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This idea was taken from Onceuponacake's version of a baby shower cake. Thank you Onceuponacake for the inspiration. I changed things up a bit and used Whoppers around the border instead of fondant. The dots and stripes are mmf and the icing is buttercream. Thanks for looking.
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By turtlemom
Apr 25, 2008
6 and 8 inch devils food chocolate cake with b/c covered with fondant. Made it for my daughters 3rd birthday. Thank you for all of the inspiration here on CC  there were so many cakes on here to offer great inspiration!
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By SweetChick
Apr 29, 2008
This was a replication of a cake from  The hostess sent me this cake in an email and had to have it.  I thought it came out really cute and they all loved it at the shower.  TFL.
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By Cyndi1207
Apr 29, 2008
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By chachascakes
May 2, 2008
11x15, all BC.  Designed to match party ware for twins' first birthday.  Made 2 coordinating smash cakes to go with it.
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By StaceyC3
May 9, 2008
A topsy turvy for my hubbies b'day.
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By Keetie
May 10, 2008
All fondant, just for fun cake, wanted to try the curlicue wire thing and the Wilton ribbon cutter embosser, which by the way I wan't too impressed with. White with light/dark green and light/dark pink.
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By patriciag
May 17, 2008
For my sister's college graduation.  There was supposed to be an edible image of her school's seal in the bottom corner, but I waited until the last minute to have it printed off, and the printer at the grocery store where I have them made was broken.  Oh well.  She liked it anyways.
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By yellowjacket
May 19, 2008
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By misslibertysmom
May 19, 2008
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By misslibertysmom
May 20, 2008
This cake is iced in buttercream and all the decorative work is fondant except the bow and tassel.
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By gracefull
May 24, 2008
Cake designed by the birthday girl, right down to the colors and where she wanted the stars and bows placed!  Talk about BRIGHT!!! This one was a lot of fun to make!
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By Lambshack
May 24, 2008
6/9 white with buttercream filling.  Buttercream icing tinted brown.  All accents are fondant
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By Tallmama
May 29, 2008
10 and 8 in.  MMF
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By alicegop
May 30, 2008
I got this idea from someone on this site. Bottom is a 12 inch cake, top is a 6 inch cake. They are iced in buttercream and the decorations are fondant.
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By cakepanpam
Jun 8, 2008
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Jun 11, 2008
12 in WASC Cake with MMF fondant icing and decorations, painted with Wilton's pearl dust.  The mom picked the colors and I got to do whatever I wanted!  I didn't want to do any flowers since she isn't the floral type girl, but this was perfect!  She love it, and was so excited since it was a surprise!  The little whole in the middle was where the candle was.
By flowermom
Jun 16, 2008
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By msamson9
Jun 17, 2008
Bottom tier is vanilla with chocolate BC and top is chocolate fudge with raspberry BC.  BC and MMF on the outside.  The poodle is a cookie done in mmf and royal.
This was my first time extensively using MMF on a cake.  I need a lot of work.  I wanted the wavey look on the green on top, but it wouldn't lie flat, so I had to make it straight.  I also shouldn't have put the black line, but I was trying to match the decos.
By sallene
Jun 23, 2008
Cake I did for my niece's baptism. Sizes are 10, 8, 6, Chocolate w/ganache filling, Vanilla w/strawberry filling, Vanilla w/lemon filling. Covered in Buttercream with MMF accents and luster dust. TFL!!! :) And thanks to all the wonderful CC members that inspired this!
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By mariela_ms
Jul 5, 2008
Inspired by franjmc's beautiful cake. Was so excited when the bride said her colors were pink & brown! 10", 8", 6" rounds covered in all Satin Ice fondant. 8" is in dark chocolate Satin Ice. Pink is Wilton Pink. Bow is fondant with Tylose mixed in with Super Pearl - Pearl dust. Pearls are fondant covered in Super Pearl - Pearl Dust.  Cake board covered in pink fondant and trimmed with ribbon. Was a fun cake to make!  Got a little rained on while unloading from my car, but overall turned out well!
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By CharmingConfections
Jul 5, 2008
3 tier 12 inch base, 8 inch square middle and 6 inch top buttercream icing with fondant accents
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By racechick311x
Jul 6, 2008
3 tier cake made for a 17th birthday.  The bottom is a 12" cake dummy.  Then  8" and 6 " cakes all covered in buttercream with fondant accents.  The numbers and bow are gumpaste.
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By luelue1971
Jul 12, 2008
This is a re-creation of a cake originally made by Sugarshack.  Her version had flowers.  My version has stars and balloons at the request of the Mother.  I had to rush through this cake so my buttercream is not as smooth as I usually get it.
Thank you sugarshack for sharing your beautiful creations with us!
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By Strazle
Jul 13, 2008
9" & 6" vanilla cake with raspberry and bc filling and fondant bows.
Anything that could go wrong did go wrong with this cake so there are too many flaws to mention, glad to see the back of this one !!! lol
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By newsums
Jul 24, 2008
BC with fondant accents
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By knel
Jul 26, 2008
This was supposed to be a political theme for an 80th birthday, at the last minute they changed their minds saying the MIL was too frustrated with the political scene and to just pretty it up  So I have a Hillary fiure sitting in my kitchen, poor Hillary, can't get thePresidancy, can't even get on a cake!
2 6
By Kahuna
Jul 26, 2008
10" tiers, Each elevated on balls of fondant with a dowell through them.  All MM Fondant.
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By dellboi2u
Jul 27, 2008
Cake done to match tablewear
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By rnoullet
Jul 29, 2008
Brown mmf and pink strawberry mmf polka dots and stripes in fondant with BC base
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By racechick311x
Jul 31, 2008
This was to go with a kind of funky garden scheme, I modified a picture they brought me to match their colors.   The back ended up leaning a bit, not unsteady, just something with my construction.  Hopefully it wasn't too noticeable...this is the best view of it.
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By Kitagrl
Aug 9, 2008
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By Cassie1686
Aug 9, 2008
I made two cakes to serve 100 (50 each) as I needed to have my FIL deliver them for me while I was on vacation -- I had to be sure I made something I didn't have to worry about during delivery!  Customer knew I'd be leaving but begged me to make them anyway, lol.  I only had 2 days to make them!  She asked for dots and stripes, light pink/mint green, and girly.
4 36
By MacsMom
Aug 10, 2008
21 164
By rstml
Aug 10, 2008
Buttercream with fondant dots and stripes and gumpaste crown and dots.
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By luelue1971
Aug 14, 2008
First 6-tier cake had to be a whimsical, of course :D  So much work but I was pleased with the end result. Such a fun theme, the funnest I've got this year.
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By HBcakes
Aug 16, 2008
This was for a combined party for my daughter and son.  Balloons are MMF.  Everything else is BC.
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By Kate714
Aug 17, 2008
Vanilla spice cake with blueberry filling and vanilla buttercream.  Pink rolled buttercream.  My first gumpaste bow.  Gumpaste butterflies.
By TxBlonde
Aug 25, 2008
For a first birthday, done to match party decor. Bottom 10" square, middle 8" round, top 5" square. Covered in BC with MMF accents, number and name. TFL!
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By icedideas
Aug 28, 2008
I am not 100% happy with this cake... I pictured it much better in my head! :) Anyway... it is for a co-worker who's only request was "fall colors" and didn't want the traditional flowers. It is all buttercream & the cake is 2 layers strawberry & vanilla w/ a strawberry/vanilla swirled filling. Thanks....
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By katiedeva
Nov 17, 2005


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