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Classic and understated, this cake features Swiss dots in a variety of patterns.

By: Maria Short
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By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005
This cake uses white chocolate "fabric roses" and "drapes", in a satin finish, to make an elegant statement.

By: Maria Short
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By Anonymous
Apr 13, 2005
Buttercream icing and swags, with royal icing roses and leaves.  Each tier is turned at slightly different angle and each is a different flavor.  12", 10", and  8" tiers with push in pillars.
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By cindycakes2
Sep 18, 2005
Second take on my practice cakes...Small Livias top this three tier, 4, 6, 8" cake...Top two tiers are lemon infused cake laced with italian strawberry buttercream filling, and the bottom tier is a devils cake layered with Almond espresso btcm and Butter Pecan btcm...All decorations were made with fondant and used Super Pearl petal dust to accentuate drapes.
55 667
By Godiva
Dec 31, 2005
On vacation - my parents 35th wedding anniversary cake. Rich fruit cake covered with marzipan, fondant. Fondant roses, thanks to Nati.
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By Tamanna
Jan 4, 2006
I found this idea from a cake on this website (thank you very much!!!)  I only had a couple of days to come up with something and the bride had no idea what she wanted.  I love that we get ideas from this site and can share our results!!
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By chauser1
Sep 2, 2005
The bride just wanted a small cake for just the tradition of cutting the cake it is german chocolate with mmf they loved it the finished one had a gumpaste calla lilly on it
By kittysparkle
Jan 23, 2006
Had an extra 6 inch from last (and first) order so I decided to experiment.  This is my first "drape" along with swirly thingys (the technical term ya know)  I think my royal icing was too thick.
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By carrielynnfields
Mar 16, 2006
Cake covered with fondant. Drape, silver hearts and dark burgundy hearts are made from gum paste. Silver is luster dust. The two burgundy ones were the logo for the wedding.
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By Tuggy
Mar 25, 2006
Carrot cake with cream cheese filling.Used MMF for covering and for the drapes.The flowers are royal icing.
The bottom cake has stringwork and fondant roses.Will be missing my classes.
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By sunnyca
Apr 1, 2006
I had to use 86 to cover up the area where the Drapes were attached to the top
By sunnyca
Apr 1, 2006
4 3
By sunnyca
Apr 3, 2006
These cakes are all white cake with buttercream icing. The triangles of blue icing were made by making a stencil with wax paper. The heart designs in the middle of each drapery were done with a press. This was my first Wedding cake and I am pretty proud of it. The bride and groom loved it and they had a guest that contacted me about doing his son's wedding and groom's cakes in late July.
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By BamaSweets
Apr 10, 2006
The bride asked me to coordinate the cake with the topper, her only request was that it was simple. It was a challenge for me, because I didn't really like the topper, but I'm fairly happy with how it turned out anyway.
10 2
By edencakes
Jan 14, 2006
Final cake for Wilton's Elegant Fondant class.  Bottom cake is vanilla with bavarian cream filling and top is white cake with lemon filling.  All done in MMF.
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By PeaceOfCake
Jun 18, 2006
Cake for a celebration in our city, our town has a sister city in Japan & it was the 10th anniversary of the partnership. Fondant emblem, flags, cherry blossoms and branches , 16", 12" and 8" frosted in gold buttercream. (Imagined more of a real gold color of icing in my mind! I guess they meant 'gold-yellow' on the container.
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By pancake
Jun 27, 2006
This is my 2 birds with one stone cake.  I took a fondant class last night so I was already decorating a cake - and I had a new family start at my work - so, I turned it into their welcome cake.  In my class I leared how to do swags, drapes and ribbon roses.  I still need some more practice, but I guess it turned out OK.  I just hope the family this is for will enjoy it.
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Jun 29, 2006
A dummy cake I did for a display at a bakery that is going to sell my cakes.
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By kelleym
Jul 2, 2006
3 6
By Botanesis
Jul 28, 2006
This is a display cake I made for the Wilton Elegant Fondant Class I taught last month.  It was a lot of fun, although I learned that styrofoam is really hard to cover with fondant.
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By APCakes
Aug 3, 2006
Cake was made last weekend.  Alternate tiers of Almond and Chocolate cake with Amaretto Espresso filling.  Handmade rust colored roses.
42 381
By Godiva
Aug 4, 2006
This is decorated using fondat and fresh flowers
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By pellareamerica
Aug 11, 2006
27 59
By cakesbyjess
Aug 13, 2006
Three-tiered Surprise Anniversary/Birthday Cake.  Stacked construction.  Yellow cake iced in buttercream and covered with fondant.  This was my first attempt at using the drape technique and making ribbon roses.  I got part of this idea from another cake central user (their cake used shades of purple-thank you jumpstarting my brain).  The couple loved the cake and I was reasonably pleased except for the buttercream borders that I had to put on at the last minute and in a hurry (the cake circles were showing
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By Charli
Aug 30, 2006
Ok, here it is. Base cake is a dark chocolate hazelnut mud, with Frangelico ganache. The two top tiers are three layers of white chocolate coconut mud, 2 layers of caramel mud, all joined together with a caramel ganache. All cakes covered with a buttercream crumb coat, and then a mix of Orchard and FondX fondant colored with Americolors Ivory. I mixed the fondant cause i thought i was going to run out.
The orchids are gumpaste. I went to the Wedding today & im very happy to say, the couple loved their cake
34 417
By boonenati
Sep 9, 2006
This was the cake I did for this past weekend.  It is white cake with butter pecan mousse filling and chocolate cake with german choc filling (coconut pecan).  It is all iced with IMBC.  The flowers are all fresh.  There is some scroll work next to the flower swag that may be hard to see.  Thanks for looking!
11 23
By MellyD
Sep 10, 2006
Cake made for a wedding today...Red Velvet cake w/Bailey's buttercream filling.  Handmade gumpaste Callas and piped dots, painted with a mix of pearl and silver dust.
12 35
By Godiva
Sep 23, 2006
Practice demo cake
2 5
By zoraya
Sep 23, 2006
This cake is covered in buttercream icing with a cornelli lace design.  The flowers are silk flowers provided by the bride and the drape is made out of fondant.
9 29
By Dennisclan
May 31, 2006
Yellow Gumpaste Darwin Tulips and Blue Hydrangea
6 14
By ShirleyW
Sep 25, 2006
Made for a Chocolate Champagne celebration. The cake was baked in middle sized Comma pan, covered in fondant, gumpaste Tulips. The glass is half  filled with clear piping gel and blown sugar bubbles.
12 16
By ShirleyW
Sep 26, 2006
Iced in buttercream with fondant drapes and red gumpaste rose, white gumpaste orchids.
10 8
By ShirleyW
Oct 4, 2006
Gum paste decorations on MMF, with gold lustre dust painted on.  GP drape with imprint roller and dusted aztec gold.  MMF was put on white, then airbrushed.
13 36
By sugarnut
Oct 5, 2006
This was our first time doing fondant drapes.  Rolled them out to thick so they fell, but now we know what to do nex time.   Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
3 15
By Suebee
Oct 13, 2006
This is a 12, 10, 8, and 6" covered on MMF with MMF drapes and fresh roses.  The bride's mother's vintage cake topper is on top.
13 19
By kelleym
Oct 14, 2006
I made this in a Wilton specialty class, then re-produced one just like it for a friend's wedding.
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By Audraj
Oct 22, 2006
Chocolate mudcake covered in chocolate fondant with gumpaste flowers.
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By Briarview
Oct 25, 2006
First fondant cake! It was for my s/i/law's b'day, her only request was for a wht choc mud cake. Its a 12" w/choc mud cake. everything about this cake was a first for me! I made everything, right down to the mould for the large b/flies (couldnt find a cutter I the small b/flies i cut with a paper punch then painted. I colored the leaves with chalk, roses colored by dip-n-spin. All learnt from surfing the net and  some creative experimenting. It was a hit. I now have orders for 5 cakes
7 10
By torki
Oct 31, 2006
This is a cake for our daycare's Director that is moving to Florida.  She loves Cruella.  Edible image plaques, top tier is iced in BC, bottom tier iced in chocolate BC tinted black, fondant drapes painted with spots.
17 23
By missyek
Nov 3, 2006
Here's another popular 'drapes and fresh roses' cake!  A 6, 10, and 14" all MMF with fresh roses.
5 7
By kelleym
Nov 4, 2006


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