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Thanks to the decorator who gave me this idea.  I was asked to decorate the cake however I wanted.  My friend just said that they wanted pink icing.  I thought that it turned out great.
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By yacbutrfly05
May 7, 2006
This doll was ordered for a little girl who is turning 3 this weekend!
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By jdogga
May 11, 2006
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By Ladivacrj
May 12, 2006
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By Ladivacrj
May 12, 2006
9x13 cake decorated in bc with a dress cut out in fondant.  My first attempt.  They were really pleased with it.  I was too.
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By dpwmom
May 17, 2006
This is my first titled cake. I wanted to have it more tilted but was afraid to with all the kids running around. I was very pleased with how it came out. It had an 8inch square with a fondant crown. I am also posting that.
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By fosterscreations
May 21, 2006
Ok here is the 8inch square that went with the tilted cake I just posted.
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By fosterscreations
May 21, 2006
Double-layer 1/2 slab cake cut into dress shape for Bridal Shower. Filled with fresh sliced strawberries. I wanted the bottom of the dress to look like ruffles, so I used the #104 tip to make a crinolin look.
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By antonia74
May 21, 2006
This was an orange cake with Grand Marnier syrup and Orange IM "buttercream" covered in Vanilla fondant with fondant decorations.  It is copied from instructions on the Wilton website after i saw several versions of it in the CC Gallery done by several different people.
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By itsacake
May 22, 2006
Everything but the wire tree limbs is edible, including the plants, book and dress which is made from gumpaste. The floor is made from a 50:50 mixture of gumpaste and fondant.
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By regymusic
May 27, 2006
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By regymusic
May 27, 2006
1/2 sheet cake with fondant dress and socks dusted with super pearl luster dust. Piping with 1M tip.
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Feb 20, 2006
I made this cake for my friend's surprise Bridal Shower.  She was shocked about the shower and the cake.  Everyone loved it and it turned out a lot better than I thought it would when I was making it lol.  Strawberry cake with vanilla pudding filling and buttercream icing and mmf.
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By sun33082
Jun 17, 2006
Another shirt and tie cake for a Father's Day cake order. :)
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By Susan94
Jun 21, 2006
This cake was entirely designed based on the bride's dress...which was a secret from her groom. Copied the scrolls on the bodice of her dress, with silver dragees and edible pearl buttons. 

I had hoped for red roses as the topper for a more classic look, but got lillies that were larger than my head. Oh just gotta laugh!
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By antonia74
Jun 25, 2006
My First doll cake for a friend's daughter. Red Velvet cake torted with and covered in cream cheese icing, then with fondant
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By redheadcruz
Jun 27, 2006
Cake is duplicate of one I have seen on a website.  Cannot recall which decorator.
Was easy enough, just time consuming.  All decorations edible.  Calla lilies are gumpaste.  Cake covering is fondant.  Bows, pearls are gumpaste.
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By tanyacakes
Jul 2, 2006
I made this "dummy cake" today for my nieces baby shower.  Since it was just a dry run I used many colors to see which one they liked best.  The "real" cake will come next Saturday.  Sorry for the picture quality, my picture fill on my computer has gone on a fritz.
By Cake_Mooma
Jul 8, 2006
I designed this dress to match the back of the bride's gown. Fondant draped over white chocolate cream cheese frosting, fondant pearls, fresh roses.  I also made a smaller cake to match her shoe since there is no top tier here to take home.
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By SweetResults
Jul 9, 2006
All fondant, painted w/ lustre dust.
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By beachcakes
Jul 10, 2006
My cousin got married in Fort Worth last weekend, and this is the cake I made for her. I baked it here (in Memphis) and froze it, letting it thaw on the drive down. 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" cakes, each tier was 5" tall except bottom tier, which was is 6" tall. Amaretto cake with cinnamon cream filling, buttercream icing, fondant lacing, bow and ribbon. The cake was designed to match her wedding dress, and the groom's cake was a tux to match the groom's tux.
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By edencakes
Jul 10, 2006
This cake is made to look like the brides dress. I'll post a better pic tomorrow, but right now I'm just excited to get this one done!
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By 4dollars
Jul 15, 2006
Competition cookie bouquet.PM if you would like details.
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By Kiddiekakes
Jul 24, 2006
I have been dying to make a dress cake and was excited when I got an order for a baby girl's baptism cake. I suggested this type of cake to the customer (even though I had never made one before) and showed her some pictures of similar cakes. She loved the idea, and the pressure was on! It took me just about all day to make, but I was pleased (and relieved) with the results. Cake was cut out of a sheet cake and frosted with buttercream icing. Thanks to those who provided help through the "How Do I" forum!
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By Michele25
Jul 29, 2006
Mother-to-be requested a chocolate cake with white buttercream icing.  The family already has two boys and are expecting a baby girl; therefore, everything is pink.  The dress is decorated using various star tips and ruffle tip.
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By mrsa143
Jul 31, 2006
5 53
By glowbewon
Aug 1, 2006
I did these for a girl's sweet sixteen party.  The used luster dust to make the cookies shine.
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By di55
Aug 1, 2006
Made for a little girl turning two - mom didn't really have a theme for the party so she thought 'girlie' was the way to go!
12 62
By Lambshack
Aug 1, 2006
Each 'princess' who attended DD birthday party was allowed to choose a gown and tiara of her choice to add to the crystal slippers already in their goodie bags.  These were fun to make with a 3 year old providing a lot of direction with which colors and icing tips to use! LOL
7 60
By Lambshack
Aug 1, 2006
Lindy's mom requested that her cake look like the invitation - I try to avoid rectangular cakes if at all possible, so I had to think about this one for a while.  Decided to pipe the BC body on the cake, then dress it with fondant clothes and shoes.  Turned out cuter than I thought it would.  Love it when that happens!
4 8
By Lambshack
Aug 1, 2006
representing the bride and groom...these cakes were made for the rehearsal dinner...
8 26
By jss
Aug 10, 2006
Little Black Dress
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By taniabanana
Apr 11, 2006
I loved making this cake. Learned alot from this project. Everything is fondant with piping royal beading. Thanks for looking
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By spottydog
Dec 4, 2006
A bride cake I did for a wedding shower.
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By glitterkris
Aug 12, 2006
This cake was done for a 20 year old that was into fashion.  The mother requested a dress on a dress stand and using black, hot pink and lime green.  All buttercream.
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By jenncowin
Aug 14, 2006
The top cake is supposed to be a replica of the brides dress, thank heavens it was just a simple strapless gown! 60 cupcakes in all, 30 of them IMBC chocolate with chocolate Irish cream filling, the other 30 vanilla filled with chocolate raspberry buttercream. All of them iced with vanilla IMBC and topped with an IMBC forget-me-not flower.  The bride-to-be loved it and wouldn't let anyone touch the top cake, she took that one home!  

Thanks to 4dollars for the inspiration for this one!
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By tripletmom
Aug 15, 2006
no fail cookie with mmf base.  details in modified royal.
6 26
By mangiamangia
Aug 17, 2006
This cake was created for a thirteen year-old’s birthday. She wants to be a fashion designer.  It is a 10” chocolate layered cake. BC frosting with Pettinice buttons, dress cutouts, fabric and needle/thread accents. Your critique/constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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By tiptop57
Aug 18, 2006
Another idea gotten out of the galleries here on CC.  Thank you!!  White Almond Sour Cream Cake with Bavarian Cream filling and BC Icing.  BC ribbon and ruffles at the hem.  Fondant medallion.
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By LadyGDiver
Aug 19, 2006
This is yet another belly cake. It was my first time doing one, I am fairly new to decorating! This was for a friend and was a big hit. It is a 1/2 sheet yellow cake with almond BC frosting with fondant accents and BC designs. The dress/belly was a souvenir so it is done with styrofoam instead of cake. Thanks to the inspiration of EllyRae, Jen5600, HEATHERMICHELE7, and others, this cake was a big success!
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Aug 21, 2006


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