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French Vanilla cake, with White Chocolate Blackberry Mousse filling, Buttercream icing and MMF covering.  Super Gold and Peralized luster dust.  The bride and groom topper were the original topper from the couples wedding cake.  It was very special.
4 5
By gma1956
Nov 20, 2005
Baked for my cousin who's a chocolate lover. The chocolate mint cake is glazed with chocolate ganache and decorated with white chocolate stripes at the side.
10 3
By nanzz
Nov 21, 2005
Here is another creation by my sister and I. This one is one of the bigger cakes that we have had to do.....The flowers were all made by us also...We sure have fun doing these together!!
13 15
By Kellie333
Dec 4, 2005
double hearts and red roses
3 44
By AndiSC
Feb 17, 2006
I made this cake for a cousins engagement party this past weekend. I want to thank furlund2600 for the idea.  She has a beautiful cake that I used as my model.  Everyone loved it, especially the bride and groom to be.  Top layer is Chocolate  Fudge Cake w/ raspberry mousse filling, again recipe compliments of you fantastic people on this site. Bottom layer was French Vanilla cake which I divided in half with BC. Filling on one half, coconut/pecan and other half chocolate bc.
15 31
By Karenelli
Mar 21, 2006
This cake was copied from Fancy Cakes By Lauren.  It's white cake with buttercream icing and silk dogwood flowers.  Very unique.
2 19
By frankandcathy
Jun 4, 2006
This one was for a customer that wanted two cakes in one for a double birthday party.  Tried my best for a baseball field for her son and a heart for her sister.
By Pootchi
Jun 9, 2006
This is just a practice cake I worked on and ended up selling to a co-worker.
1 1
By girltrapped
Jun 19, 2006
Wedding cake in white and green accents with Chinese "shuang xi" character used for weddings. This was for our "registry" marriage -- the "big cake" for the "big wedding" this year will also have the Chinese theme but it will be bigger. Had to have the Chinese characters after a decade living in Taiwan! All buttercream with fresh flowers.
1 3
By waltz
Jul 4, 2006
Thanks to fairytale for the gold luster help. I couldn't figure out what to do w/ the double to get it to look nice, so I just went w/ the 50 on there. In addition to the gold luster dust, there is also shimmer dust on them but you can't really see it, I can't seem to get that stuff to work for me. Thanks for looking
By my2sunshines
Oct 11, 2006
I made this cake for a friend for a Christmas Brunch!
By Firstlady
Dec 27, 2006
Bride saw my pic of a cake I made like this 20 years ago, but she was only planning 100 guests.  The cake on the left is stryrofoam.  Icing and decor is all buttercream.
4 6
By indydebi
Jan 1, 2007
Made this one 20 years ago, but I'm posting it because it goes with my "Double Wedding Cake 2006" pic.  Bride brought me a pic of her sister's wedding cake and wanted a duplicate.  Here it is!  Wow, remember those big 'ole plastic bells??  The florist was in shock because she had not been told she was making florals for TWO cakes, but she ended up doing a great job!
6 4
By indydebi
Jan 1, 2007
Double tier cake, Lamb theme for a first birthday.  Lambs are hand sculpted.  Iced in bc with mmf accents.
5 19
By Tat
Jan 2, 2007
3 16
By mid
Jan 6, 2007
My sister did this cake for her dear friend's wedding. Double hearts and fondant roses and leaves. This was her first wedding cake that she has made. She was really nervous, but I think that it turned out gorgeous.
6 14
By klsrtr
Jan 6, 2007
these are NF with antonia's royal
3 9
By yankeegal
Jan 11, 2007
NF with royal....
1 3
By yankeegal
Jan 22, 2007
A double chocolate cake torted with Twinkie and Ganache fillings.  Iced in B/C and decorated with fondant stars and hearts and blue sugar crystals. This was made for a client's young daughter's birthday.  He said hearts and stars for a sweet young girl. Thanks for looking.
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By PaulaT
Jan 31, 2007
Bottom layer is a 12 inch chocolate square cake and top layer is a 10" yellow square cake. I used homemade decorators frosting and the lettering is done in store bought black frosting.
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By ElyD
Feb 2, 2007
Duncan Hines double chocolate cake, chocolate Jello pudding center, semisweet ganache poured on top, 12 BC roses.  Valentine's Day cake for my husband.
3 2
By psupatty
Feb 13, 2007
The original design comes from an old Wilton book.  The picture is stunning, I always wanted to make it - not a realistic choice for most because of the enormous size - the cake serves over 400.   The base is 42" long, 24" wide plus two 18" half rounds.  After 15 years, I got the chance to make it for the double ceremony of two sisters (with LOTS of guests)!  Each sister kept a top cake for their first anniversary.  There was no cake left to take home!
9 19
By designsbydelights
Mar 6, 2007
Wilton Double Tier Heart Cake Pan
By micheailin
Mar 7, 2007
This cake was made for my Grandfather's 77th birhday...he just started 
eating cheeseburgers!
3 5
By kimhamjohn
May 2, 2007
This cake was made for a groom who loves to watch Jimmy Neutron.
By kimhamjohn
May 2, 2007
This cake is a design from Duff's website, a customer at work requested this.  My boss and I worked on this project.   He airbrushed the boughten gumpaste flowers and covered the cakes in fondant and then I added the ribbon, piped the oriental symbols in royal, painted them gold, and arranged the flowers.
5 18
By Kitagrl
May 3, 2007
here just another view of the same cake photo labeled "double layer surprise party cake"
By creativecakelover
May 21, 2007
Overall photo of the heart shaped cake. Just a little 6" to make a couple feel better, they had to cancel their May 19th wedding because of illness so I did this as a little gift.
22 56
By ShirleyW
May 22, 2007
This cake was made using two 10" hearts, carved to fit together in a double heart.  The cakes are dark chocolate with raspberry and cream cheese fillings.  The roses, daisies and drop flowers are all royal icing.
6 22
Jun 12, 2007
Small wedding. Double layer hearts pushed together, with spring colors. Buttercream icing and my first attempt at  small fondant roses.
2 7
By jmcooley
Jun 18, 2007
It's actually an engagement cake for a friend who just got engaged to his Taiwanese girlfriend. His mom wanted a cake that would be meaningful for her at a surprise engagement party. The dragon and phoenix are traditional Chinese wedding symbols, as is the Double Happiness character. Red is good luck, and is the traditional color of Chinese weddings. The character, dragon, and phoenix are all color flow.
6 15
By kbochick
Jul 1, 2007
Double Happiness cookies for wedding on 7-7-07. Chocolate cookies with Antonia74 
icing, white chocolate freehand chinese character with gold lustre dust.
7 8
By idoweddingcookies
Jul 3, 2007
This was a re-creation of my grandparent's wedding cake for their 60th wedding anniversary.   It was a "double wedding ring" cake with basketweave and white rose arrangements in the middle of both rings.
6 10
By momthreekiddos
Jul 4, 2007
This cake was made for a little boy in Oxford, Mississippi. He had
a double decker bus party with face painting and a ride on the town's double
decker bus.
3 7
By jamiet
Jul 19, 2007
This is the other cake for my son's birthday.  It was my first attempt at a "carved" cake.  I think it came out pretty well, and my son is happy so that is all that matters.
1 1
By cookinmamma
Jul 20, 2007
This cake was done for two girls.  I usually don't like double theme cakes, but this one turned out okay.  The bc transfers(stars - mumble - dora), I really took my time on and it paid off.  The cake is oreo with smbc.  2 - 15' hexes w/ 2- 6' hexes at leaves.  Thanks for checkin it out!
By CakesbyM_LC
Jul 22, 2007
10" double layer lemon with raspberry mouse filling (from CC).
1 1
By missym
Jul 26, 2007
Double hearts, BC icing, chocolate covered strawberries in both
white and dark chocolate.
2 2
By Mencked
Aug 1, 2007
Double horseshoe cake iced in chocolate bc.  This was for a wedding shower.  Hard to see, but it does say 'Gettin' Hitched' on the cake.
2 11
By lseely1979
Aug 14, 2007
Double Horseshoe Race Track Cake.  Made with fondant track.
7 31
By froggyjustjumpin
Oct 11, 2005


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