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Chocolate cake with caramel filling, chocolate buttercream and tie dyed marshmallow fondant for SIL's 16th birthday.  Sugar cookies with colored glaze and royal icing.  This was my first time making and using fondant, and I learned SO much! :)
By JennCake
Oct 6, 2005
Birthday cake for my son's friend when the two boys were playing in the orchestra for a university production of "Hair."  The tie-dye seemed appropriate.  One of two cakes decorated in our hotel suite when we went to see the musical.
By itsacake
Oct 22, 2005
This is the cake I made for my 14 year old daughter's birthday this year.  She had a tie dye/flower power theme so I made her this tie dye cake.  The cake is made in the Wilton's flower power pan.  It is chocolate cake frosted in buttercream.  The daisies are real.  She and her guests really liked it.
By OliviaMommy
Dec 20, 2005
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By cmmom
Mar 14, 2006
The inside of this cake is tie-dye also!  The smiley on top is a rice krispie treat.  The tie-dye patterns are icing transfers.  This cake was so fun to make!!!
22 76
By teesue
Mar 20, 2006
I made this for my mom and she loved it!  Lemon cake with buttercream icing.  I used Wilton's color mist cans for the tye-dye effect
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Mar 20, 2006
Sour Cream Almond White cake with buttercream icing and Royal icing decorations.  I was attempting to get a tie dye affect on the top with Wilton spray colors and I think it turned out pretty good, not perfect but I can live with it.  Overall, I think it's pretty cute.  Th icing is actually VERY purple but looks blue in the photo.
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By cindy6250
Mar 24, 2006
My first attempt at a Tie Dye Cake for a family friend DD 8th birthday, top is an edible image from local grocery.  I designed pic on photoshop.
My first attempt at stripping the icing too... thanks for looking.
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By NCdadof5
Mar 31, 2006
Blah, I need help with making a Tye Dye Cake.  I didn't have any spray colors so I was trying to use colored buttercream.  Oh Well, I am sure it tastes great anyway...
By tsuitor
Apr 6, 2006
Just finished this one for my DSIL's 40th bday tomorrow. I don't own an airbrush machine, so I had to do it by hand. I used makeup sponges and food color. I loved the way it came out.
By peachquilter
Apr 22, 2006
I made this for a customer who requested the one I had already done, only with a tie-dye blanket and for a girl.
12X18 strawberry base, 8 & 9" white rounds....all BC and rounds covered in MMF.  All edible except for binky.
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By CustomCakesBySharon
May 1, 2006
This was one of 3 for that day. 10" and 8".  I took inspiration from mmccoog for the tie dye effect and smashcakes for the fondant loop and spirals.  Actually, the birthday girl browsed the galleries and like both and want them combined.  I did it the night before and as it sat overnight the back of the top sunk down and split .  I almost cried but instead just filled it in with more frosting and colored it.  Another cake I did that used the same buttercream batch also sunk so I think it was just too soft.
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By doc_farms
May 30, 2006
This was for a mom who enjoyed the 70's.  My only instructions were to make it a little funky.  I tried!  I like the tye-dye effect on the blanket. :)  The lady who ordered it was very pleased.
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Jun 10, 2006
Tye Dye colored fondant.  Thanks for looking!!
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By FatAndHappy
Jul 15, 2006
I enjoyed doing this soo much!  Very different from the usual artwork.
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By LittleLinda
Jul 26, 2006
BC airbrushed. thanks to tccakes. Not what I had hoped for, but my niece loved it.
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By stylishbite
Sep 6, 2006
This tie dye thing is pretty popular. BC icing airbrushed. MMF covered donut wheels.
5 9
By stylishbite
Sep 10, 2006
These are my first cookies.  I got inspiration to make some from looking at all the great ones on this site.  These weren't for an event, I was just playing around.  They are no fails with almond extract and MMF.
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By cassandrascakes
Sep 14, 2006
40th "Hippie" Birthday cake.
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By Sherry0565
Sep 28, 2006
This cake was made for my deadhead SIL's 50th birthday.  MMF flowers, GP bra and the rest is BC.  Thanks to all the inspirational cakes on this site for the "support" bra ideas. And the tie dye was inspired by a Collette Peters cake.   Good thing I took the pics and looked at them before I delivered the cake, I forgot to cross the t in birthday! They probably wouldn't have noticed it anyway!
10 34
By maplecakes
Oct 2, 2006
Not actually for a wedding but could have been, covered in white fondant then airbrushed for tie-dye effect
35 84
By alimonkey
Oct 6, 2006
Tie dye for a 60's themed birthday party with smiley faces, peace signs and retro flowers.
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By KimAZ
Oct 21, 2006
I was trying to imitate the team's tie dyed shirts.  I asked for suggestions for wording and then found I didn't have any more room any way!!
By bookbabe
Oct 27, 2006
Made for a 50th birthday party - guest of honor sent out plain t-shirts with a box of dye for the guests to create their own to wear to the party.  She wanted the cake to be colorful and incorporate her favorite decade!  Necklace is fondant with luster dust.  Tag on shirt said 50/50 with her name to personalize.  Choc fudge cake with dark choc orange ganache filling/buttercream & fondant.  Handpainted all tie-dye designs.
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By Lambshack
Nov 13, 2006
Chocolate cake with strawberry filling. Edible image tie dye. 50/50 fondant-gumpaste smiley and curls
6 4
By mysonshines
Dec 3, 2006
my daughter wanted a tie dye cake for her BDay...  so this is what she got.  the first time i ever stacked a cake .IT turned out so good.  We were very proud of this one.  The moms at the party liked it too.
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By andiesweet
Dec 3, 2006
just a cake for us, playing around with gel colors, making cool tie dye effects
5 5
By 2kiddos
Dec 29, 2006
I realized I had missed posting this cake from way back in June.  This design came from a birthday card.  The girl and flowers are all done in chocolate.
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By fytar
Jan 9, 2007
12-inch Chocolate chip honey cake sculpted into t-shirt and covered in white fondant hand-painted with gel colors. Gumpaste daisies and "Love" medallion.   Medallion painted with copper luster dust.
3 22
By itsacake
Jan 14, 2007
3 5
By candybarr
Jan 25, 2007
This was one of my first cakes. I made it for my parent's 30th wedding anniversary surprise party. We did the hippie theme since they were married in '76. This was the hit of the party as far as cakes go: white chocolate cake with strawberry filling. yum!
2 1
By amymichele
Feb 23, 2007
Young lady wanted something funky and colorful, maybe tie dye so this is what I came up with.  Used 10" yellow cake and 3 6" choc. cakes w/BC frosting.  Cut cake board to mirror odd shape of cake and used a generous sprinkling of disco dust to finish it.  Fun cake to do!
6 9
By jewels625
Apr 16, 2007
Did this for a very picky 13 year old girl
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By TJCanadian
Apr 21, 2007
Tie-dye edible icing sheets
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By Baysmeme
Apr 22, 2007
A petite 6" cake made of all buttercream.  Simple but SWEET!
By toneg24
Apr 27, 2007
This is a dummy cake for display.  The tied dyed part came by mistake.  We were trying to paint on the fondant and the colors just weren't coming out like we planned so when it dried we rolled it all together and it came out like a
cracked tied dye.
By Suebee
May 1, 2007
my very first stacked cake/wedding cake - tie dyed for the bride's choice of themes
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By ddddeac
May 3, 2007
inside of the tie dyed cake with tie dyed batter!
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By ddddeac
May 3, 2007
I did this for a friend's birthday.  They wanted a 70's themed cake.  I used the new Crisco for the buttercream and for the first time in years I couldn't get the icing to act right!  It just wouldn't smooth and take the color but it was too late to start over!

It's buttercream and everything else is made from fondant.
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By giovanna
May 4, 2007
This was a special request for a tye dyed smiley face cake. My niece loved it and the cute candles that I found to match it! This is my first attempt at a tye dye effect.
1 2
By AGSkelton
Apr 13, 2005


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