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This is my second wedding cake and I was so nervous!  She left everything up to me, only told me the colors.  I iced it in buttercream and decorated with all flowers from my garden.  Thanks for looking!
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By MellyD
Feb 23, 2006
My friend wanted the cake to match the invitation - with the simple bow, dove and silver writing. The dove is fondant that I cut and put silver dust on. The bow is fondant too. The rest is buttercream. There wasn't much to the invititation. She also wanted a little cake on top to be red velvet. The bottom cake is white cake.
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By Sunflowerbagel
Mar 6, 2006
Fondant-covered chocolate oval cake with doves and egg made of fondant also.  The nest is rice pasta so that everything on the cake is entirely edible.
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By TooMuchCake
Mar 7, 2006
Bridal shower cake
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By geehouse
Mar 22, 2006
Forgive if this is posted twice.  This is the period of time when the system is acting wonky.  I needed a cake to take to a volunteer event and threw this one together but made the icing too soft.  The border kept sliding down.  The corners were especially I finally just scraped the darn things off and replaced with a big ol' pile of icing to hide the mess.  But...the picture is purdy...and it tasted GREAT (carrot cake).  Nobody noticed the mess.
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By Crimsicle
Mar 29, 2006
This cake was frosted in whipped cream, then fondant rose petals were laid carefully in place.  Two white doves were piped on the top.  She loved it.
By cakez
Apr 4, 2006
A welcome cake for church recipients at the local base church.  The customer was very pleased and asked if I would be still be on base next year (I said yes) and that made me feel good.  1/2 sheet cake, images done by freehand.
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By sweetcreation
Apr 15, 2006
1/2 sheet cake, all buttercream.  Done for a confirmation event.  The design is from the confirmation certificate.  It was not easy writing the words small.  It was also for boys and girls, so I didn't want it to have a flowery border or flowery accents.
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By sweetcreation
Apr 18, 2006
Ladybug cupcakes, Ladybug cake, and tiered (my first) with sparkling flowers, butterflies, shimmery doves, and ladybugs for Miss Evelyn.  Buttercream with fondant accents.
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By FunCakesVT
Apr 20, 2006
My first tiered cake, done for a funeral reception for our dear friends who lost their 6yo angel very suddenly.  Her 'signature' was ladybugs, so there are fondant ladybugs, shimmery doves (6), and sparkling butterflies and flowers.  My way to contribute to the remembrance of this amazing little girl. The family was veryplease and appreciative.  The cake was my adaptation of a Wilton yearbook cake, with incorporation of suggestions from CC folks - THANK YOU ALL!!
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By FunCakesVT
Apr 20, 2006
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By Cookie-Queen
Apr 25, 2006
Made to match Lauren's First Communion cake.  no-fail recipe and antonia's frosting
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By jdelectables
May 6, 2006
White doves holiday cake
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By fitsurvive
May 6, 2006
This is a whole sheet cake with buttercream icing and fondant dove.
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By mariak
May 24, 2006
Competition cookie bouquet.PM if you would like details.
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By Kiddiekakes
Jul 24, 2006
just the finished cake, the pic was too blurry to put in the gallery alone.
By kstgelais4
Aug 1, 2006
This cake is iced smooth in yellow buttercream.  Free-handed doves on cake with piped-on buttercream.  Sprinkled with clear cake sparkles.  Royal icing petite flowers.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 3, 2006
This one is 3 tiers in the middle.... then stairs going down both sides, leading to a 3 tier/layer Cake.
They wanted the Middle cakes to be WHITE, the ones on one side Chocolate, and the ones on the opposite side Strawberry.
There are white doves with pairs of gold wedding bands in various spots around these cakes!
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By Cakesbykaye
Aug 27, 2006
This is a 1/2 sheet cake.....iced in White , then trimmed in RED....which was almost Impossible for me to get colored RED.... There are little white doves with the double gold wedding rings in all 4 corners and also between the 2 hearts. To get the heart outline you see on top... I just took my smaller heart cake pan, turned it upside down on top of my cake and pressed a little....and it left a perfect heart. I had let my white icing set and crust over first though!
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By Cakesbykaye
Aug 27, 2006
Thanks to cfj(Carol) for allowing me to borrow her beautiful design. Unfortunately, i didnt do it justice.
This is a white chocolate coconut mudcake, filled with white chocolate ganache. Covered in fondx. Leadlight cross done in piping jelly, and dove handmouded in gumpaste.
Thanks Carol
The lettering was done with FMM cutters. I do MOST of my lettering with those
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By boonenati
Aug 31, 2006
This cake was iced in buttercream with royal icing roses, fondant flowers, buttercream leaves and little plastic doves.
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By BakeQueen
Sep 15, 2006
I made this cake for a lady that I work with, it was the Pastor's birthday. It is a sheet cake, covered in buttercream icing. I used blue spray to give it a sky effect and the dove and church are drawn free hand and filled in with a star tip. I got the idea from a wilton book. They loved it!
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By Shalan
Oct 17, 2006
This was a practice cake I did for picture purposes. I have an interview with a local hotel to start doing wedding cakes for them and I wanted some pictures to show them. It has its flaws but I think it is great for a picture.
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By fmcmulle
Oct 20, 2006
Got idea from CC.  Mauve and light pink color scheme.  The dove and shell match a blanket from the Grandmother.
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By alicia_froedge
Oct 23, 2006
Cake I made for a family reunion...customer wanted Doves, and I freehanded them.
By ShelBell
Oct 23, 2006
First, many thanks to Boonenati to the wonderful tutorial on the dove...and this is my version of her cake which was lovely.  This cake choc and white with dulce de leche and chocolate filling and vanilla bc icing. Edible image for French writing and I modeled the dove and angel from gumpaste and fondant/gum-tex mix..painted with luster dust and food colouring...cross is colour flow. Not as nice as I had hoped but when I delivered it this afternoon, they were very happy and so I was happy.
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By JaneK
Dec 2, 2006
sugar cookies decorated with rolled buttercream and royal icing
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By southaustingirl
Dec 21, 2006
cake made for groom that raises doves. white cake with vanilla BC and vanilla blue fondant.  thanks for looking. 
any ideas how to mold better without having gumpaste to crack or show those ugly lines?
By ceca
Jan 3, 2007
The wedding couple wanted the doves and Bible verse from their invitation on the cake.  Wedding color was red.
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By jennyshultz11
Jan 20, 2007
Chocolate and vanilla layers with raspberry buttercream filling, covered in fondant.  Morning dove and flowers are of gumpaste and fondant.
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By khoudek
Jan 27, 2007
4tier fondant wedding cake with fondant ribbon, and draping. Also fondant doves and gumpast flowers
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By Lucy2
Jan 30, 2007
This is the cake I made last week for a baptism at church.  MMF painted purple, MMF cross and dove with colored piping gel for the stained glass look.
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By freddyfl
Feb 6, 2007
This cake was made for a 40th aniversary party.  All buttercream.  The doves and ring were part of the couple's wedding cake.
By IsaacsMom
Feb 19, 2007
simple white bridal cake
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Mar 10, 2007
something totaly different
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Mar 10, 2007
This was for my nephew's Confirmation, and I only had about 30 min to decorate it.  I think he really liked it.  The cross and dove are MMF, and I put disco dust on the dove but you can't really tell.
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By heiser73
Apr 6, 2007
I was asked to make a center peace for a confirmation with 3 crosses and doves all around.  Hope it looks ok for her.
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By keonicakes
Apr 24, 2007
i believe this cake was for boyscouts.  they had made a poster in their school and it had a paper cutout dove.  they gave me their picture and i freehanded this dove on their cake.  it came out exactly like the picture
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By cakesbyjen
May 9, 2007
This was my first oval wedding cake.  I covered it in Satin Ice, and used Super Pearl Luster Dust on it.  The bride wanted and eggplant-colored fondant ribbon.  I used Eggplant petal dust, followed by a layer of Grape Luster Dust.  The ribbon was fondant, but the bow was my first attempt with Gumpaste.  She also wanted monogrammed initials on the top layer.
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By Botanesis
May 17, 2007
The cake is covered with fondant and the flowers and leaves are made from gum-paste as well as the doves. Fillings are lemon-whitewine, strawberry-whitewine and chocolate.
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By Tuggy
Sep 11, 2005


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