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sugar cookie with fondant decorated with impression mat
By southaustingirl
Apr 18, 2011
Crusting buttercream with Wilton grass tip and fondant flowers, birds, and chocolate or choc/almond eggs
By desfox13
Mar 5, 2012
By momgns
Apr 23, 2011
yet another set of the egg cookies I did for my kids class.
By helipops
Mar 27, 2007
By Cassie1686
Mar 30, 2011
Cotton candy for thing 1 thing 2, pics of green eggs and ham, top hats made of candy and mashmallows.
By mom262
Apr 19, 2010
Asstd. Easter week cupcakes.
By desfox13
Apr 11, 2012
Another batch of Easter cookies.  My grandma's cookie recipe decorated with royal icing.
By wickedreamer
Mar 19, 2008
Chocolate cupcakes, marshmallow buttercream filling, buttercream icing, candy embellishments.
By bvickery
May 9, 2011
Lemon sugar cookies with lemon glace icing.
By slinkydog
Apr 20, 2011
I did this at the same time I did my bunnies. My first time doing a figurine and my first time working with gumpaste. The eggshell did not come out the way I wanted at all, but it'll do! :)
By Raychel77
Mar 31, 2010
these are the last of the easter egg cookies with a different color combination.
By helipops
Mar 27, 2007
By nicoles-a-tryin
Apr 4, 2007
sugar cookies with fodant
By southaustingirl
Apr 18, 2011
NFSC with royal icing
By jennlt
Mar 30, 2010
Love doing Easter eggs, there are endless possibilities!
By Lyns082608
Mar 3, 2010
By kashmiere
May 10, 2011
By kashmiere
May 10, 2011


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