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This is a practice dummy cake made out of cardboard boxes covered in RI.  I wanted to brush up on scrolls and to try an impression sheet on the stripes.  Two different versions of same cake.
7 11
By dynee
Dec 12, 2008
Made 150 for a little girls Christening.
1 3
By cookiesbyms
Dec 18, 2008
This is a styrofoam dummy cake,covered in fondant. Kitty and friends are made of cold porcelain. TFL!
1 12
By lasdulzurasdelaura
Jan 29, 2009
Dummy cake for destination wedding.
2 10
By Casandra383
Feb 5, 2009
Dummy 12,10,8 & 6" rounds with BC.  I covered the board in a gold foil not knowing that the only cake topper I would find would be silver !  Oh well....just for practice.
1 3
By KathyTW
Feb 20, 2009
A friend of mine found a picture of this cake in a magazine and asked me to replicate it.  I got my cake dummies in this past week and thought I would make up some quick designs for my portfolio.
3 2
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 21, 2009
I got my cake dummies in this past week and thought I would make up some quick designs for my portfolio.
1 3
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 21, 2009
I got my cake dummies in this past week and thought I would make up some quick designs for my portfolio.
1 2
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 21, 2009
I got my cake dummies in this past week and thought I would make up some quick designs for my portfolio.
1 12
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 21, 2009
I got my cake dummies in this past week and thought I would make up some quick designs for my portfolio.
2 5
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 21, 2009
I got my cake dummies in this past week and thought I would make up some quick designs for my portfolio.
1 4
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 21, 2009
I saw this cake on Ace of Cakes (in the background of some of the new episodes) and fell in love with it.  I didn't really know what gallery to put it under since I feel like it can be used for a birthday, shower, wedding, etc.  If this weren't a cake dummy, I would have used white icing to hold the flowers on, but I was trying to get rid of some leftovers.
5 15
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 28, 2009
Just trying out some different techniques on a set of cake dummies to increase my portfolio.
3 5
By pinkpiggie78
Feb 28, 2009
Just adding to my wedding portfolio this weekend.  I really like working with the cake dummies.
3 8
By pinkpiggie78
Mar 1, 2009
Just wanted to try something with a big flower on my dummies.
2 4
By pinkpiggie78
Mar 1, 2009
I really ended up liking this cake dummy... just adding to my portfolio.  Please ignore some of the flaws in the fondant... I have been trying out several designs with the same fondant on the dummies.
2 1
By pinkpiggie78
Mar 1, 2009
This is my first dummy wedding cake.  Pretty simple but I have lots of ideas to come.  I am loving this cake stuff and thank you to everyone on Cake Central for all of the tips and wonderful ideas.  I think I will be continuing this.  I think I might have a knack for this.   Any comments or tips would be greatly appreciated
4 10
By cut-n-up
Mar 20, 2009
This is a dummy practice cake.  It is all Royal icing.   I formed the petals over an egg shape and then assembled the flowers.  I used boxes for the base.  Shoe box, cracker box and butter box.
5 6
By dynee
Mar 23, 2009
Cake for a birthday party where everyone was going to get all dolled up to celebrate.  Cake is evidence that I REALLY need to work on my carving skills.  I didn't have time to take the fondant of  and shave off some more so here she stands in all her "hippy" glory! :)  Five and nine inch chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and vanilla BC.  Top decorations and bow are fondant.  Thanks for looking and any carving tips would be greatly appreciated!
2 20
By pish
Apr 6, 2009
This is my first traditional white wedding dummy cake.  And  first gumpaste rose bouquet.  I really enjoyed this more than I thought I would.  It also was not as hard as I thought it wold be either.  I hope ya like it.
1 3
By cut-n-up
Apr 17, 2009
This is a dummy cake that I made for my brother's wedding.  The daisies are made out of gumpaste and the "cake" is covered in Marshmallow Fondant.  I'm going to mail this cake to them in California.  Hope it makes it okay.
1 2
By mrscromer
Apr 20, 2009
This is a cake dummy I decorated inspired by one I saw on the internet.  I covered the dummy with frosting first which was a mistake.  I guess I put on too much frosting (I'm still new to cake dummies) and so when I tried to cover it with fondant, the fondant pulled easily and I got many little holes in various places :(
By cakemama175
Apr 22, 2009
1 38
By say_it_with_cake
Apr 23, 2009
This is my cake that I entered in the WSSA Show this April, it is a10" dummy cake, all butter cream, record is chocolate
By onebigdogmama
May 11, 2009
I have wanted to decorate a wedding style cake for a while but i am so new to cake decorating there is no way i am up to that level nor do i have a reason for me to do one lol so instead i decorated my first dummy cake just for fun! It has a 4 inch and 6 inch tier,  handmade fondant and piped pearls, piped royal icing and finished with gold luster dust. It is my 2nd attempt at gumpaste roses, 3rd at fondant and HAD to try pearls. Think the design is alright but still not sure about it. Thanks for looking!
11 37
By Elise87
May 14, 2009
This practice dummy cake was done at the Notter School of Pastry Arts in Orlando.  Sue McMahon from England was the instructor.  The cakes lined up behind are display cakes belonging to Colette Peters.
By Brownie1954
Jun 23, 2009
6 inch Fresh Strawberry WASC cake with fresh strawberry mousse, 8 inch cake dummy, 10 inch Vanilla Bean WASC with banana mousse and fresh bananas, 12 inch Chocolate WASC with chocolate mousse.  Buttercream frosting, black satin ribbon, gumpaste butterflies dusted with peacock blue luster dust.
2 9
By lindambc
Jun 28, 2009
I was asked by a local florist to decorate a  cake for his display window.  In return he will post a sign in the window giving me credit for the cake and is passing out my business cards!  He placed the flowers on the tiers. This is royal icing over styrofoam.
2 2
By LKing12
Jun 29, 2009
16, 12, 8, 4. My first time covering a dummy cake (bottom) but everything turned out ok. Hard to see but the bow is luster dusted. All covered in MMF with MMF bow. TFL!
3 12
By icedideas
Jun 30, 2009
I'm sooo thrilled with how this cake turned out!  I had to do this cake for my job at the bakery. The customer ordered a zebra print jacket on a dress dummy/mannequin to feed 6-8 people! WOWZA! That's a lotta money for a little cake! Anyway... he was absolutely thrilled! My boss told me that all he cares about is that people say "Holy Shxx" when they see the cake. Next week I do a guitar cake for the same customer... again to feed 6-8. Gosh I wish I had that kind of money to blow!
32 34
By CakeInfatuation
Jul 8, 2009
Cake for my best friends birthday. Choc cake and filling. Covered in fondant. Mini handbags are gumpaste painted silver. Dress form/dummy is made of gumpaste (tried RKT but they kept falling off the stick!) dress is fondant.
5 10
By lissyUK
Jul 9, 2009
This is my first wedding cake for a family friend. The bride gave me a picture of a cake from Bride magazine. The bottom 3 tiers are cake dummies, the top two are real cakes. Covered in fondant. Fondant water lily on top. I also made cupcakes to go with the cake
By jenje
Jul 22, 2009
Cake was made for practice. There were more elements to be added, but the humidity ruined them. Sorry about the horrible picture quality.
8 18
By Cheyanne25
Aug 11, 2009
Dummy Cake with Silk flowers
19 232
By MayWest
Aug 16, 2009
The bottom tier and 2nd tier are dummy cakes, not an easy task. This was entered into my County Fair "Professional Wedding Cake", took 1st place, very excited. All fondant, cupcakes & top tier Red Velvet. Thanks to dustyrusty47 , estherhead, Crazycakelady for dummy help, also I saw this design from mydelights!
5 9
By angllfish
Aug 19, 2009
This is a four tier dummie wedding cake. Covered in fondant with fondant/gumpaste ribbons and bows and a gumpaste brooch. (similar to cake from Cakegirls show) TFL
2 10
By Suzisweet
Aug 23, 2009
This cake was for my new niece - my sister's baby!  Original design by Maria_Campos here on CC, which my sister saw whilst browsing and just fell in love with.  8" rich fruit cake, covered with marzipan and sugarpaste.  The lid was two cake drums glued together then covered with chocolate paste.  All decorations in pastillage.  Inscription piped with royal icing.
6 19
By Relznik
Aug 30, 2009
3 tiered strawberry shortcake frosted in BC and covered in fondant.
Tiers are 6" square, 10" round and 14" petal pan.
It was my first time doing multi shaped cake and using a petal pan.
The top tier was supposed to be a soft pink 6" rose where the gumpaste figure of the birthday girl would be sitting on. Gumpaste lettering on 2nd tier.
But I had my first cake-tastrophy and no time to rebake, as well as running out of pink gel coloring.  So I improvised with a 6" square dummy covered in fondant that Mom could keep for a keepsake.  
I was not to happy with the way the cake turned out as the topper stands out from the rest of the cake, but Mom and family loved it and that was all that mattered.
Thanks for looking.
3 4
By G_Cakes
Sep 7, 2009
7 41
By ShastaLove
Sep 14, 2009
Everything about this cake is fake - except the sugar paste icing! Had so much fun and was so quick to put together. My client's brother is getting married on the 20th Sept and they will have a real cake sometime in November. She has ordered a real one for then. Good practice. Used 12",  9" and 6" dummies.
4 16
By Leigh01
Sep 16, 2009


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