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By theemettaart
Feb 5, 2012
By theemettaart
Feb 5, 2012
7 tier dummy wedding cake for our local Register of Deeds who provides complete wedding setups for couples who can't afford a regular wedding.  They provide everything, including a dummy cake to pose with on Valentines Day.  Yesterday they provided weddings for 17 couples:).  I designed and made this cake for them as my contribution.  The tiers are 6", 8", 10", 10" corset, 12", 14" and 16" .  Covered using Wilton fondant.  The base was one I made using glass candle holders to provide height to allow for the beaded trim to hang correctly.  Everything on the cake is handmade, including the vase.  There are a lot of cakes I took inspiration from, including Susan Trianos for her billowing technique.  This was really the biggest challenge for me personally and I will use it for upcoming Bridal Shows and who knows, maybe a cake competition:)  Thanks for looking!
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By ptanyer
Feb 15, 2012
I put together several different techniques I found from several different cakes. I made it to be displayed in a wedding planner's office. My idea was so show brides something different than anything that has be done around here...I hope it goes over well with potential clients!
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By ConfectionsCC
Feb 27, 2012
This is a dummy.  It is made from a dummy I did a simple cake out of for a brides sample.  I decided to spruce it up and practice my draping and airbrush tecniques.  The bird ended up goofy though, he's RKT covered in gumpaste.
By kisamarie
Mar 2, 2012
This is a dummy cake.I made it just to practice my skills :)
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By drikaguerra
Mar 31, 2012
My first attempt at baking and decorating a cake. Bottom tier is a chocolate cake covered in ganache and decorated in mmf frills. Top tier is a small dummy cake covered in mmf and decorated in gum paste cut outs. Flowers made from gum paste and varnished. Strawberry Shortcake cake topper made with mmf and gum paste.
By thatssosweet
Apr 12, 2012
Three tier cake dummy for a wedding.
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By silverdragon997
Apr 29, 2012
My first Rosette Cake on a dummy
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By kimmcannally
Jun 18, 2012
Fondant covered baby shower cupcakes. baby face, bottle and feet decorations. All hand made and edible.
By SamHarrison
Jul 3, 2012
For the 5th Anniversary of Cork International Airport Hotel
By catt11
Jul 17, 2012
3 tier dummy cake, top real tier--wasc!
I love the way this cake came together!
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By Momof5kiddos
Jul 24, 2012
A giant cupcake for a girl baby shower :)
Rattle and dummy are both cake pops.
By LittleVillageCakes
Aug 9, 2012
By krystal1029
Aug 23, 2012
Two tier Madeira sponge, Ivory fondant and a dotty finish
By kerihannigan
Sep 17, 2012
I have done some of these today on dummy cupcakes for display.
By kim50
Sep 18, 2012
ONLY THE TOP IS REAL CAKE AND the other layers is dummy cake.
By pastelesymas_isa
Oct 2, 2012
10" by 10" square cake covered in fondant. The building is a dummy cake and the figurines are toys. The customer brought me a picture of what she wanted so I recreated it.
By karukaru
Oct 3, 2012
Mixture of designs for baby shower cakes. Baby faces originally done by Planet Cake, been done tons of times I added a little clear piping jelly to make some tears on the crying babies for something a little different.
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By mrsvb78
Oct 4, 2012
Did this cake for a freind who had just lost her husband. wanted to brighten her birthday spirits a little. Top of box is a dummy cake the bottom is an 8" square. Flowers are gumpaste/fondant mix.
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By JanDunlevy
Nov 19, 2012
Mmf airbrush fondant elephant dummy cake all for practice practice!
Apr 6, 2013
...completed with figures
By Kyriaki
May 6, 2013
Roses, Lillies, Mums, Daisys and leaves.
By MilaJJ
Mar 11, 2013
Fondant "dummy" cake
By chichizilla
Jun 28, 2013


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