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This is a cake dummy; i wanted to try doing a wedding dress cake, so i got a magazine with a photo of a dress i liked and then tried to replicate.  I am
pretty happy on how this came out.  The roses are sugar paste roses I learned how to make at some classes I took at the French Culinary Institute.
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By moralna
Oct 8, 2007
Fondant Class 3 Gift Box Shape
By CakesByBabycakes
Oct 13, 2007
This is another styrofoam dummy wedding cake. It's iced and decorated with royal icing and accented with gold leaves
By Nesmar
Oct 17, 2007
Here is a dummy for the collar on my Father days-cake.
Hope you understand it...! *smile*
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By Lioness
Nov 15, 2007
14,12,10,6" dummy cake with a 8" real marble cake
Buttercream frosting and silk leaves and pumpkins
I also did 4 full sheet cakes,
Spice w/ maple bun filling, maple frosting, buttercream
Chocolate w/ choc cream filling, Choc frosting,buttercream
White w/ lemon filling,white buttercream
Chocolate w/raspberry filling, choc raspberry buttercream
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By anne4588
Jan 24, 2008
First I have to say thank you to 1sweetpea for the beautiful color inspiration! This cake was done for a party my husbands family had for his sister who had just adopted 2 girls from Columbia. They are 12 and 13 years old, so I wanted a cake to show their maturity. It was a dummy cake, all covered in fondant, because the party was a open house type of dinner. I made 2 sheet cakes for the back, to be cut when people were ready for it. Thanks for looking!!!
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By shelleylynn
Dec 26, 2007
first time using airbrush and cake dummies.
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By mom42ws
Jan 12, 2008
This is a cake that me and my business partner made for a friends coffee shop window.  It is our first attempt at a tiered cake and our first attempt at a topsy turvy!  It is a dummy cake with all fondant.  The cherub on top is ceramic.   Comments are greatly appreciated!!!
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By trpwife606
Jan 17, 2008
Practice Dummy Cake,  6", 10", 12"  covered in MMF,  w/  MMF & BC decorations.  Having fun and learning,   TFL
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By bkkimberly
Jan 17, 2008
THis is a cake I made for  a friend at work's dtr.  Top is a dummy for her to keep, and bottom is 12 x 12 French Vanilla with cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream.  I also made her 34 favor bags with stainglass cookie, chocolates, and cream cheese mints.  Only charged her 60.00 for everything,  not going to get rich but sure learned alot.
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By shanasweets
Jan 23, 2008
This was my final for one of my classes at school. It is a dummy cake, covered in fondant with 50/50 paste. I got an A+!

Spring 2006
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By Boofycakes
Feb 2, 2008
This was my final for one of my classes at school. It is a dummy cake, covered in fondant with 50/50 paste. I got an A+!

Spring 2006
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By Boofycakes
Feb 2, 2008
Practice Dummy Cake,   8" & 14"  round covered in mmf w/ fondant decorations,  used Earlene's impression mat & lace set.  Having lots of fun learning.    TFL.......:)
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By bkkimberly
Feb 2, 2008
Practice dummy for display,  still  having fun and learning.
6", 8", 10", 12",  & 14" x 4" high.  Gum Paste roses w/pearl dust.
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By bkkimberly
Dec 31, 1969
This cake ( a dummy cake ) was made as a display cake.
The flowers were made of flower paste.
I used dusting colours.
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By Eshed
Mar 3, 2008
8in and 6in cake dummies covered in MMF (first time!!) and accented with a blue satin ribbon.
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By homesweethomemade
Mar 8, 2008
Fondant Dummy Cake.. I saw a picture of a simaler cake in a wedding magazine one of my friends gave me, so when I had to do a dummy cake for my stores Grand Opening I thought it would be fun. 12" & 8" I think it was.
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By tattooedlucy
Apr 16, 2008
Based on a design from tawnyachilders.  10" round, FBCT, BC accents.  Side images are edible images on GP.  Cake is sitting on three dummy blocks, covered in fondant with RI details.
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By cinjam
Apr 26, 2008
First dummy cake
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By felecia
May 3, 2008
This was a dummy cake I did for a bridal show - lotsa fun!
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By Lesia
May 4, 2008
Wedding Cake Dummy, covered in fondant.  Reminds people of a wedding dress.  Buddy Velestro inspired cake. bottom tier is draped, luster dust brushed, second layer has silver dragees, top layer has ribbon and flower embellishments attached with RI. Candle of top for something different.
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By soccermom17
May 6, 2008
Critique subgroup member: This was a tiered cake I made for my cousin's little girl who was having a princess tea party for her 8th birthday. The top two tiers are dummy cakes and the bottom is a 10" french vanilla. All decorations are fondant except for the tiara.
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By Tramski
May 18, 2008
Each year our church holds a special "Happy Birthday Jesus" celebration the Sunday following Christmas.  This year we did sheet cakes behind the scenes and this cake was just for show.  Styrofoam and royal icing so they can use it every year.
By somethingmoore
May 22, 2008
This cake almost did not make it, I used a bigger dowel than usual do and it lifted the middle tier which was a cake dummy up off the bottom tier, I was in a panic and started trying to push it back down which damaged the fondant on the dummy tier, and this was about 4am, I woke my DH up and he hammered the dowel out of the cake and then we started repair the cake. I was worrying about how I was going to fix the damage to the middle tier so I said a pray and 2 hrs of sleep later,  I add flowers, Phew!
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By Maria_Campos
Jun 15, 2008
1st Dummy cake- all fondant with silk flowers and a dove. Please leave comments.
By littlejake
Jul 3, 2008
3rd dummy cake. TFL. Please leave a comment.
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By littlejake
Jul 9, 2008
4th dummy cake. This is my fav. Let me know what you think. TFL.
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By littlejake
Jul 9, 2008
This cake was for my sister's wedding. She and the groom had a hard time coming to a decision for a cake... but they finally did and they were thrilled with it!  The top two tires are dummies. 
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By kellymarie
Aug 17, 2008
styrofoam dummy cakes, my first time using them.  I love how easy they are to practice on.  I tried to make it look a little like lace.  RI details.  I got 3rd place.
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By stampinron
Aug 23, 2008
For 50 years old of our friend, special celebration. Three beautiful gift boxes with a touch of glamour and elegance. 
Tiered stacked construction, Round 12x3 in., square 10x3 in. and dummy round 6x4 in. Covered with Satin Ice rolled Fondant, using electric food colors, gum paste accents and spectacular gum paste Bow cake topper added to its charm. 
Thank you!!! To Santiago my brother and Maylin my sister in law (member of cake, we work all together.
August / 24 / 2008.
Thanks for looking!
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By mariateresa
Sep 13, 2008
this cake was inspired by Sugarshack, Thank you for being and inspiration
The bride loved the photo of Sugarshack's cake and wanted one like it.
Dummy cake with real top tier and cake in bottom to cut at cutting ceremny
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By cakeladyinri
Sep 16, 2008
Dummy Cake covered in fondant with scrapbook design details.
By mom42ws
Oct 4, 2008
Buttercream filled vanilla cupcakes, decorated in neutral colours as the mum-to-be doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl!  Topped with a sugarpaste (fondant) disc and gumpaste decorations.  Baby feet embossed into the sugarpaste and then 'painted'.  Word 'Baby' piped in royal icing.  I also made 30 matching cookies (which I didn't photograph!)
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By Relznik
Oct 25, 2008
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By lynnkay
Oct 25, 2008
Also my first time working with cake dummies. Chocolate cake with raspberry filling on bottom layer.  Top two layers are dummies.  All covered with MMF.  Scrollwork and dots piped in royal and painted with pearl dust.
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By nanikins
Oct 29, 2008
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By charei
Nov 2, 2008
This is my first fondant covered cake.  These are dummy tiers.
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By BlondiezBakery
Nov 28, 2008
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By carmen2050
Nov 29, 2008
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By carmen2050
Nov 29, 2008
This is a dummy cake covered in fondant with handmade marzipan fruit that I airbrushed as well.
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By pastrypuffgirl
Apr 15, 2005


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