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This is a Care Bear Cousin cake using the huggable teddy bear cake.  It was my first attempt at cake decorating a character cake.
By curiegas
Apr 13, 2005
For a neighborhood baby shower today. I was told that the nursery had elephants and that they didn't want the cake to be babyish. I think it would be a nice birthday cake also.
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By jgclucas
Aug 27, 2005
This was made for Kindergarten class's Valentine party. I filled the cupcakes. My daughter's class loved it.
9 23
By bambi64
Sep 16, 2005
This was my first attempt at figure piping. I love the pink elephants for a 21st birthday!  I ended up doing another one the same week for a co-worker's daughter! Such fun!
20 57
By lynsval
Sep 23, 2005
This cake was done for a 2 year olds party. They wanted a jungle theme. The animals are done with stiff buttercream.
13 26
By danette62602
Oct 16, 2005
4 9
Dec 4, 2005
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Dec 4, 2005
I was very proud of this cake although I had a lot of crumbs in the icing (red velvet).  The instructor had us do a hodge podge of techniques.  I was very helpful.  I think my elephant was the best!!
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By kelleygirl
Dec 20, 2005
My brother is in Pharmacy school, so I decided to decorate his brithday cake with things related to his life currently.  

The perscription bottle is for him being in pharmacy school and the pink elephant for his fun drinking parties with his pharmacy school friends (related it to Dumbo, but have since heard many other references for pink elephants).  And I made the cake topsy turvy for the whole on pills and drunk effect.

Cake was chocolate with cookies & cream filling and all decorated in fondant.
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By aupekkle
Jan 12, 2006
I made this cake for a friend's little boy. I made the lion hill out of a cupcake. And the trees are pretzel rods.
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By ericka
Feb 6, 2006
These were for my son's preschool "Wild About You" Jungle Valentine Party today. Full sized cupcakes decorated completely in buttercream.
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By pinkflamingo
Feb 13, 2006
This was my first attempt at ganache and tiered cakes.  The mother to be wanted all chocolate, so it's a chocolate cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling and poured chocolate ganache glaze.  The theme was jungle animals.  The animals and grass are painted fondant cutouts.
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By tsc
Feb 24, 2006
This thing was a learning experience! It's yellow and chocolate cakes. MMF to cover the body and head then I switched to Satin Ice because it was just so much easier to sculpt and work with. The sign is wafer paper. I was running out of fondant so I had to use tin foil inside the arms, legs and trunk to save fondant.
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By krissy_kze
Feb 28, 2006
Chocolate layer cake w/ganache, topped with a "requested" girly elephant for a 7 yr. old birthday.
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By adven68
Mar 10, 2006
Indian River grapefruit meringue cake. The design on the pillow is taken from my Margaret Braun book. All fondant and luster dusts.
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By krissy_kze
Mar 18, 2006
This was the cake for my nephew's 1st bithday party. Each side of the cake features an animal made from royal icing.  I took the paper products and used them as templates.
10 33
By nikim
Mar 20, 2006
cupcakes for kids to accompany the cake for adults....Vanilla cupcakes, ganache buttercream frosting, fondant animals....
8 180
By adven68
Mar 25, 2006
This cake I made for my friends mother who loves elephants..whipped cream, candy pearls laid inside the borders...
By cakez
Apr 4, 2006
Grated apple bundt cake with marzipan elephant
4 2
By Ursula40
Apr 8, 2006
8" round vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling. All Almond B/C.  Made for a little girl that loves elephants.  Also made 24 matching cupcakes.
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By bjfranco
Apr 12, 2006
B/C elephants to match birthday cake.
9 54
By bjfranco
Apr 12, 2006
All Butter Cream Icing for a little girl who likes elephants.  This is my second set for this client.  I have elephants down now. lol  They are a lot of fun to make.
42 362
By bjfranco
Apr 17, 2006
6" white cake with chocolate buttercream and MMF accents. Got the idea from a cake decorating book. Really enjoyed adding all of the animals on the trees. Still practicing, but am happy with the results!
22 168
By cindww
Apr 29, 2006
I will never make these again unless I charge $5 a cupcake.  I charged the guy $2.50 a cake and they took me forever and they still didn't come out how I wanted.  Candy doating the bottom of a cupcake and getting it to  be smooth is near impossible.  The details on the face were hard too!
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By divaricks
May 9, 2006
Here are some cupcakes that I did at work.  All piped in buttercream.
5 72
By jenncowin
May 19, 2006
Well, we survived!  I made these two cakes, over 100 cupcakes, and well over 100 candy ribbons in different flavors/colors.  We auctioned one cake and our team "worked" on the other one.  It was a lonnnnng night but well worth it.  Thanks for looking.
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By egarman
May 20, 2006
We didnt ask! The friend throwing the party was having the theme of a Black Elephant with diamonds and gold and had an example for us to make a cake around. Elephants were made of color flow and silver dragees were set in while wet. Gold was painted on after set.
3 14
By Ginger08
May 21, 2006
10" & 6" round.  All BC except for the fondant number one.  Images are FBCT from napkin supplied by client. Also made two dozen elephant cupcakes to go with cake.  Napkin had baby elephants on the back.
12 84
By bjfranco
May 26, 2006
And this is the one I did for my daughter - all fondant!
7 33
By bmote1
May 29, 2006
This is my first cake.  It didn't turn out as well as I hoped, I was going to add peanuts and use other colors but the girls in our class took all of our bags.  That's why the pink is muddy with blue.  I like the idea, though, since I love elephants, and hope to try again.  I think this design would look better on a larger sheet cake.  This is for my vet, who made my very sick dog well again.
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By CherryMerry
Jun 1, 2006
All buttercream
3 14
By jenncowin
Jun 9, 2006
A 3D jungle animal cake made for my son's second birthday.  It was the first time I worked with pettinice and my friend helped me.  View from the right.
4 12
By veronika
Jun 12, 2006
View from the left, jungle animal island.
2 7
By veronika
Jun 12, 2006
I did this cake in a class that I took.  The elephants are color flow.
By girltrapped
Jun 19, 2006
This was made for my Grandmother's 75th Birthday.  She is an AVID elephant collector so I made the cake to look like it was all the presents and elephants sitting atop a white table cloth made from fondant.
6 9
By nathanikka
Jun 24, 2006
This is my little blue elephant made from the 3D Duck pan.  All the kids loved him!
8 6
By wyatt
Jul 24, 2006
This was for a little girls first birthday. The elephant is covered in satin ice fondant with a green polka dot fondant bow. The "grass" is a 10 in square that I carved to make the edges more gradual, like a hill. Then I added BC grass and some fondant flowers. My cake kept cracking with the stand up bear pan b/c of my recipe. So, I ended up be-heading my stand up bear cake and using just its head. Then I stacked up round cakes for the body and a strong central dowel for support.
8 18
By mamacc
Aug 2, 2006
Customer provided invitation for us to match.  All buttercream.
6 39
By jenncowin
Aug 6, 2006
#19 reverse and shell borders.  #10 piped figures #2 details and #252 leaves
3 18
By jsmoliks
Aug 6, 2006
This is my first cake ever, and I used Marshmallow Fondant (decided after tasting premade fondant.. yuck!) It was for my daughters first birthday.
25 92
By Strawhatbrat
Apr 13, 2005


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