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Well, if you have a martini you have to have the shaker and to be very honest I just wanted to make sure I had enough cake for all the people we had coming to the party so I made an extra cake.
By kristingeorge
Aug 6, 2005
FUN to make cake! We tried to make the cakes look like trays of fruit to put in drinks, white chocolate dipped cherries, olives on skewers, limes and lemons. The glass was made of gumpaste with royal done inside, and a little pink elephant swizzle stick I cut off in the picture!
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By Ginger08
Aug 22, 2005
Made years ago with buttercream & airbrush.
7 14
By Jenn123
Jan 4, 2006
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By cakesbgood
Jun 13, 2006
I used this idea from KrissyKakes for my brother's 21st birthday.  I used cocnut cake with chocolate/coconut filling for the bottom two layers and funfetti cake with lemon filling for the top two layers.  I was a nervous wreck transporting it two hours, but it made it and my family loved it!
2 6
By aminium
Oct 24, 2006
I made this for a Christmas party.
8 99
By Eight
Dec 26, 2006
These cookies were made as part of a "if life gives you lemons" cookie bouquet. Toba Garret's over butter cookies
10 67
By kneadacookie
Jan 28, 2007
3D bottle and hand coming out of a fridge, splinters of glass flying, chocolate cake .decorated with fondant
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By shimerin
Feb 16, 2007
I'm so unhappy with the way this cake turned out.     2 6" rounds. French Vanilla w/BC Dream. Martini is MMF painted with a mixture of Americolor Leaf Green and Lemon Yellow. All accents are MMF.
6 26
By Destini
Feb 23, 2007
I did these for a friend of mine they are NFSC decorated with RBC, RI & MMF.
5 11
By MelZ
Mar 24, 2007
This is for a friend's birthday...NFSC with MMF details.
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By cheekysweets
Apr 17, 2007
got the idea from a cake on this site. the margaritas are 3 6' rounds and the food is from a sports ball the chips are gumpaste. also, margarita cake recipe
5 15
By smashcakes
Apr 22, 2007
This cake was for a surprise 40th blackjack party.  The things on top are all made from gumpaste.  I just loved making and painting the drinks and stuff.  Fun!  The cake is chocolate with choc ganache and strawberry filling.  Yummy.  Tasted like a choc covered strawberry.
7 36
By acookieobsession
Apr 23, 2007
I did this as an individual cake for a teacher appreciation gift. It is painted on buttercream.
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By christielee
May 15, 2007
This was inspired by CustomCakesbySharon - I love her margarita cake!  This is for the teachers at my children's school.  Used piping gel over BC to give it that "glassy" look.  It's hard to see in the picture, but there are cake sparkles around the edge of the glass to look like salt.  RI flowers.  Thanks for looking!
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By gakali
Jun 29, 2007
this was a fun and very simple cake to make.  the lime and straw are fondant, the "salt" is green sugar crystals
1 3
By glor08
Jun 29, 2007
For a 21st birthday.
By LittleLinda
Jun 30, 2007
I made this cake for a 21st birthday.  I used color flow icing to create the stars and numbers, gumpaste for the olives and streamers, and fondant for everything else.
2 32
By TToomer
Jul 1, 2007
3 4
By LittleLinda
Jul 2, 2007
Pepsi Can is fondant covered and airbrushed.  Luster dust for the metallic look.
4 9
By DecoratorJen
Jul 5, 2007
Made for a JImmy Buffet concert today.  The limes are fondant and the the cookie is covered in  royal icing.
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By seven
Jul 21, 2007
Margarita cookie bouquet made for Caribbean themed party.
2 15
By krstik
Jul 22, 2007
Inspired  by sheilaattaway  who did a cake like this......if you notice the hands are a faded compared to the rest of the skin....when I was drying the hands near the window ledge...the sun faded it....thank goodness they liked the cake anyways.....all fondant covered.
4 3
By cowgirl58
Jul 30, 2007
FBCT martini glass, buttercream frosting
3 3
By therbug
Aug 15, 2007
I did this cake over a year ago for a friend and I forgot to take a picture of it.  Luckily my friend did not forget and sent the picture to me.  It is supposed to a coconut drink like you get at a resort.  I baked the cake in a pampered chef batter bowl and frosted.
5 11
By brilandken
Aug 23, 2007
Turned these cookies into a bouquet for a 40th bday. I doubled up on a couple of cookies to make 7 total. They were a huge hit.
22 161
By kneadacookie
Aug 27, 2007
it is yellow cake filled w/ sweet strawberry puree and banana cream. frosted in vanilla buttrcream and covered in fondant that has been coated with a peach schnapps and piping gel glaze. the fruit are gummies, the ice cubes are fondant, the flowers are fake,and the straw is, well, a straw. lol. enjoy!!
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By nicsnala99
Sep 4, 2007
3 13
By megamere
Sep 5, 2007
Tea Kettle in fondant and buttercream
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By thekeith
Sep 16, 2007
3-D Kahlua bottle iced in buttercream, with a glass of a creamy confectionary concoction next to it to resemble Kahlua.  Flavoured with Capella flavour drops (great stuff!  Glad I heard about them here!).
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By victorianne_sweets
Sep 18, 2007
I am SO NOT a cookie gal. So kudos to all you cookie decorators out there. I got the idea from kneadacookie but looks nothing like hers. These are sugar cookies and I photocopied kneadacookie's and used as a pattern and the rest is royal icing.  The HUGE cookie in the middle is holding on by a prayer!! These are for my friends bday tonight at a mexican restaurant. I hope they make it!!!!!!!  Thanks for peeking!
6 12
By gingersoave
Sep 23, 2007
It was my friends 21st so I made her a cosmo! Strawberry cake w/ strawberry buttercream under mmf and strawberry melted marshmellows as the drink and of course, sugar around the "rim".... hope u like it!
3 2
By kkenny2
Oct 8, 2007
These are sugar cookies decorated with MMF and black colored chocolate fondant.  The "bubbles" are dragees.
2 30
By MelZ
Oct 15, 2007
4 x 6" rounds, shaped and iced in buttercream; fondant/marzipan mix for foam.  About six or seven dowel rods to make sure it was stable.
14 33
By Spills
Oct 18, 2007
Choc. MMF, BC icing on top.  Coconut cake from CC recipes, YUMMY!
1 3
By gingersoave
Oct 25, 2007
Made this for my girlfriend's 40th.  Used a Jose' Quervo bottle for inspiration(she loves it!).  The bottle 1/2 pound and 1/2 yellow so that it would have some substance to it.  It's covered first in buttercream and them fondant.  the details were very time comsuming but I had fun adding each to make the cake a unique gift for a dear friend.   The glass is plastic filled with a lime jello shot.  Everyone at the party loved the cake.  Thanks for viewing!
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By paradisepalms
Oct 29, 2007
This was tons of fun to make, and not too difficult!  Very apropose for someone who drinks upwards of 6 a day!
4 6
By Hollis
Nov 6, 2007
Martini glass is chocolate cake, all buttercream frosting and chocolate for the pink liquid.  The olives are made out of fondant.  Customer loved it!!
By zulmaivette
Nov 15, 2007
Doing a party for 200 for the Nestle Beverage Company in NJ... this is one cake, serves 100....doing a Taster's Choice one tomorrow.   I'll be glad when these things are delivered!   Decorations are a combo of food pen and painting.
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By Kitagrl
Nov 27, 2007
This was my first attempt at cake decorating and am so very proud of it.  Rather easy just making sure it was realistic
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By kristingeorge
Aug 6, 2005


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