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I made this cake for a Paris-inspired wedding shower.  I had a gold and crystal Eiffel tower ornament that I wanted to include (on top of the puffed heart cake).  The stacked cakes are covered in fondant and decorated with chocolate-covered tuxedo and dress strawberries, as well as fondant roses.  Sorry the details are so difficult to see!
By laneysmom
Nov 14, 2005
My DH's friend wanted a birthday cake for his wife who is a French
 teacher.  So my DH and I adorned the cake with fleur de lis, a Christian
 Louboutin shoe, a Louis Vuitton purse and a small Eiffel tower.  
The main cake is covered in buttercream, the shoe and Eiffel
 tower are gumpaste and the purse is an angel food pound cake
 covered in fondant and gumpaste.
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By cakeshy
Apr 20, 2008
This was actually done for a party themed after the new Pink Panther movie. It has a chocolate eiffel tower and fondant pink diamonds on buttercream.
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By pinkflamingo
Mar 18, 2006
Effiel Tower, Bride/Groom, flowers made of fondant/gumtext - Fondant ribbon & bow - Oval chocolate and yellow cakes - made for a coworker - Proposal took place in Paris.
By susgene
Jun 17, 2006
This design comes from a bridal magazine that originally showed it with rose pedals sprinkled along each tier and rose buds placed under the topper. However, the couple liked the contemporary feel given by the stark plainness and bold lines. It also helps to draw your eye to the intricate handmade topper that was purchased through the bridal magazine.
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By mcvick6
Apr 13, 2005
I was going to make this for a shower tomorrow and then we had to cancel.  But, I had already ordered the Eiffel Tower and had to make "taster" cakes this weekend anyway, soooo I figured "what the heck" and just went all out.  I emailed the bride and groom the picture and said "in 10 years, you won't remember that you didn't get to eat the cake...enjoy the picture!"  This is my first pink and black cake...I just love the color combo!! :)
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Mar 17, 2006
This was made with royal icing and silver luster dust and used as a cake topper.  SUPER easy and fun to make.  Email me at for the template and instructions!
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By rstml
Feb 23, 2007
Made these for my daughter's Pink Poodle party.  Chocolate transfer towers.  Buttercream icing.
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By my3girlies
Mar 4, 2007
Daughter's 3 year old Poodle Party.
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By my3girlies
Mar 4, 2007
This was a recreation of a cake sent to me by my customer.  Big thanks to rstml for all of her help, and template with the RI tower.  This was a 1/4 sheet cake cut into squares, complete with fondant swags and bc dots.  This was a strawberry marble cake  with mocha mousse and fresh strawberry filling.
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By ribbitfroggie
Mar 25, 2007
I've been wanted to do this cake ever since I saw it in the Oct/Nov issue of American Cake Magazine.  This is it before it was put on the cake.  I was going to color the Royal Icing first but I was half way through making the pieces before I realized I'd forgotten to color it.
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By kakedecorator
Apr 29, 2007
Eiffel tower was inspired by the October American Cake Decorator magazine - made of Royal Icing.
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By nautkl1
Dec 2, 2006
Made of Royal Icing.
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By nautkl1
Dec 2, 2006
Wow... ok where to start.. first of all i posted info for this cake under another pic of mine sorry... so i wanted a shopping cake for my boss.. a real fashionista... She loved it... there is a gift bag with the eiffel tower, an opened gift box, closed gift box, pearl necklace, purse, shoes, crown, flowers, and a 2 tier cheese cake.. it took me 3 days to do this.. i had to leave work for a few hours to take a nap becasue i could not stay awake.. thnaks for looking :)
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By Tray2
May 19, 2007
Prom cake for local high school, Eiffel tower pastillage.
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By tawnyachilders
May 21, 2007
well this is not a cake but I thought it could be appreciated on this site. 
This is a box extirely made from chocolate. The Eiffel tower was piped on parchment and glued together with choc. and attached to the box.
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By sweettoothcakes
May 31, 2007
Theme for party is "A Night in Paris".  buttercream with fondant accents.
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By LisaMS
Jun 8, 2007
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By glitterkris
Jun 14, 2007
I used 2 --16 x 16 pans side by side..and traced the outline of the Eiffel Tower on top. Then I wrote down the students names around the outline...
All done in Buttercream. Grad colors are Red, White & Black.
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By DuckyChickenLady
Jun 23, 2007
This cake is for my daughters 1st birthday.  The eiffel tower is covered and piped in buttercream (this was her smash cake). The bottom 2 tiers are covered in fondx. The middle tier has fondx and choc. fondant accents. The bottom tier has white chocolate picture frames dusted in gold luster dust w/ edible images in them. It is trimed w/ chocolate fondant balls.  The little girl is made from fondx and has pink sugar crystals as her necklace and trimming her flower on her belt and her shoes.
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By SweetTcakes
Jul 3, 2007
This is a royal icing eiffel tower, thank you to rtsml for the awesome template and directions.  Everything else buttercream.  This cake was for a French teacher that my mom works with.  She loved it, she said that it is not as common in France to have personalized birthday cakes with names on them.  Sorry for the crappy picture, I was in a hurry and didn't have time to set up the appropriate "backdrop".
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By Cassie1686
Jul 26, 2007
This was my county fair entry,  I was awarded Best of Show and I couldn't be happier. I am so excited about the win, I keep pinching myself! The cake is 10",8",6" dummies.  Covered in fondx.  RI eiffel tower, RI scroll work and trim.  I used fondx for the showgirl, frames and drape work for the top tier. The images are edible. I did diamond impressions on the 2nd tier and trimmed them with sugar crystals.
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By SweetTcakes
Jul 29, 2007
Royal icing. There are 16 pieces forming this tower. I had to do it, like 5 times just to get this final piece. I like it.
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By SweetTcakes
Jul 29, 2007
Groom asked bride to marry him on top of the Eiffel Tower, they wanted a cake to represent that.
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By Anonymous
Aug 2, 2007
Made with tips 2 & 3.  Broke before I could attach the 4th side!  Oh well, it was fun to make...
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By GateauGirl
Aug 10, 2007
The Eiffler Tower is made from liqued fondant.   The cake is iced with butter cream and the fluer de leis and strings are made of fondant
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By PennyCakes
Apr 29, 2007
I made these cupcakes for myself for my birthday.  They were White Russian flavored (vodka and Kahula).  The icing wasn't that smooth but I got impatient, I wanted to get the Eiffel towers and fluer de lys on them.....and of course eat them!
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By 2Cupcakes
Feb 4, 2008
This is meant to be a cake topper.  It's made completely out of royal icing and a lot of patience!  I did it just to see if I!

Update: Many have asked for the instructions to creating this Eiffel Tower.  In an effort to respond to all of those numerous requests, I have created a file link on my website.  Go to and click the Eiffel Tower picture on the "About" page and download the instructions.  Enjoy!
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By confectioneista
Sep 12, 2007
Dummy cake for a friend's new shop that caters young girls birthday parties. First time use w/ fondant.  I made the decoration very simple because this cake would have to be duplicated for all the parties.
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By tippyad
Oct 5, 2007
I am sorry if this annoys some of you!  :lol:  But I have to repost this because when I tried to change the photo it erased all my thank yous and information!   Thanks so much to Fairytale and Doug for the hat box idea and how to!  Thanks to Sugarshack for the color/patterns and RSTML for the fabulous RI tower tutorial.  Cake is 10" decadent choco. with chocolate covered cherry fill and 8" white(?) with Strawberry milk shake fill.
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By marthajo1
Oct 11, 2007
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By Cakenator
Nov 29, 2007
A friend has a french homewares shop and I made her a few festive Eiffel Towers, piped in chocolate and a silver cachous on top.  She loved them
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By neanie
Jan 1, 2008
This is a shot showing the cupcakes and the cake together. The kids ate the cupcakes which were pink poodles and the adults ate the cake.  The theme was Paris/Pink Poodle and was for my great niece's 7th birthday.  She loved it.
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By JoanneK
Jan 6, 2008
A birthday cake done for a chocolate lover who had spent time in Paris. Purchased chocolate cigars around the sides with a chocolate eiffel tower made from candy melts on top.
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By pinkflamingo
Jan 6, 2008
This is one of my favorite cakes. I used an 18" round. The theme is so girly and I just love it. I had lots of fun making this cake. For the eiffel tower I used a candy mold. It came out perfect. Glad to share the idea. Amy M. Gonzalez
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By AmyGonzalez
Jan 9, 2008
The Groom proposed at the tower. 
Parts of the tower are made from foamcore covered with royal icing.
Top of cake is 5'. I was a general contractor, model making helped.
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By mrsprinkles
Feb 3, 2008
These cookies looked much better when they were finished.  I piped french words in red across the front, like "OOO LA LA!, Amour, Paris, etc.  Then bagged with a red ribbon.  Forgot to take that pic!  Flavor:  Orange spiced rum cookie with Choc. fondant on top & RI accents.
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By zabu
Feb 3, 2008
This was a cake that I did for a bridal show. This one went a little backwards than normal....I saw the topper first, then designed the cake around it. The middle tier was copied off of something I saw done in a European cake magazine. There are four phrases in different languages on the cake...... Love, Amour, Amore, & Je taime. And then of course the X's & O's for hugs & kisses!
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By AZCakeGirl
Mar 23, 2008
12/9 stack.  White cake with buttercream icing.  Fondant decorations.  Mom provided the toppers, which I think are just too cute.
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By sarahnichole975
Apr 14, 2008
Gumpaste Eifel Tower and store window with fondant poodle and accetns...
1 9
By abromavm
Apr 28, 2008


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