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for my daughter's third birthday. b/c with fondant decorations, except for doll, cat and life like strawberries.
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By we3greenes
Aug 30, 2008
Baby shower cake for a friend. Buttercream with mmf accents. My largest cake so far!
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By Emmers
Sep 2, 2008
the bride had a reception already in one town for family who couldn't travel; this cake is for reception #2 for local friends and family. Mother of the bride helped tremendously in the making of this cake!M.O.B did the stripes all by herself! Design inspired by Pistol! thanks Girl couldn't have done it w/o you!  (Pale Pink color buttercream and mmf accents)
By GenGen
Sep 6, 2008
Two tier cake covered in buttercream with fondant polka dots, stripes, bow and name tag!
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By staceydayday
Sep 20, 2008
I made this for UTSA (The University of Texas at San Antonio) Sorority Gamma Phi Beta. This is my first three tiered cake. Learned a few lessons on the stacking bit but now I know for next time.
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By ally_1
Sep 23, 2008
I made this cake for a co-worker who is expecting their adopted daughter to arrive any day now!!  Covered in fondant, as well as scultpted teddy.  Inserted (fondant) ribbons using floral picks.  Tried to make the bottom tier resemble a quilt with buttons and stitching.  Thanks for looking!! ~  Jaime
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By ladybug76
Sep 24, 2008
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By lish1904
Sep 24, 2008
Friend in a bind needed a wedding cake... A lesson in humidity, had to recover middle tiers after sagging and cracked fondant. Florist provided topper
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By dbax
Sep 25, 2008
This was for a girl who didn't know the sex of her baby.  So that's why were are boy and girl colors in this cake.  Iced in buttercream w/ MMF accents.
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By luv2cake
Sep 26, 2008
Itty bitty cake (8" and 4") for a lady who is just having a small wedding with family but still wanted a cake.   Gave me a design she wanted, but at the same time wanted beach/shells I asked her to revise the design a bit to make it go better with the beach theme.  I think it turned out cute, looks better in person.   White chocolate shells, brown sugar sand, some gold pixie dust too.
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By Kitagrl
Oct 2, 2008
6", 8", 10" and 12" cakes for Swoozies. I used a center doweling method and could see some flaws with it, but I think I can adjust well for next time.
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By aligotmatt
Oct 2, 2008
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By Strazle
Oct 4, 2008
I did this cake for my niece, and i think it turned out pretty nice. The flowers are made out of gumpaste. cake is Covered in MMF, which had some lumps- i guess it   was a bad batch. Stripes and dots made out o MMF, also.
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By ChristianCakeBaker
Oct 5, 2008
I made this cake using the MMF for the first time! Oh boy!! No one told me how hard to deal with that stuff is!!!! I was crying half way through this cake!!! i really honestly didnt think I would get it done.  The back of the cake looks horrible!! I am almost embarrassed to send this cake out but it goes out tomorrow!
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By mommakristin
Oct 5, 2008
By bgriff0316
Oct 6, 2008
This cake is for my cousin who was expecting a baby boy.  Nursery theme was turtles - so this was my interpretation of the baby bedding.  I do wish I had chosen different size pans - I'm not a fan of the 'tower' style cakes.  Thanks for looking!
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By Suzycakes
Oct 7, 2008
This is a stacked 3-tiered cake with a gumpaste bow on top. Each tier was a different flavour including a coconut cake with lime curd, a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and a red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream.
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By bakerfairy
Oct 7, 2008
A 9" bottom and 6" top frosted with buttercream.  Decorations are MMF.  
This was my first bow...I learned sooo much.  It will be much easier next time.
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By Stone
Oct 7, 2008
Inspiried by a cake by Pink Cake Box. I only had 3 days notice on this but I am very happy with the way it turned out. 10' and 6" covered in MMF.
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By zacharysmom
Oct 8, 2008
I made this for my little girls 1st Birthday.  It was so fun to make and I think it even turned out decent.  Maybe I am finally getting a hang of this cake decorating thing!
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By MomofJeter
Oct 16, 2008
Matching the cake to the invitation is usually not hard.  Unless the bride wants the damask pattern used.  The pattern was hand painted ont he bottom tier, stripes and dots in fondant.  The pearl pins holding the ribbon on helped give the cake the over all look of a hat box.
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By eiyapet
Oct 22, 2008
First stacked cake for my friend's shower.  Her colors and brown! BC w/fondant accents
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By alanaj
Oct 27, 2008
I made this for a friend who's co-worker is having a boy. I got the whole idea from LoriRice's "baby shower" cake but made some small changes. This was a 6" & 8". Buttercream w/fondant accents. And my first 3-D figures! I had a blast making them so now I want to learn more!!! Hopefully the mommy of honor will enjoy her cake tomorrow =) TFL!
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By kiddocakes
Oct 28, 2008
This cake was ordered for an 18th B-Day by a "friend of a friend" kind of thing. The girl loves dots & stripes & everything "girly" but she did not want any flowers. Her mom provided me with a napkin of the party decorations to get the colors & theme correct, so I went a head & put on the flowers to match. (she really just didn't want any icing flowers b/c she feels they look to traditional) The bottom cake is a 12" square 4" thick & the top cake is a 10" round 4" thick. The cake is covered with a thick layer of whipped icing & then covered w/ my homemade MMF. The mom was thrilled & I was told that the daughter just absolutely loved it too. I was very proud of this cake. I thought that it turned out really well.
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By Ayanami
Nov 4, 2008
Practice cake for an upcoming shower this weekend.  Fondant covered cake. All decorations are fondant.  Dots on the lettering are buttercream. TFL!
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By skeet1zp
Nov 9, 2008
10" chocolate fudge w/ buttercream & 8" spice w/ SMBC.  Covered/decorated w/ mmf.  The "2" is 50/50 fondant/gumpaste.
1 5
By doreenre
Nov 19, 2008
I did these mini cakes for a bake sale benefit.  I decided to do something bright and cheery.  The camera really picked up the powdered sugar inside the bows - it didn't show in person!
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By cherry3
Nov 19, 2008
I was given a picture as inspiration for this cake, but do not know who the decorator was.
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By tonia3604
Nov 29, 2008
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By racechick311x
Nov 30, 2008
My first attempt at a "whimsical cake".   The bunny on top is made out of gum paste and is my interpretation of a Herend figurine.  The dolphins are an inside joke.  This cake makes no sense.  It's really not supposed to!
By mchames
Dec 1, 2008
Buttercream w/fondant accents. Melted chocolate and colored orange for suckers on top.
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By gwright0906
Dec 5, 2008
16, 12, 9, 6  round wedding cake.  Covered with fondant and decorated with fondant and icing details.  Gumpaste roses.  Seperated with styrofoam covered with ribbon.
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By SueBuddy
Dec 7, 2008
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By racechick311x
Dec 12, 2008
This cake was inspired by a Sugar Creations design.  The colors were done to match the invitations.  The cake is done in buttercream with fondant accents.  The bows are done in gumpaste.  The cupcake on top is done with two foam pieces covered in fondant.  The sprinkles on the cupcake are actual sprinkles.
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By jaklotz1
Dec 13, 2008
This cake was for one of my repeat customers who was having a huge party for her 40th birthday! Her invitations were pink & black and had a crown on them, so we went with that and her love for hot pink and black colors. 8, 10, 12, & 14" rounds with fondant and all edible dragees/glitter. She loved it!!! TFL!
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By kiddocakes
Dec 13, 2008
I thought this was the cutest partyware when the customer emailed me!  All buttercream with fondant accents and the palm tree and lion on top are keepsake foam placques taken directly from the partyware!   Lots of fun to make!
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By cambo
Dec 14, 2008
Made for a friend's baby shower.
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By Lauree
Dec 16, 2008
This cake was for a 2year old.  It is a chocolate cake w/ BC icing & fondant accents. Her mom wanted something pretty & girly but not really a "theme" cake. I showed her a pic of the other Dot & Stripe cake that I made & she really loved the colors. I think the idea transfered well from a larger design to the smaller cake.
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By Ayanami
Dec 29, 2008
The bride got the idea for this cake from and asked me to make it for her. Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  Thanks for looking :)
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By luckygurl1203
Jan 10, 2009
I am not 100% happy with this cake... I pictured it much better in my head! :) Anyway... it is for a co-worker who's only request was "fall colors" and didn't want the traditional flowers. It is all buttercream & the cake is 2 layers strawberry & vanilla w/ a strawberry/vanilla swirled filling. Thanks....
3 2
By katiedeva
Nov 17, 2005


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