiety about doing this cake.  I did the test Elmo and he came out great.  But, when I did the final one, oh boy.  I made the bottom cake it sat on too small.  I was stressing out if I could still make it work.  Everything went ok and it made it to the party ok up six flights of stairs (there was no elevator).  I learned a lot with this cake.  Thanks for looking and thanks to Swe3ts and lilrev for the help and directions.
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By vpaz24
Mar 3, 2007
These are for my daughter's cake. When I finish the cake I will post the final picture!!.
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By alyoska
Mar 4, 2007
Ok, if a customer were to ask me to make this cake, I would charge $30,000.00.  Yes, as in THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Spell it with me....N E V E R   A G A I N!!  Everything is eatable except for the head which is a styrofoam ball.  I used fondant, marshmellows, toothpicks and chocolate flooded decorations.  The bottom is a 14" round chocolate cake.  Took me four days to make Elmo.  This cake was a gift for a close friend's nephew.
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By DesignerCakes
Mar 10, 2007
2 3
By cinderella73
Mar 19, 2007
This was a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream frosting. Elmo is made from rice crispy treats then frosted. Everything else is made with MMF.  By the way, one leg is up on the other - it's a bad pic!
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By JStar
Apr 4, 2007
Body-made from doll mold cake.  Legs-8x8 pan & cut to shape of legs.  Feet-cupcakes, slightly reshaped.  Arms-Rice krispy treats molded into arms & hands.  Head-made from ball cake with mouth cut out.  Mouth made from Starburst slightly melted, rolled out & cut to shape of inside of mouth.  Tongue made same way with a different flavor of Starburst.  Eyes-fondant.  Candy necklace & braclett.  Hair baretts are real.  Body & hair BC with grass tip.  Nose-Starburst.
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By Petey
Apr 7, 2007
To use leftover birthday cake batter and icing, I whipped up the Eleven Elmos.  My youngest son destroyed the 12th cupcake before I could decorate it.  I know I could have done a better job, but the children enjoyed chomping into Elmo's smiling face.
By psupatty
Sep 19, 2006
By CSMoore
Apr 11, 2007
Sculpted chocolate cake covered in BC icing.
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By markbolin
Apr 13, 2007
Made from chocolate cake and rice krispies and covered in buttercream.
He was a huge hit!
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By wyatt
May 1, 2007
2 27
By four321
May 2, 2007


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