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I made this for a bridal shower for a girl at church.  Turned out really cute.. The dots and ribbon are all made of fondant.
6 10
By MaddieCakes
Apr 13, 2005
I made this cake for a small bridal shower for a 20 year old.  The dots and ribbon are made of fondant
5 10
By MaddieCakes
Apr 13, 2005
Dummy cake.. Fondant
6 10
By Apieceofcake2
Apr 13, 2005
The bride wanted a "dotted swiss" pattern and wanted the cake to be all buttercream icing.  White roses and calla lillies were the floral arrangements placed on the cake.  The flavors in the cake were chocolate, white, carrot and strawberry.  This cake was just set up today (the camera date should say 2005!)
13 27
By cindycakes2
Apr 16, 2005
Course I  Swiss Dots and Roses.
4 3
By stephanie214
Jun 27, 2005
The bride today wanted a cake to show off her gerbera daisy theme. It was so fun!
55 634
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
I made this cake for a staff party we attended this weekend.  It was a barbeque and really didn't call for a four-tier cake but I couldn't resist the opportunity to make another cake!  

I used the MMF recipe I found in the article section of Cake Central - it is soooo easy to make and work with.  I will never buy fondant again!  The cake was Betty Crocker's Rainbow mix, modified to make it dense and moist (and yummy! lol..).   The icing is buttercream and MMF, both flavored with peppermint.  

- Tami -
28 360
By Biscat
Aug 7, 2005
This was my first cake for a little boy - it was a challenge not to use pink!  lol...  I was outside of my comfort zone but it was a lot of fun.

This cake is french vanilla (four layers) with buttercream icing and fondant spots.  

Thanks for looking!

- Tami -
11 68
By Biscat
Aug 7, 2005
I had my first Wilton Course 1 class last night and could't wait to practice. I obviously need to perfect my techniques but I had fun doing this today. It's a red velvet cake with buttercream frosting and accents.
7 2
By krissy_kze
Aug 9, 2005
Wedding cake I made for this past weekend. Plain, simple, easy, elegant.  Buttercream on the outside - the inside was white velvet cake with hazelnut.  This pic is without the bride's antique cake toppers though...

The worst was transporting a buttercream cake in this unreal humidity!
4 22
By PerryStCakes
Aug 22, 2005
This cake was made for a girl at my work who was leaving for school today!  I named it Bounce!
5 16
By jdogga
Aug 25, 2005
For a neighborhood baby shower today. I was told that the nursery had elephants and that they didn't want the cake to be babyish. I think it would be a nice birthday cake also.
9 34
By jgclucas
Aug 27, 2005
From the Whimisical Bakehouse book.  I love polka dots!!
3 7
By sugartopped
Sep 6, 2005
Birthday cake for my lab mate.  It was a yellow cake with lemon-lime curd buttercream filling and frosted with Italian Buttercream.  The dots were made from MMF.
5 6
By aupekkle
Sep 15, 2005
All MMF over buttercream.  First bow and first rolled rose.  Bow was too thick,and did not dry long enough, but practice makes perfect.  Gave it to brother, he didn't know the difference:)
2 8
By bulldog
Sep 19, 2005
This cake was for a Champagne-themed wedding, but we wanted to incorporate her lilac colour as here is the compromise!

The tiers were 5.5" tall apiece and the flavour was Lime Zest Spongecake with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream, iced in Coconut Buttercream. YUMMY!!
34 254
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
This cake looks like 3 big blocks of cheese to me! But it's exactly what the bride wanted.

The 2 outer tiers have huge exaggerated polka dots and the middle tier is taken from a wedding cake design that mimicked Japanese Obi Cloth (like a silky fabric pattern).

The cake is LOTS of chocolate...bottom is Dark Chocolate cake with Milk Chocolate buttercream, the middle is Dark Chocolate cake with Chocolate-Orange buttercream and the top is Dark Chocolate cake with Mocha buttercream.
12 63
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
French vanilla cake with BC frosting, BC candles on side of cake and fondant dots on top of cake.  Made to match invitation.
4 17
By Mac
Nov 4, 2005
This was really for a Sweet 16 party but based on a wedding cake design she liked.  All ivory buttercream with fondant bow dusted with gold luster dust.
5 7
By KimAZ
Nov 4, 2005
I think this has become my signature cake.  This is the 4th one I have made (at least a variation).  It is a 10" french vanilla cake with a 6" chocolate fudge cake on top.  Topped off with a fondant bow.  The colors were picked by the birthday girl who will be 18.
12 72
By Mac
Nov 12, 2005
I am not 100% happy with this cake... I pictured it much better in my head! :) Anyway... it is for a co-worker who's only request was "fall colors" and didn't want the traditional flowers. It is all buttercream & the cake is 2 layers strawberry & vanilla w/ a strawberry/vanilla swirled filling. Thanks....
3 2
By katiedeva
Nov 17, 2005
I had never even heard of Rolie Polie Olie until a friend of mine ordered a cake with him! White cake with buttercream, polka dots and Olie are fondant.
5 7
By edencakes
Nov 18, 2005
This was my first "paid cake!" I was so pleased with how it turned out. It's white cake with strawberry cream filling & crusting cream cheese icing. It was for my good friend's little girl's 3 year old princess party - she loved it! I also handmade the topper ("K" for Kelsey, the birthday girl). Thanks for looking!
8 44
By eochenski
Nov 20, 2005
This cake was done for a 40th birthday party.  Gumpaste squiggles were fun and easy.
7 46
By amandasweetcakes
Nov 25, 2005
Chocolate BC w/Fondant Stripes & Dots w/ Candy Clay Candle. I wanted the cake to look fun so I oversized everything. First time working w/Fondant.  We learn from our mistakes, right??!!
16 47
By bjfranco
Nov 26, 2005
This cake was one of the most stressful endeavors I have undertaken in a long time!  A close friend asked me to make her daughter's first birthday cake.  A 12" chocolate cake with white chocolate icing.  I've never made a 12" cake nor made white chocolate icing.  Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong!  But in the end my friend loved the cake and her guests raved about it.  I have to send a quick thanks to blittle6 for her white chocolate crusting BC recipe!
5 10
By daranaco
Dec 12, 2005
This is my second stacked cake.  8 & 10" layers, iced in buttercream.  Fondant strips, bow and curly Qs.  Buttercream polka dots and squiggles inspired by Food Network episode featuring Colleen.  This is my first bow - big thanks to CC memeber "DelightfulSweetBea" for step-by-step instructions.
9 29
By jlh
Dec 12, 2005
This is a small version of my first paid wedding cake. This one was 9" and 6". The "real" one was a 16", 12", and 8". Exactly like this one. All white cake with buttercream. They were supposed to add real flowers at the reception hall - but after I delivered and set the cake up - refused to put anything on it! I got a call 2 days after the wedding from the bride - she wanted to thank me, and told me that there were several people who thought it was a fake cake because it was so pretty. Made me feel good.
4 3
By Loucinda
Dec 18, 2005
Don't look too close...I had some issues with my fondant stying together.  I had to bring a cake to a family gathering and thought I would practice a little with fondant.  It was a little too soft, hence the lack of smoothness.
8 30
By Schmoop
Dec 23, 2005
Organic chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and fondant accents. The "1" is fondant and the green stick is a candle.
2 3
By krissy_kze
Dec 26, 2005
This is my First official MMF wedding cake. Alternating White And Chocolate. Filling is whipped Huckleberry. The Bride was delighted! White and Burgandy For her Christmas Wedding
7 9
By tirby
Dec 27, 2005
This cake was one problem after another. Chocolate icing wouldn't smooth, fondant cracked, I couldn't get it level. It is for a good friend. I hope she likes it anyway.
7 2
By jgclucas
Dec 29, 2005
I made this cake for a friend's shower...a "half" paying job.  She paid half and I donated half. Mutually beneficial.  :)  Anyway, it was white almond sour cream with almond icing and raspberry buttercream filling.  It was declared by one of the guests "the best cake I've ever had...and I like cake". :)
2 6
By Cakeasyoulikeit
Jan 7, 2006
White cake with vanilla icing.  tis is pretty much the same idea as EOCHENSKI hers was pink and green with purple dots mine is all pink.  There was a K made out of beads for the top but didnt put it on until it was delivered.   Thanks EOCHENSKI for the inspiration
4 4
By susanmm23
Jan 11, 2006
2 layer walnut cake decorated with violet and teal colors for a lady.  The borders and dots are violet color but my camera is making them look blue in color.
6 8
By stephanie214
Jan 15, 2006
just another practice cake.  it's french vanilla cake with apricot filling and almond bc frosting.  thanks for looking
By KCsmom98
Jan 16, 2006
This was choclate cake filled with non-dairy raspberry mousse covered in fondant. The sign was made of gumpaste with royal icing. This cake was 10" x 8". This was for a Laurens 1st birthday.
2 10
By SweetTcakes
Jan 17, 2006
This cake is a copy of one of "mycakesandmore" cakes. She PM'd me to see if I could do this cake for a lady who contacted her through her website. The lady lives close to me. I was flattered that "mycakesandmore" recommended me. She's a sweetheart! Thanks a bunch Jenn!!
35 121
By tcturtleshell
Jan 20, 2006
This was inspired by the InStyle Weddings magazine cake from Summer 2004. The baker was Samantha Connell, from NY.

Dark Chocolate Fondant & White Chocolate Fondant (tinted pink). No recipes...I buy it pre-made.

My first time doing fondant ribbon roses! I'm hooked.
17 113
By antonia74
Jan 22, 2006
The weekend I made this cake ... I had two wedding cakes. I was happily surprised at how well everything went.
8 4
By Apieceofcake2
Apr 13, 2005


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