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This is a birthday cake for a Physicians Assistant at my wife’s work. They wanted a cake with a simple design that was their only request. Because it was for a work party at the ER I went with a medical theme. The artwork is a stethoscope, a Percussion hammer, and an ECG rhythm.
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By ump107
Jun 25, 2005
Doctor's Bag
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By rydersmom
Sep 18, 2005
6 inch fondant present cake with fondant stethoscope.
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By thecakegirl
Oct 14, 2005
Cakes i did for a friend's bday.  She just got her national Physician Assistant License.   I know i did them poorly and the fondant is horribly ugly and shaped badly but i didn't have much time and it is the 3rd time only i've worked with MMF.  But they were fun to do and she loved them so i guess that's what counts.
By NinaClaunch
Feb 4, 2006
This cake is a chocolate and coconut marble with chocolate bavarian creme filling - tastes like a Mounds bar!  My mother-in-law is a nurse at the med center, and after telling the other nurses about my daughter's birthday cake (same flavors), they wanted one, too!  I had just found the t-shirt pan, so came up with this design...they loved it!
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Feb 5, 2006
Sheet cake with a fondant Doctor's bag on top.  I took a sheet cake & cut it into 3 parts & layered them, then froze it & carved & crumb coated while frozen.  Then covered in fondant.  I painted it while still thawing so the fondant was wet & the brush marks showed.  I thought it turned out well.  Bought a chocolate mold of doctor's equipment & used fondant pressed into it for the tools.
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By estherhead
Jun 4, 2006
This cake was carved and iced in buttercream to match Cat in the Hat.
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By frankandcathy
Jun 4, 2006
Everything you see is fondant except the name badge. I was going to get an edible image printed but it would have cost too much so I just used paper on a fondant cutout.
7 47
By alimonkey
Jun 12, 2006
Made this for a retirement of an orthopaedic consultant who did hand surgery for the NHS. 30 portions - cake is 2 layers but made to look like a coat folded into three. Suagrpaste.
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By Bayamoy
Jul 21, 2006
My aunt commissioned me to make this big cookie for my sister who is a dermatologist. I had to do a rash. It cracks me up. Gross! Toba Garrett's butter cookie with her Glace' icing, Martha's meringue royal and Satin Ice fondant bag.
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By krissy_kze
Jul 25, 2006
Martha Stewart Sugar Cookie (yum, my new favorite), Antonia's icing with creme bouquet for flavoring.  Made some cookies for my favorite doctor.  Thanks for looking
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By Samsgranny
Aug 15, 2006
Yellow cake, buttercream icing, eyeballs covered in fondant.
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Aug 30, 2006
Just got back from delivering the cake.  It was for an Intern that completed his residency and was moving on to be a doctor somewhere in the Midwest.  They L-O-V-E-D the cake!!!  I wish I had more time to do more details, but I just got the request and had to act fast.  Anyway, it was still a hit!  Yippee!!  It only took 3 hours as I baked while I made the stethoscope and bag handle (which, by the way, I think I made too big!)  Oh well!.
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By CakesUnleashed
Sep 21, 2006
It was fun to figure out how to combine his two passions into one cake! Used fondant for the stethescope, bought the trees and figurines, made the sign out of gumpaste and chopsticks!
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By antonia74
Sep 23, 2006
I made this cake for a doctor's birthday. I got the idea from this site-hope you don't mind that I used your idea, shenninger. I changed the colors to make it resemble the doctor. Made entirely of buttercream.
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By cncgirl00
Sep 25, 2006
I did this for the OR staff were my daughter worked.
16 38
By Suebee
Oct 9, 2006
Another view of the Cake Doctor's  Carrot Cake with Fresh Orange Cream Cheese Frosting. Sooooo good and cinnamonalicious!!!
By llynnowens
Oct 12, 2006
This cake was made for a birthday gift so I wasn't able to eat any!!! It was the first time I used the recipe and when I got a whiff of the warm cinnamon yumminess, I decided I had to make one for myself! I've also posted pictures of the one I kept.
By llynnowens
Oct 12, 2006
Here is a 9x13 yellow cake with buttercream icing and decorations. This was a fun cake and I was inspired by Christy's Cakes....I decided to use BC instead of fondant....thanks.....
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By spoiledtoodef
Oct 15, 2006
thanks to stylishbite, of whom l used her operation cake as an example for this one. this one was lots of work, but loved doing it.
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By catherien
Oct 25, 2006
4 24
By gonda
Nov 19, 2006
Doctors bag for 40th birthday.  Right when I got this order a few Pictures popped up on doctors bag.  Seems to be a popular choice.  Shaped 2 9 x 13 pans plus 2 loaf pans for the bag.  Covered with fondant .  The tools were all chocolate except for the stethoscope.
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By mykidsarekillingme
Dec 2, 2006
This is a very direct copy of a Colette Peters cake.  It's Appreciation Week at our ped's office and it's my turn on Tuesday to take something in for the docs/nurses/assistants/etc.  This cake was a lot of firsts for me (gum-tex, carving, luster dust, etc.), so it was a little tough, but overall I'm pleased.  The med. cup and the note are the only things non-edible.
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By CranberryClo
Dec 17, 2006
A client brought me a photo of these, from the Cookies By Design company. I made her a big basket of them for a thank-you gift to the staff of a local hospital.
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By antonia74
Dec 20, 2006
SO delicious and rich, but soft and fresh tasting. Dipped in ganache then drizzled with peanut butter glaze. Outstanding remedy for a Peanut Butter Cup craving. First try at a recipe from this book; GREAT first impression! Thanks for looking.
By missyv110
Jan 15, 2007
5 8
By StandingForJesus
Jan 30, 2007
11x15 for a dinner at my nursing school tomorrow! This is my contribution. All buttercream except tweezers. Those are made of fondant.Man is put on by FBCT and smoothed to match cake (well, kinda!) Pieces are piped on as well as words. A lot of fun making this one!
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By Spoondog
Feb 5, 2007
part of a get well cookie bouquet
8 30
By kneadacookie
Feb 26, 2007
7 cookie bouquet for someone coming home from the hospital
20 91
By kneadacookie
Feb 26, 2007
3 5
By Barbend
Feb 27, 2007
4 1
By beamc
Mar 6, 2007
This cake was for an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in spines.  There is a copper pipe that is supporting the spine and is attached through the cake board.  The spine is 50/50 gumpaste-fondant and the cake is triple chocolate. One more lesson learned - make extra certain that your brushes are EXTREMELY clean before using again.  I wanted to do a light bone-colored wash of foodcoloring over the bones so they weren't stark white... and the brush I chose had a tiny smidgeon of red left in it.  Pink bones!
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By bdrider
Mar 14, 2007
Cake for my doctor's birthday.  I used marshmellow fondant to cover cake and wilton fondant for scope and tie.  Only thing with marshmellow is I think I would put it on right away and not let it sit over night.  It seemed not be as easy to work with, even when putting in microwave.
16 49
By Suebee
Mar 29, 2007
New ambulance company grand opening.  Couldn't find a cutter for the vehicle, so had to hand cut them.  Customer loved them so much he wants to order 5 dozen more to hand out to his clients!!!!  I better start making a cutter!
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By Lambshack
Apr 1, 2007
All Fondant and Gumpaste, needle royal icing, good and pleanty for the pills.  I copied from alot of different medical pics on CC.  This was so much fun!  It's for my surgeon!
15 24
By gingersoave
Apr 4, 2007
This was done for a student that graduated from my dad's business college. He wanted  a graduation cake, as opposed to a birthday cake, he hit the 40 yr. mark lol. Buttercream w/th fondant accent pieces, gauze, needle, steth.
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By youngestdecorator
Apr 22, 2007
This was made for the company that my sister works for.  I made the items our of gumpaste then made BC roses
2 7
By ByTheSlice
May 10, 2007
This was done for our elementary school nurse. My husband didn't know that was a bandaid :(
By cakesNcandles
May 13, 2007
No fail sugar cookies frosted with Antonia74 royal icing.
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By amodeoandrea
May 13, 2007
Iced in buttercream with fondant/gumpaste decorations.
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By cjf
Apr 13, 2005


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