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This was an over the hill type cake for a coworkers 60th birthday.
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By mamafrogcakes
Aug 14, 2005
I borrowed this idea from mamafrogcakes & gma1956, THANKS!  This is a quarter sheet golden yellow cake torted and filled with chocolate pudding.  My first time filling with anything other than buttercream, can't wait to try it.  The bag is MMF, the dirt is oreos & graham crackers mixed and buttercream icing.  I put little spiders and earthworms on the top and sides.
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By smileyface
Sep 26, 2005
yellow cake with pudding filling. 
Used grass tip. Graham crackers and oreos crushed for the dirt. 
I will not recomend writing on the crushed crackers and oreos. The stupid icing kept lifing off and wouldn't stick!! But if I messed up it came up easy :) 
I need to practice writing some more!!!
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By momoftwogirls
Oct 22, 2005
Bulldozer with oreo and black licorice treads and a candy shovel and a hard hat smash cake on top.
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By Kitagrl
Nov 12, 2005
My friends husband races dirt bikes so this is what she wanted.
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By Keliames
Nov 20, 2005
This is another view of the motocross cake.
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By havenleigh
Jan 12, 2006
Here is a picture I recently did for my son's 8th birthday.  I wasn't too happy with the colors and the shape of the "skateboard ramp" but overall I was satisfied.
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By Angelica
Jan 30, 2006
Chocolate cake filled with strawberries & bananas covered with IMB and fondant decorations.
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By mary-ann
Feb 19, 2006
I couldn't decide on how to do a dirtbike cake for a 10 year old, but finally came up with this number plate and track. I made stickers of the recipient's number and name to place over the toy.
By pinkflamingo
Mar 6, 2006
This is a picture of my son Ethan's 6th birthday cake.  We had an army theme, so I thought it would be fun to make my own cake.  I bought a pack of soldier at Wal-Mart for 2 dollars to decorate the cake.  I used crushed graham crackers for the dirt.  It was really fun to make.
By Stephiepooh
Mar 9, 2006
This was my first decorated cake besides the ones in the classes.  It was for my step-son's 3rd birthday about a month after we went to see a motocross race.  It's two 13x9 cakes side-by-side...a french vanilla w/ french vanilla pudding and a devil's food chocolate w/ devil's food pudding.  The icing is the class BC icing with cocoa added.  We crushed Oreos for the dirt, chocolate donuts for the tires, and piled tootsie rolls to make the hills.  Got my inspiration for this from a cake posted by melia!
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By HaileysMom
Mar 14, 2006
This is the 2nd one of these I've made.  I've found that I have lots more fun creating the first one than when I have to do a repeat cake.  I need to work on this. 

This was a fun fetti cake with buttercream and choc. buttercream.  The logo on this one gave me a fit!  :0)
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Mar 27, 2006
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By shellkay
Mar 27, 2006
My nephew is a motorcross nut - he's only 6 but already has his own gas powered motor bike.  He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and his mom brought me the fake trees and toy bikes to put on top of the cake. The dirt bike path is a mixture of crushed nilla wafers and chocolate graham crackers. The birthday boy was thrilled!
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By sdfgarcia
Mar 30, 2006
This was a chocolate cake with buttercream icing (choc buttercream for words and border....MMF bag and worms, smashed cookies for dirt

Shame on me, I forgot to take a pic of this cake....luckily, the customer took one and sent it to me....but that was after my husband delivered the cake and accidentally scraped off part of the top border with his jacket....yeah, he's in trouble!  :0)
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By CustomCakesBySharon
Apr 5, 2006
Used airbrush for blue background, piped buttercream for details, and painted over crusted buttercream with luster dusts for the chrome.  Bike is cut out of 11x15 sheet.
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By Kitagrl
Apr 28, 2006
I took this idea from others on the web site and it just worked out perfectly for our uncles 50th birthay.
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By lipstickvk
May 4, 2006
This cake I made for my DH.  He went to a guys day out riding 4 wheelers and dirt bikes.  He is suppose to bring a dessert, so he asked me to make a cake with a dirt bike in the pond.  His friend put his bike in the pond one day.  So my goofy husband wants to be a sh** and tease him.  Chocolate cake with BC icing.  The dirt track is graham cracker crumbs.  The bike is actually a toy.
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By LinB
May 10, 2006
I made this cake for a friends boss.  I of course got the idea out of the idea files here!  She loved it.  It was half white and half chocolate.  All buttercream icing.  The "dirt" is chocolate graham crackers crushed.  I added some gummy worms and it looked yummy!
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By tsuitor
May 21, 2006
I had never even been asked to do a dirt bike cake until last week.  Now I've done 2 in 1 week!  This is an 11x15" sheet.  The background is airbrushed, while the motorcycle is a FBCT!
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By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
Cake is iced with Chocolate BC and crushed graham crackers for dirt.
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By shenninger
May 31, 2006
This is a chocolate cake and filled with chocolate ganache and shaped into a dirt mound. After icing it with chocolate icing I  crushed chocolate graham crackers and patted them to the icing to resemble dirt. Then add comedy with gummy worms and over the hill candles and sayings. This cake layed flat as we propped up the tombstone at the long end of the cake and had it ALL carried out on a stretcher as we read a Eulogy before lighting the candles.  I made this was for my husband's 40th b-day
By wolfyjules
Jun 2, 2006
Done for a "Dirty Birthday Party"  The children were going to get to play in the dirt and sand, so the mom wanted one cake with dirt and bugs, and one with sand and bugs.  All buttercream and crushed oreos for the dirt.
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By jenncowin
Jun 4, 2006
This has been a very popular request recently!  Seems like every little boy wants to have a dirt bike.  The motorcyle is a FBCT, and the "dirt" is colored graham cracker crumbs.
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By gmcakes
Jul 13, 2007
A birthday cake for the neighbor! This cake was ½ vanilla ½ chocolate. The ramps were made of cup-cake “smashed” together. Fun-Fun! I used crushed vanilla wafers for the dirt. It was a lot of fun to do. Thanks for looking!
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By Sue23
Jun 6, 2006
This cake I made for our friends that were getting married.  For some reason his softball team nicknamed him "Joe Dirt" so they will now be known as "The Dirts"  This was just a last minute idea that came to me, so I ran with it.  Chocolate cake, mocha mousse filing, buttercream frosting & chocolate grahm cracker crumbs.
By MrsSoko
Jun 15, 2006
Dirt bike cake all chocolate w/ choc BC, edible photo of the child on the dirt bike
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By Florimbio
Jun 23, 2006
I made this cake for the same woman I did the sheep cake.  My oldest DD is now my official fondant animal maker!  She did such a fantastic job on these little pigs--they were so cute and each one belongs to a specific birthday person.  This is a yellow sheet cake with vanilla BC; the "dirt" is crushed oreos.  The mud hole is chocolate icing with brown piping gel. I made the barn out of cardboard covered in fondant with RI "hay;" this was the first fondant building I've ever done.  My friend loved it.
By egarman
Jul 2, 2006
1/2 sheet cake, marble w/p-nut butter filling. Hillybilly's FBCT, dirt road made with crumbled vanilla wafers.
By ladyday95
Aug 3, 2006
This was made for my son's Pre-School Teacher's Appreciation week.  Also, my first attempt with fondant...  used it for the trim.  Dirt was Crumbled Oreo Cookie Pie Crust over a thin layer of chocolate pudding.  Hid a few wormies in there too  :)
Thanks for looking.
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By heyjeni
Aug 10, 2006
I am a children's librarian, and recently  held a "cake decorating" workshop at the library, where the kids got to decorate one of four "cupcake styles".  Over 150 kids showed up.  I chose simple designs that even the younger kids could handle.  We used chocolate icing for the base.  Ground-up chocolate cookies were sprinkled on top.  Using a straw, 2 holes were poked into the cupcake and gummy worms inserted.
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By josnyder
Aug 16, 2006
This picture I dod for a lady I work with for her son's birthday party.  He races dirt bikes.  Thanks for looking!
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By vivedcreations
Aug 25, 2006
This was the eaisest cake and got tons of compliments.  It is regular dirt cake recipe put in a plastic flower pot lined with plastic wrap then I "planted" some flowers with the stems wrapped in plastic wrap and added a childs plastic shovel to serve the cake : )
By dizzy94
Aug 26, 2006
This cake was for a little boy who lives on a farm and loves to dig in the dirt.
He and his parents loved this cake.  The tractor and the barn is a FBCT. 

Thanks for looking!
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By luv2cake
Aug 28, 2006
Church group is going camping. They wanted something for the little ones who'll have to stay at campgrounds while the adults go white water rafting. They requested a dirt cupcakes. This is what I came up with. CCC w/whipped cream BC frosting.
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By fat-sissy
Sep 1, 2006
a 9x13 cake, airbrushed background and used a projector to get the image on, love that thing!!
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By sweetcakes
Sep 2, 2006
The customer wanted an "Over the Hill" or "Older than Dirt" cake for her father-in-law.  I just combined the two.  I also made an over the hill "spring chicken" and and an "old goat".
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By dsoutherngirl
Sep 9, 2006
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By GIAcakes
Sep 27, 2006
This cake did not turn out as I had planned but the kids I gave it to loved it. I actually got another order from one of the kids mom's to make one like this for his birthday. That was quite a surprise.
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By fmcmulle
Sep 27, 2006
This is my first decorating experience.  This was made for my step-brother for his 13th birthday.

It's a cupcake cake.  Decorated with whipped frosting.  Then airbrushed with green and green sprinkles for grass.  The jumps are also make out of a half of a cupcake.  The track is Nilla Waffers and Oreo cookies smashed.  

Thanks for looking... 
By LishaAnn
Jul 2, 2005


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