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Eeyore cake using two Wilton wonder mold cakes, some sculpting, and then covered in fondant.  Black lines done with food pen.
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By Kitagrl
Jun 16, 2005
This was a cake I made for my best friends son's First Birthday! Didn't come out quite like I had hoped but I was making this cake and the skydiver themed cake the same day! So I was super busy!

Thanks for looking!
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By DelectableCreations
Sep 23, 2007
MMF Fondant covered pineapple cake with fonant balls, lady bugs and bees.....
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By lastingmoments
Sep 24, 2005
Made this today for my friend's daughter's 13th birthday.  First time doing Eeyore.  It was fun.  Feel like I made the color a little too dark.
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By jlvmorales
Jul 26, 2005
This was my very first topsy-turvy cake.  It was tough-----but I learned sooo much!!  Next time it should be a walk in the park...............right???  Lol.............thanks for looking.

Just wanted to add that I gained inspiration from a cake Louis made.  Thanks .
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By Cyndi1207
Aug 29, 2007
Pooh Baby shower cake is covered in MMF with royal icing "grass" to help support the layers.  The beehive is made of Rice Krispie treats, covered in chocolate clay, with the lines painted on with food color.  The bees and honey pot are also chocolate clay; the honey is runny royal icing!  Pooh & Eeyore are the only inedible parts of the cake (other than the bees springs!)!!!  The grandma-to-be CRIED when she picked up this cake! :)
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By krstik
Sep 22, 2007
BC rosettes, fondant tail.
By bulldog
Apr 13, 2006
All BC.
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By KittisKakes
Jun 12, 2006
Done for my nephew's first birthday.  I was in a bit of a hurry since I sort of waited until the last minute.  All buttercream frosting.
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By LittlePixie
Sep 28, 2005
I made this for my son's 1st birthday party.  I was really pleased with the way that it turned out.  It is covered in MMF and the images are chocolate transfers.  It is my 2nd stacked cake and my first CT's.  Thanks for looking!
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By springlakecake
Aug 12, 2006
Hi there, thanks for looking at my cake! This is for a girls 21st birthday, Eeyore is make of fondant and the details are painted on once he was dry. All the little flowers are made of fondant also. :)
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By tw1nkle
Mar 24, 2006
OK.  Attempt number two at decorating a cake.  I just transferred an image of eeyore using piping gel, then outlined and filled in.  I'm quite pleased with this 1.  :)
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By pandora3799
Sep 18, 2005
hello, this is my first post on this site and i just wanted to know what people thought of my daughters birthday cake? ive been making cakes for a few years now but this is the first time ive made one with a purpose- i usually just make them out of boredom. it was suggested by some people that i start doing a small scale celebration cake business but im not sure im good enough-so i would appreciate any advice from all you experts, and please be honest-i dont get offended easily! :)
By alexandonna
Oct 3, 2006
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By CreativeConfections4U
Sep 2, 2007
A smaller version of a cake I had previously done.  I sort of feel like it looks a little overdone this time.  I think I should have left a few things off.  Oh well!  But I will say I had an easy time with the fondant this time (yea!) and I used pearl dust on the fondant and it looks really pretty, but you cant really see it in the photo.  The images are chocolate transfers.
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By springlakecake
Dec 12, 2006
whipped topping....If it wasnt for a friend, I wouldnt have used wt, but thats what they chose. I never can get it to work for me
By BellaRosa
Dec 18, 2006
Made this one for my daughter's first birthday, didn't have the time to make the 3d eeyore I wanted to make.  This was my first fbct and I'm fairly happy with the way it turned out.
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By ComplexSun
Feb 7, 2007
Done in a classic Pooh theme, parents are expecting a girl.  All BC, images are all done freehand.  The top layer of this cake gave me such fits! I had a little too much filling and the top layer wanted to slide around.  I finally wised up and stuck a dowel through it, but not before proclaiming a few choice words at the cake.  LOL
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By momsandraven
Feb 18, 2007
I made this cake for my daughter's second birthday.  I'm not completely pleased with it, but it could have turned out much much worse!
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By ComplexSun
Feb 24, 2007
I made this cake for my bridal shower and decided to decorate it in my nursery theme, frogs and Eeyore.  The cake that Eeyore is sitting on is a Sprite cake with candy melt frogs around the sides.  Eeyore is made out of 2 wondermolds, a cherry coke cake, and then carved and starred, with a few fondant pieces.
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By ribbitfroggie
Jun 14, 2006
This is an orange butter cake with orange flavored buttercream.  The characters and honeybees are chocolate transfers.  I love Merissa's Winnie the Pooh cake and my initial inspiration came from hers.
By ckkerber
Mar 11, 2007
All buttercream with toy Eeyore.
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By jenncowin
Mar 15, 2007
I made this to welcome my newest niece, Sarah who was born yesterday.  It's my second attempt at fondant figures and besides having to do Eeyore twice, (since the first one was a bad color and I wasn't pleased with it) I'm happy with the result.  I still wish I could get a bit faster, these figures took a very long time.  Ran out of time so I couldn't do Rabbit, Kanga or Roo.  Thanks to several posts on cakecentral that inspired me and gave me ideas for the design of this cake.
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By dstippy
Apr 4, 2007
This was for a girls 21st birthday, she wanted Eeyore.
I made a Full Sheet cake (half Chocolate and half Strawberr) and 
drew eyeore on the cake....then filled him in with the star tips, etc.
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By Cakesbykaye
Aug 27, 2006
9"x13" choc covered with BC.  Fondant plaque's of characters.  Not super happy, but learned some things.
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By bulldog
Sep 14, 2006
This cake was a lot of fun - its a mini cake with cupcake - vanilla sponge with bc nad fondant accessories!
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By Leigh01
May 7, 2007
Is this look familiar :)  I got the inspiration from Aine2's cake, love that cake so much that I told myse I'll make this when I've the chance to do so.  Thanks Aine2, you are my idol!
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By glad
May 12, 2007
Made these cupcakes to go with the Pooh theme party that I uploaded earlier.
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By glad
May 13, 2007
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By cakegirl0315
Oct 14, 2006
Made this for my third son's first birthday!  His little party is tomorrow.  I have some improvements I want to make for next time but for now I am okay with how it turned out!  Its the 3D bear pan, modified only slightly.
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By Kitagrl
Mar 30, 2006
This is the cake I made for my son's first birthday.  Grass is bc, figures were sculpted with mmf.
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By Fancymcnancy
Jun 21, 2007
Edible image on buttercream.
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By mbdecorator
Jun 22, 2007
I made this for my best friend's birthday. I got the idea off of CC. Wondermold pan for the body, rice krispies for the head.
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By Iheartcake
Jun 28, 2007
Cake size is 10" and 6", covered with whipping cream.
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By glad
Jul 7, 2007
This is my first Eeyore cake , i made the Eeyore myself  using
 home made fondant , the large cake is chocolate mud cake and the small cakes are white chocolate mud cake
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By kirsty
Jul 7, 2007
Made for a friends daughters first birthday. Both cakes are covered in buttercream. Characters are toys purchased from the Dollar Tree as I don't know how to mold any characters yet. The door and sign are made out of fondant. This had to be one of the easiest cakes I have done. CC member "dstippy" was my insipration on this as she made a cake (that I really liked) and I tried to copy it.
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By msamson9
Jul 16, 2007
Hello, sometimes i have the need to pratice, today i was working on my Pooh and friends figurines. My Eeyore, made of sugarpaste, looks okay to me, but what do you think. I am so critical about my work sometimes that it drives my husband crazy... Happy baking and greetings to you all, Eros
Jul 22, 2007
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By Hansel_Gretel
Jul 28, 2007
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By CreativeConfections4U
Jul 29, 2007
Birthday cake with eeyore theme.  Butter cake filled with strawberries and sauce covered in white chocolate cream cheese buttercream. Dots and eeyore made of mmf. Tree made of oreos and covered in imbc.
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By kristiezen920
Oct 2, 2007


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