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Her mom wanted to have a disco themed birthday party with a disco ball cake. It turned out okay.
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By qtascnb
Dec 9, 2005
This was a cake I did for my boss' 50th b-day. We did a whole disco theme surprise party for him.  So nothing more suiting than cropping his high school prom pic and making him John Travolta for a day and combing the two top disco movies JT was in! LOL  Airbrushed on the dance floor (ick--still need practice with fine lines), the body is a FBCT with an edible image head, and tons of hologram pixie dust.
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By missyek
Jun 7, 2006
This is the cake I made for my cousin's 33rd birthday. She wanted it to be identical to the decorations she had bought.  I think it came out pretty good considering it is a 6 inch, very hard to write so small...

Center colors are a FBCT but the letters and all the rest was done by hand.
4 7
By gegon
Jun 20, 2006
Break out the platform shoes and turn up the Bee Gee''s time to DISCO!!!  Made this for a 70's themed party.  Cake is Orange Dreamsicle with white chocolate truffle filling. Iced in BC and covered with TONS of little fondant squares and airbrushed with silver luster dust.
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By msauer
Aug 9, 2006
This cake was a mess!  I made this for my brother-in-laws suprise 30th birthday party.  I transported this cake from Dallas to Kansas City.  It took us 9 hours to get there.  When we got there, the disco squares from the ball were falling off.  On my disco floor the squares had melted and stuck to the lid of the box.  So I tried my best to fix it.  We got there 30 mintues before the party.  Oh and my little guy on top melted too.  The silver sticks are the sparkly candles.
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By gingoreilly
Aug 24, 2006
airbrushed light beams and fondant cut out of dancers!
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By AndiSC
Nov 3, 2006
The cake was for my husband's 59th birthday.  He used to be a disc jockey at discos in the 70's and early 80's.  He also owned a company which provided parties and discos with DJs and sound machines.  Bar stools and candle holders shaped by hand.

The cake was finished with a ring of light sticks placed on the edge of the dance floor when presented out.  Disco music mix was played for full effect.
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By minchan
Nov 4, 2006
Made for a 50th birthday party - guest of honor sent out plain t-shirts with a box of dye for the guests to create their own to wear to the party.  She wanted the cake to be colorful and incorporate her favorite decade!  Necklace is fondant with luster dust.  Tag on shirt said 50/50 with her name to personalize.  Choc fudge cake with dark choc orange ganache filling/buttercream & fondant.  Handpainted all tie-dye designs.
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By Lambshack
Nov 13, 2006
Very simple 12 x 18 sheet cake. Half and half with a raspberry fill.  Can't see in the pic, but the top is a textured surface and sprinkled, of course, with gold and clear gold pixie dust.  The "60th" is written in white and painted over with gold pixie dust.  Sometimes I just love doing simple... :)
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By missyek
Dec 29, 2006
The birthday girl wanted a “rock star” party so this is what I came up with. The disco ball is Styrofoam covered with hot-glued cut up CDs. Sugar cookies on wooden skewers wrapped with hot pink, lime green and purple pipe cleaners. Her name is in “lights” --  cookies iced black and then decorated with silver dragees.
16 32
By mqguffey
Jan 31, 2007
6in & 8in Devil's Food cakes sprinkled with Creme de Cacoa liqueur and filled with whipped white chocolate ganache. Covered with lustre dusted fondant, decorated with fondant pearls, lustre painted fondant retro circles. Name, age and stars made from fondant covered with champagne disco glitter. Made as a semi-gift (he's paying 40 euros towards it), for my other-half's friend who's having a big birthday bash on Saturday evening.
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By MikeRowesHunny
Feb 15, 2007
This was my first shoe cake.  Made for a little girl to "match" her invitations.  Chocolate cake.  BC, MMF everything else.
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By steph88
Feb 23, 2007
Just a simple 1/4 sheet with lost of BC roses and clear gold pixie dust.
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By missyek
Mar 3, 2007
Double layer 12" iced in buttercream with mmf squares to match the party decorations.  Ball  made using two stainless steel measuring bowls and airbrushed.  The ball did not come out as I expected but overall I liked this one.
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By bush1
Mar 25, 2007
Disco ball cake for a girl's skate party birthday. Sports ball covered in fondant tiles, air brushed with silver luster. I didn't let my tiles dry long enough, they were so heavy it soon became a disco orb. Thanks to msauer for her guidance, next time I'll listen better! :)
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By mqguffey
Apr 1, 2007
white cake with vanilla bc choc frosting
By Erlyns_Treats
Apr 12, 2007
Tie-dye edible icing sheets
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By Baysmeme
Apr 22, 2007
I love doing princess cakes.  I have 2 boys so its my only chance to do girly cakes.  Strawberry cake with strawberry jello in batter, strawberry bc.  First time using disco dust and I love it!  The sparkle is amazing!
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By zoraya
Apr 24, 2007
This cake I did for my boss. He is the one dancing (looks like harry potter haha) and his wife (thats not happy) on the left. Figurines and cakes covered out of fondant.
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By Delicate-Lee
Apr 28, 2007
Made to match a "Once In A Blue Moon" invitation art--dark blue background w/black marsh grass, heron silhouette against light blue moon with silver center.Fondant covered cakes airbrushed with mix of AmeriColor navy blue,violet,& black.Piped marsh grass, black piping gel water rings, gum paste water lilies, color flow moon w/silver luster dust painted center, wire armature heron w/black gum paste painted with confectioner's glaze & Americolor black. All dusted with black & silver hologram Disco Dust.
49 99
By BlakesCakes
May 28, 2007
A Fender guitar without the headstock, modeled after the recipients actual guitar.  The cake would have ended up being too big to deliver had it had the entire neck with headstock.  Buttercream with fondant.  The picture doesn't do the red disco dust justice.  It looked really glittery!  It was my first time using the disco dust.  I wish I had more applications for it.  It looks so awesome!
7 7
By peterlori1
May 29, 2007
Thanks sugar shack for the inspiration to do this one, it was for a man's 60th bday, he is an ex-ballroom dancer and in puerto rico they do purple extravaganza  for the men's 60th bday.
25 68
By helipops
Jun 5, 2007
3 16
By satin
Jun 15, 2007
Matched invitation...gumpaste disco balls.
1 2
By traci
Jun 17, 2007
This cake was a big step for me. I got alot of advice from Msauer and Mqguffey here on CC. It is vanilla amaretto cake with BC frosting and a million tiny fondant squares on the disco ball. Thank you all for the help! It was for a Disco themed bday party
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By ChristineMarie
Aug 10, 2007
I made this cake for my niece's 9th birthday. She had a disco themed party so I decide to make this disco cake. She's dancing on the stage and around her are the shadows of her friends. The top had a real disco ball and flashing lights. It looked really cool with the lights off.
12 38
By sugarfancy
Aug 12, 2007
This was for a disco themed birthday party.  I got the inspiration from a couple of record cakes on this site but can't remember who's cakes they were.  I'll update when I come across them again.  The bottom tier is chocolate with chocolate covered cherry filling and the top tier is french vanilla with strawberry cheesecake filling.
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By btaylor76
Aug 18, 2007
Cake iced in BC.  Disco ball made of RCT and covered with little fondant squares.  I colored the fondant silver, then cut out the squares and painted them with silver luster dust.  Was not very happy with this cake at all.  Oh well...chalk it up to learning experience.
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By womanzano
Sep 13, 2007
Inspired by Liz1018
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By dreamn900
Sep 19, 2007
11x15x4 chocolate with caramel. 3 layers of filling. Disco ball is choc with bc filling, fondant covered and painted with silver luster mixed with some pearl dust. Dance floor and silhouettes are fondant.
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By tobycat
Oct 6, 2007
This was for my son's teacher for a shower the 4th grades had for her.  She said it was prettier than her actual wedding cake was going to be LOL!  Center support is a candle, all fondant, vanillanut on the bottom, pink champagne in the middle, chocolate coca on the top.  Used my clay extruder for the stripes - love using it now!
4 22
By SweetResults
Oct 30, 2007
Cake is all fondant; disco ball is stryo covered in fondant tiles and airbrushed silver. the dancing guy is fondant with tylose aprayed silver. TFL!
11 165
By sugarshack
Nov 11, 2007
Cakes made for my friends daughter's black/white club theme party.  They are iced with bc and have fondant accents.  I would like to give credit to truly-scrumtious for my inspiration.  I would have been lost with out it.  I would really appreciate any any constructive criticism all you pro have to share out there.  Man I love Cake Central.
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By acadian
Nov 15, 2007
This was for an 11 year old's birthday, and she wanted a pink disco ball.  This one was a lot of fun!  It is a 2-layer 10" cake iced in buttercream.   The disco ball was made using the Wilton ball pan, then iced in buttercream with fondant tiles.  The figures and nameplate are also fondant.
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By AmyShu
Nov 23, 2007
32 chocolate cupcakes decorated with vanilla buttercream and chocolate transfer. For a little girl who is having a disco party.
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By MikeRowesHunny
Dec 14, 2007
Gumpaste figures, disco ball is styrofoam covered in fondant tiles and dusted with silver and super pearl dusts
4 17
By amysue99
Jan 1, 2008
Chocolate Fudge cake Filled with caramel and cheese cake, iced with Cheesecake flavored BC
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By Juliequeen
Jan 1, 2008
This cake was made for a woman's surprise 70th birthday party. Her children picked a disco theme for her party and cake. 8, 10 & 14" rounds decorated in buttercream; disco ball was a Christmas ornament I found; silhouettes and 70 topper were made from black poster board and mounted on wooden skewers. Dots on middle tier are the reflection from the mirrored ball. Thanks for looking!
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By Michele25
Jan 5, 2008
This is a 6 tier cake decorated with all buttercream icing. Each tier has a different flavor and filling. The biggest cake I have ever done! It was for my daughter's 10th birthday party celebrated on New Year's eve.
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By traci
Jan 5, 2008
bellbottoms, records and platform pumps!
11 49
By antonia74
May 6, 2005


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