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Fondant tinted chocolate brown with white fondant polka dots, dusted with a little shimmer dust. This my second time making a fondant bow, this is for a boy baby shower cake that I will post.  TFL
By dorie67
Nov 30, 2009
I decided to learn how to bake and decorate cakes after my disappointment with the 2 cakes I ordered for my daughter’s birthday last year. All of the cakes I made were practice for my daughter’s birthday this year. Unfortunately, her cake turned out the worst looking.
This is the downsized version of the 3 tiered cake. After we ate the bottom tier at her party, I redecorated it and took it to her day care.
4”, 6” (& 8”). Vanilla and Chocolate layers with Cream Cheese and Raspberry fillings. Homemade Marshmallow Fondant (MMF). Number 3 is MMF + Tylose powder. Funky letter tappits.
By axelka
Dec 14, 2010
First time making a fondant bow.  I originally made it (white only) the first night of the Witon gumpaste and fondant course.  Wanted to use it on my final cake so I "blinged" it out with polka dots, curly Q's and disco dust to match the rest of my cake.
By flamingochic
Jan 27, 2011
By merciermom
Nov 7, 2008
This is my first wedding shower cake.  The customer said they wanted hot pink and black and wanted the date on the cake, so here is what I came up with.  P.S.  There is another picture of it in my photos that shows the real color of the hot pink.  Was not sure which one looked better so I posted both.  TFL
By heartofoklahoma
Jun 7, 2009
These two cakes go with the sesame/elmo birthday cake. These are the smash cakes which are also marble cakes with chocolate buttercream. I love these smash cakes, and I don't think I like the candles and cars but the gal who bought the cakes put them on, I liked them before that but hey what do you all think? Let me know!
By Pitchers_Bakery
Jan 26, 2009
By halleyec
Jan 4, 2011
White fondant with polka dot ribbon and white flowers, WASC cake with hazelnut buttercream
By Moovaughan
Feb 19, 2012
Thanks for looking!  :0)
By The_Sugar_Fairy
Apr 20, 2011
This is my very first wedding cake!  This 4-tier cake had four different flavors (strawberry, carrot, lemon and "5-Flavors".  The scroll work took a lot of time.  I put a ribbon around the top tier because during transport the top tier shifted and had a visible line around the middle.  The bride was still very, very happy with it.
By lmgreen
Mar 14, 2011
Two tiered  9" and 6"   4" high. Green buttercream, pink fondant and gumpaste  bows.
By SherisEdibleDesigns
Jul 3, 2007
By heartofoklahoma
Sep 27, 2009
This is another version of my complete baby shower cake.
By cathyfowler662
Jun 10, 2007
Emily wanted to have a 50s feel to her cake, and the entire wedding had a bit of a green polka-dot theme!
By Jens_Cakery
Feb 13, 2013
By cksweets
Mar 6, 2010
Posted my first sugar shoe this morning, asked if it needed a strap, feedback was yes it did so I’ve added this one. I think I like it better with the strap. I am already on to my second shoe… they are quite addictive!
By katharry
Jan 12, 2007
Pink fondant with white flowers and polka dot ribbon, Dark Chocolate Cake with mocha buttercream.
By Moovaughan
Feb 19, 2012
Mar 9, 2010
By Fancicakes
Nov 13, 2009
This is my giraffe for the jungle cake. His neck fell a hundred times and I finally put more fondant around it to hold and it worked. The legs too were a nightmare, not sure how you other bakers do it... If you have any pointer im all ears!!!
By Pitchers_Bakery
Jan 10, 2009
turquoise bow brown circles
By tammycoleman07
Jan 19, 2011
I'm having so much fun with this purse cookie cutter.  So many designs to try!
By Lyns082608
Mar 3, 2010
Decided to go with this presentation set up instead of the 3 stacked
tiered look that I had previously uploaded. Looks more like a baby shower cake instead of a WANNA-be wedding cake.. LOL!
By merciermom
Oct 18, 2008
here is a sneak peak of some of the fondant/gumpaste decorations i made that i will be using on my daughters 2nd birthday cake in August... thanks for looking...
By sweet_as_tisse
Apr 16, 2007
Mar 9, 2010
Butter cookie with Toba's glace.
By ande1058
Jan 8, 2008
This is professional picture I got from the wedding cake I did New Years Eve. I wasn't able to add to the other picture so I just uploaded so you guys can see. Jenna was a wonderful bride. I wish all brides were like her. She already send me two e-mails to tell me how happy she was with the cake. It made my day! TFL :)
By CakeDiva101
Jan 11, 2011


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