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This is 1 of 2 Cakes I was asked to do for a Birthday Party. Both were of Lizzie Mcguire.
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By Cakesbykaye
Aug 7, 2006
This is 1 of 2 cakes I was asked to do for a Birthday party. Both were of Lizzie Mcguire. This one was the smaller one... she only wanted it as a simple cake for her daughter to enjoy the day before her actual party. This was threw together, and in my opinion was to "Busy" looking lol. Definitly NOT one of my better works!  Wouldn't you know it though, out of both cakes...THIS is the One she liked best! Kids :o)  Oh well, as long as the Birthday girl is satisfied...I guess that is what counts the most!
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By Cakesbykaye
Aug 7, 2006
Alesha's 21st birthday Duff beer replica cake...she's obsessed with the Simpsons.  This is 2 box mixes done in 8 inch rounds, sliced in half (minus one half because I ran out of space)
By funkychica1_2004
May 3, 2007
My nephew loves 's headbanging music so this was a tribute for him.  I got the idea from Ace of Cakes.  My hand is a lot bigger.  Looked a bit like Frankenstein to me but my nephew loved it.
By sweetbabycake
Jun 6, 2007
My first "perfect" cake! Yeay! Nothing I was unhappy with, and no "backside" to the cake. Dark Chocolate cake with pb mousse filling and buttercream, and my first MMF! It was easy peasy! My first decorated cookie, too.
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By CakesbyMonica
Jun 18, 2007
The disks are different colors for illustration purposes.
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By AlamoSweets
Aug 7, 2007
Cherry Chip cake iced in Cherry-Almond buttercream.  Rosebuds are made from Starburst fruit chew candies using the "Duff" method of rolling and forming.  Larger roses are made usiing the same method with a few individual petals added for fullness.  Thanks for looking!
By crisseyann
Aug 8, 2007
My first time making these roses. Thank you Mary and everyone who talked about these. They are so easy to make!
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By coreenag
Aug 13, 2007
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By Wiltonlady
Aug 29, 2007
First attempt at Duff Roses.  Have seen different versions of a strawberry basket on here.  I don't know who was the first.   Green Tea and Cardamom Spice Cake with Carmel Custard filling and mocha BC.  Strawberries are real.   Roses and leaves are MMF.
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By mazaryk
Aug 31, 2007
White 11"x15" sheet cake with buttercream icing and 'Duff' roses to go with crown and smash pillow cakes.  Needed a lot of cake and the small crown cake wasn't going to be enough.  I made a large tiara to go on this cake, but after the writing, there wasn't enough room!  Thanks for looking!
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By jenwright
Sep 9, 2007
This was my first attempt at Duff style roses made out of starburst candy.
By sweetlikepie
Sep 13, 2007
This is the view of the whole cake using the white chocolate fondant ribbon and the Duff roses.  There is also a close-up of the corner in my photos.  Cake was a filled carrot with cream cheese icing.
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By MandyBs
Sep 21, 2007
Vanila sponge with vanilla cream and grated dark chocolate filling iced with dark chocolate ganache and decorated with white chcolate buttons and my first attempt at Duff roses in chocolate and vanilla fondant.
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By Leigh01
Sep 23, 2007
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By Leigh01
Sep 23, 2007
Made this for my friends bunko group.  This is another cake of 1st for me.  1st time I carved a whimsical cake and 1st "Duff" style roses.  The floral design around the tier was inspired by Cakebaker...Sugar Creations.  Thanks Rebecca!
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By frostedbliss
Oct 3, 2007
Cross made out of gum paste. All the rest made from MMF. These Duff style roses are so easy and fun to make.
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By msamson9
Oct 7, 2007
Surprise Bridal Shower (love that free reign).  Torted vanilla cake with Raspberry filling; white chocolate MMF Duff Style roses. First time making these roses and using extruder; fun & easy. :o)  Thanks for your professional review.
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By Rose-Lynn
Oct 10, 2007
Just a short instruction from me
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By awoisch
Oct 17, 2007
WASC cake with Buttercream frosting and ganache topping.  Duff Roses on the larger ones, smaller ones just ribbon type roses.  Filling is ganache.
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By flowermom
Oct 17, 2007
This is a close up of the top of my Birthday cake.  Duff style roses.
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By flowermom
Oct 17, 2007
Another View!
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By jayme1980
Oct 21, 2007
This cake is one of the few scratch cakes I've made.  Scratch pound cake with homemade "bettercreme-like" frosting (it's waaaayyy too hard to find buy bettercreme icing!).  Gumpaste decorations.  I LOVED making this cake, it came out better than I pictured it in my head (with the exception of the icing that wouldn't smooth!)
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By valora387
Oct 22, 2007
Fondant with sugarpaste flowers on the cake, fresh arranged (by the florist) in a candlestick on the top.  4-7-10-13 x 4-6-2-6".
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By KoryAK
Oct 22, 2007
This was my entry for the Ace of Cakes Totally Awesome Cake Contest last weekend.  Duff described my cake as the best Collette knockoff ever, too bad she wasn't my inspriation!    I carved the pillows out of square styrofoam blanks and covered with fondant dry brushed with luster dust.  The details were created with piping gel & royal icing and clay extruder.
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By love2stich
Oct 25, 2007
I made a couple dozen cross cookies for my new niece's christening tomorrow.  NFSC with fondant and Duff style roses.
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By JenWith
Nov 2, 2007
This cake was made for a 5yr. old girl having a tea party.  The teapot is styrafoam covered in fondant/gp.  All other decor is fondant.  The cake is iced in bc.
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By lecrn
Nov 10, 2007
A simple birthday cake. I felt it was a little bare, but I ran out of time. I did it for my aunt's birthday, three eight inch layers of chocolate fudge cake, with cream cheese buttercream icing. Fondant pearls and Duff style roses. Not perfectly smooth, but it was just close family.
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By cholmberg
Nov 17, 2007
Design credit goes to CC'r jayme1980. Made this for a friend of a friend's bridal shower. WASC with cream cheese buttercream. Duff style fondant roses and satin ribbon. The white board was for transport and I was too chicken to take it off of it for the pic.
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By cholmberg
Nov 24, 2007
A pillow cake with gp tiara and duff roses.  The tassles didn't work so the roses were a lifesaver!  No luster dust because of nut allergies and I wasn't sure what I had was safe. TFL
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By pastryjen
Dec 3, 2007
4.5 inch yellow cake filled with chocolate buttercream and frosted with vanilla buttercream, sprayed with Wilton color mist and decorated with my first attempt at fondant Duff roses
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By cupcakeninja
Jan 10, 2008
4.5 inch yellow cake filled with Nutella and frosted with chocolate buttercream. Decorated with my first attempt at fondant Duff roses.
By cupcakeninja
Jan 10, 2008
6 inch yellow cake filled with strawberry and frosted with chocolate buttercream. Decorated with my first attempt at fondant Duff roses.
By cupcakeninja
Jan 10, 2008
BC with fondant/gp decor.
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By lecrn
Jan 19, 2008
This was an Inspiration from indydeb(love her cakes & reading her advice) and I believe another take on hers. I just can't get that smooth buttercream. I have Sharon's dvd but didn't care for the texture.When I can afford to have sweetex shipped I'll give it another try.This is a yellow cake w/slight lemon flavor Buttercream & lemon flavored Toba garrett's fondant torted with lemon & rasberry filling. Thanks for peeking.
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By kcjc
Jan 19, 2008
Flower pot covered in fondant, duff roses and buttercream leaves.  Made for a ladies meeting.
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By cashley
Dec 31, 1969
12 and 8 inch square Iced in buttercream with fondant decorations with Duff' style roses.  Monogram gumpaste painted with Nusilver dust.
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By Granpam
Jan 26, 2008
Hazelnut marble cake made for my Mom. She loves chocolates so decided to combine the 2. bc icing with fondant top.
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By coreenag
Jan 28, 2008
Small oval cake made as a get-well cake for my SIL.  She had knee surgery so I hope this helps in her healing.  LOL  White cake, filled with Cookies and Cream whipped filling, iced in Whimsical Bakehouse buttercream.  Duff-style fondant roses.  TFL
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By crisseyann
Jan 31, 2008
this is a 12x18  sheet cake. It is chocolate with a chocolate ganache/buttercream icing. The pink boarder is done in buttercream. The Hilary Duff is a FBCT that could have been better. The decorations are chocolate molds outlined with royal icing. Big cake and it turned out ok. It was very hot and humid in the house, I put the airconditioner on and directed at the cake so the icing wouldn't melt!
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By sgirvan
Aug 12, 2005


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