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I made this large single layer sheet cake for a going away cake for my husband's work. It is 2 different flavors on each side. One is chocolate chip cake and the other is bride's white cake- both recipes are from the cake mix doctor. The 'w', 'y', and 'b' are made to look like how the company logo is, the 'w' is the part of the company logo. My husband's work requested a cake from me instead of having to get a store bought cake. :)
By m0use
Apr 12, 2005
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By angelcake4u
Oct 3, 2005
I made chocolate cookies for these
By taniabanana
Jan 9, 2006
I did this for my son's burthday.  It looks just like his electric guitar that he loves!
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By Fishercakes
Feb 20, 2006
Used a 10" round and just a 1/4 sheet pan to create this double-layer cake.
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By antonia74
Mar 4, 2006
9X13 double chocolate cake iced in buttercream with fondant guitar.  The Fender Telecaster is an exact replica of Sarah's guitar.  Very difficult to see in ths pic but I aslo added the notes for "Happy Birthday" all along the front of the cake.
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By tripletmom
Apr 3, 2006
All bc icing Fender electric guitar.
By lilrev
Apr 7, 2006
I made this cake for my nephew's 6th birthday.  It was life sized and he loved it.  Everything was made with MMF except the strings and strap.
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Apr 26, 2006
This was a birthday cake for my son, who was getting an electric guitar for his birthday.  I used the Wilton pan for the cake.
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By LisaV10001
May 3, 2006
chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, marzipan applique
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By Darra
May 13, 2006
This was for a graduation party.  His school colors were deep purple and yellow.  BC icing with a splash of shimmer dust.  Accents in fondant.  Neck is styrafoam covered in fondant.  Strings are made out of blending filliment (for cross-stitching) and clear thumb tacks.
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May 24, 2006
The top pic is the actual guitar photo that I was given with one close up photo the bottom one is the actual cake!!  Thanks for looking.
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By KHalstead
May 25, 2006
An electric guitar covered in MMF, the strings are spagetti.
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By glitterkris
Jun 3, 2006
Used the large icing tip to do the sides of this one, and WOW!! Unbelievable! I can't believe how much easier it was then trying to use the spatula on those sides!! This is suppose to be the electric guitar, done in the birthday girls favorite colors. I made a 6in round also to go with it, with musical notes around it.
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By cakesbgood
Jun 23, 2006
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By LittleLinda
Jun 29, 2006
Bottom layer is 11x14.  Top layer is the Wilton Guitar Pan.
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Jun 29, 2006
Unfortunatly i was in a SUPER  hurry with this cake because I had to plan an entire surprise party way off in the middle of nowhere, and try to keep it a surprise from my bf who well...always figures out what im planning. the end ii've come to realize
Coffee+Lack of time=sloppy strings
BUT he was estatic! He loved it!
By Nexus
Aug 1, 2006
Chocolate cake, buttercream frosting, fondant and white chocolate decorations. a bindy straw for the bar and dry spaghetti for strings. I got a lot of ideas from everyone. Thank you.
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By kittysparkle
Aug 26, 2006
buttercream iced cake for a dad that is the coolest. he is an old time rocker that still jams out on his guitar.
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By heyahiya
Sep 7, 2006
I looked forward to doing this one. Unfortunately, I could not get the black icing smooth. So, I'm a bit disappointed. But I am happy that I managed to work in all the details that the 13-year old wanted. 
Thanks for looking.
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By karennayak
Oct 6, 2006
This is a full sized copy of my son's electric guitar.  Buttercream frosting with fondant strike plate and fondant covered Rolos for the knobs.  The whole family had a lot of fun with it and he loved the cake!
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By pinky1
Oct 8, 2006
Thank you tripletmom for all of your help !!  Chocolate fudge cake, BC icing. Fondant guitar pieces.  I worked off a picture of a Fender Stratocaster.   I cut musical notes on a vinyl cutter for the board. The birthday boy is in a band, hence the guitar pick by his name!
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By mbalis
Oct 27, 2006
You can't tell in the photo but this ended up kind of messy...I ended up with pearl and silver dust everywhere.  I should have just airbrushed it but worried that the mint or lemon extract would flavor the cake, so tried to blow it from my hand.  OOPS.  Plus I realize now the fret board should be black, not dark brown.  Oh well.   Everything is BC except the little tuning dials, and the strings which are spaghetti.
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By Kitagrl
Nov 23, 2006
All buttercream with MMF accents. This cake is3 feet long and 12 inches wide at the widest point.  I traced my daughters guitar for the pattern to make her this cake.
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By jenncowin
Jan 1, 2007
This was a lot of fun to make - a little tricky to cover with MMF because of the shape, and the guitar strings were a PAIN....but otherwise, a lot of fun!  Used the guitar pan (acoustic) and carved it a little to turn it into an electric.  Thanks to ReAnnon for the inspiration!
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By gakali
Jan 6, 2007
I made this electric guitar cake for my husband's birthday yesterday (the bottom one is his actual guitar).  It is a white chocolate macadamia cake frosted with buttercream.  the neck is solid chocolate.  The picture didn't come out very well - you can't see the details (knobs, etc) becasue they are black on black icing.  But, it's the smoothest cake I've ever done (Thanks, Melvira!)!!
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By bonniebakes
Feb 18, 2007
This is a different view of the cake.
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By SweetTcakes
Feb 25, 2007
Based on the party invitation.  Topper is hand-painted on gumpaste.  Bottom layer chocolate, top layer WASC, iced in buttercream and covered with fondant and fondant decorations.  For a 5-year-old girl's b'day party.
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By Ksue
Mar 1, 2007
This is my first carved cake. It is for my DD 12th birthday. The body of the guitar is vanilla, the neck is chocolate and the amp is sprinkle. Everything is covered in buttercream. I used colored marshmallows for the knobs and a black shoe lace for the cord to connect the amp and the guitar. And thanks to the Melvira Method it is smooth!!
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By wesmanfamily
Mar 8, 2007
2 cakes were for an engagement Party for my neighbor's daughter & a surprise for the future son in law. The Rest. Sign, from their 1st date & engagement - covered in B/C over lemon layer cake/ganache. The yellow lights looked amost real over the dark blue. The Beer cap  is covered in grey/black Marzipan for the bottle cap effect, I made the Grain Belt sign from White/Red Chocolate to mimick the Grain Belt sign in St. Paul. MN which they saw on 1st date. They loved both cakes.
By gateaux
Mar 17, 2007
the last of the birthday cookies...
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By yankeegal
Mar 24, 2007
I've made this one before but practice makes perfect. The "strings" are definitely straighter on this one. The body and neck are both carved from 12" x 18" sheet cakes. Covered in fondant with fondant accents.
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By KimmysKakes
Apr 6, 2007
Retirement cake for my husband's co-worker. He was with the company for 36 years. I didn't want to make a regular 'ole sheet cake. It says "On the Road to Freedom! Happy Retirement Dave!" Buttermilk Chocolate cake, 2 layers filled with vanilla pudding and 1 layer filling with butterscotch pudding.
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By m0use
Apr 12, 2007
This is for a friend's 12 year old niece who loves playing her electric guitar.  The figures are of the birthday girl and her little brother made from fondant.  Guitar is gumpaste.  Thanks to aine2 for her face tutorial!!  Music notes on the side are chocolate,  Thanks for looking!
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By beachcakes
May 6, 2007
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By angelcake4u
May 11, 2007
made this for  guy's 29th birthday, his wife ordered it as a surprise. she had brought him an electric guitar for his birthday. choc mud cake with choc  bc then covered in fondx.  guitar and amp are made from gumpaste.
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By sweet_as_tisse
May 19, 2007
This was a cake for a guy that was getting a blue electric guitar for his B-day gift. I cut guitar shape from a 9" x 13" sheet cake and used 3 mini loaf cakes for the handle. Iced with BC with MMF accents
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By ahmommy
May 25, 2007
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By Tat
Jun 11, 2007
Electric guitar cake. The cake is covered with Wilton fondant. I made the abalone inlays from white fondant with clear flake sprinkles. The guitar strings were done with royal icing. Unfortunately I didn't put foil over the board and it looks greasy. )':
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By mrsxmiaxwallce
Jun 13, 2007
Replica of my nephew's electric guitar, made for his 16th birthday.  Cake is vanilla sponge filled and covered with white chocolate IMBC, then black fondant, which was VERY soft and stretched and ripped on all of the corners - had to do some major patching on this one!
10 17
By kelly75
Jun 23, 2007


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