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This is the wedding cake I made for this weekend. It was a three tier cake (6, 8 and 10 inch). The top and bottom tier are  dummies while the middle tier is red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. The bride provided me with the ribbon and the stand. The flowers are just some I was making to try out orchids on my own-she was adding different flowers of her own on site. She was an absolutely wonderful bride. But I think I did undercharge! Oh well, it was a live and learn moment. I will post a pic with her flowers on it when she gets one to me! TFL!!!
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By tanyascakes
Oct 3, 2009
Took a class with Toba Garrett at 2009 Cake Camp in Las Vegas - cake is dummy covered in fondant, egg white royal icing, embroidery accents
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By Brujalita
Oct 11, 2009
Took purse cake class with Norman Davis at 2009 Cake Camp in Las Vegas - dummy covered in fondant, fondant accents, royal icing piping
By Brujalita
Oct 11, 2009
Dummy cake covered with rolled fondant. Figures and tombstones hand molded from gumpaste and fondant, stars, flowers and leaves made with small cutters. Inspired by vintage post cards. Happy Halloween!
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By Kaytecake
Oct 27, 2009
This is just a cake dummy covered in ribbon ( Halloween )  for my daughters birthday.
With all the flu and colds going around it just grosses me out when the kids blow out their candles and everyone has to eat it.  The kids at my daughters birthday  just loved it and they all could blow out the candles a few times!
By cookiemama2
Nov 1, 2009
2 Tier chocolate cherry mudcake with vanilla bean buttercream and fondant covering.  Manequin made from fondant, the dress is embossed chocolate fondant that I coloured black.
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By sweetbitescakes
Nov 11, 2009
The littlest Pet Shop theme
6”x 4” round chocolate cake with buttercream filling on a 8”x 4” dummy cake on the bottom with a 3”x 2” marble cake on top, all covered with vanilla buttercream icing
Cupcakes are French vanilla with buttercream icing and plastic toys on top
Pink and purple Forget me not flowers and circles are vanilla fondant. Flowers on the top are inserted with floral wire and have sliver editable pearl dust on them
Pig, Cat and Dog are all made from homemade rice crispy treats covered in royal icing then covered with marshmallow fondant, yes completely editable. And this was my first time working with molding/carving rice crispy treat and covering them with fondant!
This cake took 13 hours to make. idea was from CakeCental photo(s) thanks!
This little piggy was my favorite…don’t cha just wanna eat ‘em up!
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By PattiCakesPattiCakes
Nov 16, 2009
This was a dummy cake that I made to display at an auction to benefit my daughter's school. The snowflakes are gumpaste with royal icing details. The cutters/embossing sheets were from autumn carpenter. The fondant was Michelle Foster's recipe. And wow, dummy cakes are way more difficult to cover than I had anticipated!
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By summerki
Dec 10, 2009
Dummy Cake for centerpiece.  All fondant.  Geez, dummy cakes are hard to do!!
By MamawJ
Dec 13, 2009
A dummy i made a while ago and thought i´d show you. Happy New Year all :-)
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By Piamarianne
Dec 31, 2009
Three tiered dummy cake made of rice crispies.  Display cake for my Grandmother's 99th Birthday party!  Cupcakes with cherry blossoms were served during the open house.
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By cakesbykate
Dec 31, 2009
This is a dummy cake.  I did it at the NY Cake Convention -  Pat Jacoby class.  Loved it.
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By icalise
Jan 3, 2010
This was a Toba Garret Class at the NY Cake Convention.  I loved this but it is so hard.  Toba is a sweatheart!
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By icalise
Jan 3, 2010
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By tammyrey
Feb 4, 2010
This a dummy cake covered with two layers of fondant, a yellow one and white.
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By nivia91
Feb 11, 2010
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By Donnabugg
Feb 21, 2010
It's an dummy cake...
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By lilo_taart
Feb 26, 2010
Debbie Brown came to my area and I was sooooo thrilled to take classes with her!!! Made this castle with a cake dummy. Covered with satin ice fondant, gumpaste, and royal icing. BTW, Debbie is the most kind, sweet, genuine, patience and awesome teacher ever...I can't wait for her to come back! :)
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By Rosie2
Mar 4, 2010
Recently took a class from Debbie Brown and this is one of the projects we made.  I had so much fun in her class.  She is awesome and thanks to those of you who encouraged me to sign up instead of going to the Olympics in Vancouver BC.
By cblupe
Mar 10, 2010
This was my first display cake.  They are displaying it at the Art Crawl tonight.  My husband came up with a GREAT way for me just to reuse this without a lot of trouble.  He took my styro dummies and covered them in sheetrock mud, sanded it and painted it.  It is washable so now all I have to do is take the decorations off and redo it!  I was so happy with how this turned out!

The pic is not very good but it has pretty rhinestones all over it and in the flowers.
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By patticakesnc
Mar 19, 2010
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By michellew
Mar 20, 2010
Wanted to practice making a "dress dummy" gown for upcoming order. Quite fun. Marble pound cake w/fudge filling & buttercream covered w/fondant. Pearls & sugar diamonds border bodice. First time making sugar diamonds...whew!  TFL!
By ariasu
Apr 16, 2010
Dummy I did for a bridal fair around Valentine's Day.  I couldn't get the royal icing smooth.  It was my first dummy cake ever!
By SimplyCakesNMore
Apr 21, 2010
Top tier is real cake, bottom two are dummy cakes. Ribbon around edge and real flowers.
By eccl1-12
Apr 25, 2010
Dummy wedding cake
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By nivia91
Apr 29, 2010
Dummy cake made for a catering friend of mine.  6, 8, and 10 styrofoam dummies covered in fondant with sugar pearls and black ribbon.  My son said it looked like a tuxedo to him, so, I named it "Tuxedo"  :)
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By aundron
May 5, 2010
Dummy for a graduation next week - thought I'd get this done and out of the way!!!  I was kind of bummed to put pictures on this because the marbled fondant plain looked soooo cool!  Even my hubby, who always says my cakes are "fine", thought it was pretty cool.  I really do like how it turned out.
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By jonahsmom
May 9, 2010
This is a Mother's day cake that I made this year.  This is actually a dummy 10" cake.  Butter Cream icing with Royal Icing daisey's.  1st time make the RI flowers.  I didn't have a try to set them in to give them some lift, so they are a little flat.    I "sent" it to my Mom over Facebook, since we are 6 hours apart and I wasn't able to see her.
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By Cranny
May 10, 2010
Made for a budding fashion designer. Marble cake/Buttercream Frosting. White Chocolate details, Isomalt jewels, Gumpaste sign. TFL!
By ariasu
May 21, 2010
Window display to celebrate the annual brewfest on Main Street. Keg is made up of styrofoam dummies since it was in the window for a month. Masonite board covered in fondant and painted to look like wood boards. Keg and pipes covered and sprayed for the greyish aluminum look (dulled to blueish in extended sunlight). Tap handle covered and handpainted for the brewery logo. Flowing beer and glasses made with Gold sparkle gel.
By CakeWolf
May 23, 2010
3 dummy tiers and one almond flavored white cake with marshmallow flavored fondant. We served sheet cakes of the same flavor with buttercream frosting already cut and on platters. CHEAP ALTERNATIVE!!
By Christagen
Jun 10, 2010
my first wedding cake, 6-10-14inch rounds all dummies as i did this for 
practice/advertising purpose, red gumpaste roses, hand painted floral design using a stencil,white fondant covered cakes and fondant bead border
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By cakesbymark
Jun 13, 2010
Diaper/ nappy bag chocolate cake with choc fudge filling. I have seen lots of these on CC and couldn't wait to try one. I was pretty pleased with the outcome and got lots of inspiration so thanks to everyone for sharing. This was for my lovely neice with love.
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By krm1
Jul 5, 2010
This is a dummy cake made to be displayed in the party room of our new local movie theater.  It's the first display cake I've ever made.  I used Indydebi's BC and MFF to cover....  All letters, candy, etc are MFF.  The popcorn is made from mini-marshmallows snipped and painted with lemon yellow gel coloring.
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By BakedAlaska
Jul 7, 2010
Cake for my wedding cake class... dummy cake with all gumpaste flowers I made. Had to use a minimum of 3 techniques
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By nicole1419
Jul 11, 2010
This faux cake was made to help decorate a halloween skit that took
place at a town function a few years ago.  It's covered with royal icing,
and coloured gels.
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By cakes47
Jul 13, 2010
Dummy cake for wedding.  The bride will be adding her own ribbon and topper. I just stuck this ribbon and roses on for display.
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By NaNaof5
Jul 16, 2010
My first dummy cake and my second attempt at fondant. Cake was made and photo taken for portfolio. Roses are handmade gumpaste.
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By grossoutqueen
Jul 17, 2010
Square dummy cake with purple damask design. I used cutters to make the damask patterns, MFF, and royal piped border.
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By PeggyMichel
Jul 19, 2010
This cake was done at a class taught by Colette Peters.  She is an AMAZING teacher.  We had three day sto create our crooked masterpiece.  I always wanted to try the wood effect and with her guidance and sore arms, I was able to accomplish it!!
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By dymercado
Jul 23, 2010


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