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Here's the back of the dress..
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By Payal
Oct 23, 2006
I made this cake today for my 2 year old daughter's birthday.  This is my first doll cake, and I can't wait to do another one!
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By tammiemarie
Oct 23, 2006
My first christening dress
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By awela
Oct 28, 2006
This is patterned off the invitation for a personal shower, except I decorated the dress like the brides. I saw another cake on here with similar coloring and liked the rosettes. I had some trouble getting them spaced right though. Probably should have stayed with my reverse shells.
By sassz
Nov 4, 2006
Oh man. Yes, I made a wedding gown cake. After a misunderstanding I decided not to make my original idea of the Wilton Court of Colors. She only has one brides maid. So after scouring this website we decided on the wedding dress. Two days before cake was due she sent me the picture of her dress... IT HAD SLEEVES! Another wrench thrown in my plans. Yikes!
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By shenninger
Nov 8, 2006
top made from chocolate clay with luster dust
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By andiesweet
Dec 3, 2006
cake is in BC.  Gumpaste Lillies.  These matched the plates at the shower.
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By shannan6607
Dec 10, 2006
My first attempt at a wedding dress cake inspired by Toba Garrett. I am so proud of this cake. It took me 13 hours to complete it! I'm just getting familiar with fondant, so that's why it took me so long. Thanks for looking!
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By Anniemae
Dec 15, 2006
I made this for a client's 40th b-day whose theme was "Little Black Dress". I used a doll pick covered in fondant for the torso and the wondermold for the bottom half of the dress. I didn't want it to look like a ball gown so I carved into the wondermold.
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By KimmysKakes
Dec 18, 2006
tiffany's blue wrapped box with tag of mmf.  bottom tier is square cake covered in mmf with molded mmf shoes and decoration.  used 'fur' for the border
By srmaxwell
Dec 18, 2006
This is my first attempt at a sculpted 3D cake. Cake is chocolate with fondant and BC icing. The "pearls" are fondant dragees coated with pink luster. I will also be uploading a pic of the back.
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By CakeL8T
Dec 22, 2006
Mother-to-be requested a chocolate cake with white buttercream icing.  The family already has two boys and are expecting a baby girl; therefore, everything is pink.  The dress is decorated using various star tips and ruffle tip.
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By mrsa143
Jul 31, 2006
OMG! These cookies were quite an ordeal. The Grandma-to-be was in charge of ordering, and, she had these tiny bags she wanted the cookies to fit in. Most of my cookies are quite large. I used a really small gingerbread girl cutter and cut off her head. She was so happy with them, she gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. My customers are so into my cookies. Such fun!
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By JoMama
Dec 24, 2006
1/4 sheet white cake with buttercream frosting and decorations.  Faces are not my thing, I have already scraped it off twice and I am semi-happy with this one.  Not too crazy about the rosy cheeks, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. HMMMMM.  The boa, the feathers on the shoes and the border are made with a grass tip - I striped the bag with light and dark pink.  The theme of the party is Project Runway.  I would have used dress sketches from the show, but it is for a 5 year old.
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By kerririchards
Dec 26, 2006
This is the most popular way in the netherlands to put a picture on a cake we puzzle a picture out of fondant or marzipan on a marzipan coveren cake.The use of bag and tip is not very common here.
hope you enjoy and are going to try this back in the states too it realy is fun to do!
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By dutchdecorator
Dec 30, 2006
This was inspired by a pic in an old Wilton yearbook, which I changed to fit my daughter's favourite Book, Linda Lou. It's a fantastic book about dressing up. Was one of my first 'real' cakes and made lots of mistakes but I won a prize for it when I sent a photo in to a local magazine. (Probably what sparked my hobby!)
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By amberhoney
Dec 30, 2006
Wedding Dress cookies, used as favors for my wedding.  Rolled Buttercream with royal icing accents.  Dress sprinkled with shimmer dust.
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By Tkeys
Jan 1, 2007
Small cake for a bridal shower. Paper goods at the shower are silver and white, so I chose to do everything in that scheme. Dress is made on a form of sugar ice cream cones with a modeling chocolate "bust". Dress is my design with handpainted fondant with applied sanding sugar panels. Cake has overpiped scrolls painted with silver luster dust.  All edible.
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By BlakesCakes
Jan 6, 2007
Each 'princess' who attended DD birthday party was allowed to choose a gown and tiara of her choice to add to the crystal slippers already in their goodie bags.  These were fun to make with a 3 year old providing a lot of direction with which colors and icing tips to use! LOL
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By Lambshack
Aug 1, 2006
christening gown cake for my niece, styled after so many great cakes here on CC.  I had to travel to the christening, and my sister only had a 9 by 13 pan, so not much to work with!
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By Kate714
Jan 8, 2007
this is my 2nd dress cake and my 1st attempt at a puffed stand, lol. Thanks to Twinsline for her help and advice. This was made for an upcoming bridal expo.
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By spottydog
Jan 10, 2007
These are the last of this set of cookies.  Made them for my cake club.
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By Fairytale
Jan 12, 2007
My first fondant cake.  Wilton fondant over a cake baked in a batter bowl, doll pick in the top.
By justduit
Jan 12, 2007
Isn't she pretty?  :)  For a friend's birthday (she's only 26 now lol) who absolutely LOVES Cinderella.  Dipped the arms in colored white chocolate to simulate gloves - choker is a combo piped/painted on dark chocolate.  I kept smudging it when I'd try to fix something on the body and then I had to paint over it.  MMF with BC underneath.  Did the hair with twine, superglue and scissors lol.  She loved it!
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By candy177
Jan 13, 2007
Ken in a dress!  This is what my friend has always wanted, so I made it for her birthday.  I used the wonder mold and a (trimmed) 8 inch cake.  Even with frosting it wasn't tall enough, so I had to cut his legs off at the knee.  Poor Ken!  Buttercream, with a royal icing flower and edible pearls.
By milklady
Jan 14, 2007
Cake for the same sister, different shower!  I just had to do the classic doll cake bride, just for fun.  I iced her with buttercream icing.  she was coffee chocolate cake on the inside.  Used the Pampered Chef bowl...baked two and spliced them together.  Glues a bit of tulle to her head and a tiny flower...made the teeny boquet with fake flowers too.
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By my3girlies
Jan 21, 2007
NF with royal....
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By yankeegal
Jan 22, 2007
I agreed to make this for a colleague who took the picture of my gold wedding cake for my website.  She said to make it pink.  Done in dark pink sotas over light pink buttercream.  Chocolate cake.  My first doll.
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By karateka
Jan 24, 2007
I made this cake for my little girls Baptism. It was half chocolate and half yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling. The frostong is buttercream.

I had to upload this photo again because I tried editing the original one I had uploaded and now the image will not display.  I'm sorry to those people who had this image saved to their favorites, here it is again.
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By Chef_Mommy
Jan 27, 2007
For my goddaughter's baptism, it's supposed to look like her dress. All BC icing, flowers i bought at the store, they are edible.
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By Katskakes
Jan 29, 2007
Baby dress made out of 11 x 17 sheet cake, carved to shape. Bonnet is half of a 6 inch cake. Both are Betty Crocker French Vanilla w/ the "Durable Cake" recipe. Both iced in Buttercream Dream - unfortunately the icing cracked b/c I always forget to add that little bit of vinegar!!! Also a few fondant pieces. I tried to match the invitation and then added some little embellishments. Thanks to mimimil for her help and inspiration!
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By imartsy
Jan 30, 2007
These are my first cookies to decorate! Thanks to a ton of inspiration from everyone on here, and for all of the great recipes, I am no longer afraid of cookies. These are an idea that I have for my neice who is turning 14 in 2 weeks (on Valentines Day). She wants to be so grown up I thought the little dress tops made out of hearts would be cute with her wanting to be grown up and with her birthday being Valentines.
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By amwake
Jan 31, 2007
so fun!
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By missyv110
Feb 1, 2007
This was a last minute order and the lady wanted me to copy her invitation that she made.  So I carved the dress shape out of a sheet cake, marble, and then added swirl flowers.
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By ribbitfroggie
Feb 2, 2007
Pictures of dresses made for a little girl's birthday. No fail cookie receipe and MMF.
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By Richiescakes
Feb 2, 2007
This cake was designed after the bridal shower invitation (photo posted).  I piped the yellow design right on top of the pink, laid a viva towel over top and lightly rolled my foam roller over the top to get it all flat and even.  The dress is MMF, and the top is lightly brushed with corn syrup and then covered in cake sparkles.  The hanger is MMF painted with NuSilver luster dust.
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By DianaMarieMTV
Feb 2, 2007
My entry for the Austin cake show. This was my first cake contest and I was inspired by all of the cakes on the site!!! Everything is fondant with gum paste ballet slippers.
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By Emmers
Feb 3, 2007
I carved this from an 11 x 15.  Buttercream with fondant accents.
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By divaofcakes
Feb 6, 2007
I made this for my daughter's 4th birthday. She is obsessed with Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses. It was funfetti cake w/pink buttercream. I had so much fun on this one!
By mandytagg
Feb 6, 2007
Thanks to HunBun for the great idea!  9"x13" covered in BC with cut out fondant dress.  Fondant bouquet.  Everything sprayed in Luster Dust.
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By bulldog
Feb 8, 2007


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