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How To Make a Chicque Easter Egg

Posted by kwebbeltje This tutorial will show you step by step how to make my Chicque Easter Egg (Simple Fabergé Egg Cake Tutorial) List of Materials several barok (baroque) molds and flower molds fondant crimper black and white fondant dowel toothpick (cocktail stick) FMM Master Mold Lace Floral Wire for Decoration (Optional) Veiner  small paint brush I started out with this mold by Silli Creations make a thick piece of fondant as big as the mold, make two prints out of the mold and also make two piecies of fondant for the filling of the... read more

Mr and Mrs Potato Head for Easter from a Chocolate Egg for Easter

Posted by nataliehix This is to show you how to make a Mr or Mrs Potato Head figure from a chocolate egg (i used a cadbury's creme egg) which is the same size as an egg. This is perfect for doing over the school holidays with the children, as it is fun, quick and easy to do. List of Materials Chocolate egg (mine was the size of a chicken egg) Fondant or Marzipan Melted chocolate or candy coating Paste colours Make 2 tear drop shapes for shoes, in colour of your choice. Make sure that they are the right scale, and then spread a small amount of candy on the... read more

Best Pavolva!

Posted by Sweet_Toof This Australian recipe was given to me by my aunt. Its common to find a pavlova base for sale in the supermarket but they are always overly-sweet. I've tried a couple of other pavs before but none quite beat this one :) Ingredients 4 egg whites 1 cup Castor Sugar 1 teaspoon white vinegar 1 heaped-tablespoon cornflour 1-2 teaspoons of Vanilla essence (Whipped cream, fruit etc for decorating/topping) Instructions In an electric mixer, Beat egg whites til peaks form Gradually add sugar Add vanilla essence add vinegar add... read more

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