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Book cake with diploma made from MMF and an edible image.  I got the idea from this site!  The diploma and book pages are trimmed in gold lusterdust.  I realized after the customer had the cake that I forgot to add the red ribbon!  darn!
3 7
By sunlover00
Oct 6, 2005
This is a 6" cake stacked on a 1/4 sheet. The top is a styrofoam sheet iced. Fondant tassle & Parchment diploma. Everything else is buttercream and airbrush.
13 83
By Jenn123
May 9, 2006
Full sheet cake, all buttercream.
8 49
By jenncowin
May 14, 2006
This cake was created for 2 Special Ed students.  They do not get to go through the regular ceremonies as for some, the crowd may be overwhelming--these are severely special ed kids.  The diplomas are edible images on fondant.  School colors are black and orange but did not want to make black frosting so I sprinkled with black sugar.
8 3
By Mac
May 19, 2006
Cap made with wondermold pan. Cardboard for mortarboard. Fondant tassle and diploma scroll. Words piped in royal icing and painted with silver luster dust.
1 2
By KimAZ
May 20, 2006
Cake for the two graduates at our church. The diploma's and cap are just puffy stickers. I filled a half sheet pan half full with yellow butter and baked. Then I filled it half full of chocolate and baked. I put the two together with a strawberry buttercream, made from the juice of frozen strawberries. The rest is regular buttercream.
By rlm5150
May 21, 2006
This is a vanilla cake with bc frosting.  I baked it for my graduation from HHC.
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By deedee44
May 24, 2006
A graduation cake for a school whose colors are black, orange and white.  They wanted chocolate icing and said I could use that instead of black (thank goodness!).  The emblem is a FBCT, diploma is MMF, cap is the top of a jumbo cupcake covered with MMF.  Mortar is a piece of cardboard wrapped with MMF and the tassel is MMF pushed through a garlic press!  I was really happy with this one except for the writing.
3 1
By kelleym
May 25, 2006
Ivory buttercream with fondant stripe accents and tassle.  Hat is made from mini ball pan covered in fondant. Mortarboard is made from white chocolate candy melts.  Inspired by TamiAZ's version.
18 70
By KimAZ
May 25, 2006
For a family friend.  Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, Bettercreme frosting.
By lotsoftots
May 25, 2006
This cake has the same yearbook base from my previous post. This cake was for my husbands cousin who will be studying nursing. She wanted a cake with graduation stuff (cap, tassle,diploma), so here it is. Cap has iced cardboard top (after my chocolate one broke) Nursing cap is fondant with kandy klay stripe. Logo was drawn on rice paper with edible markers as were the numbers (2006) on the yearbook. Diploma is fondant under rice paper. Ribbon is regualr ribbon
4 9
By ctorno
May 26, 2006
Iced in BC. The cap, diploma, CHS and 2006 in fondant. I did a reverse transfer on my computer for the writing, taped wax paper over that and traced with the #3 tip. Then I put it in the freezer and once frozen, I rubbed it into the cake. I had to put it back in the freezer to get the wax paper off but the writing looks like I iced it in.
2 6
By karebere
Jun 1, 2006
Cap & diploma for high school graduation. Top of cap is made from a square of white "chocolate" candy coating covered in colored fondant. Tassel made of rolled fondant. Diploma also rolled fondant. Cake is a half sheet iced in white buttercream.
9 48
By Twisted_Sifter
Jun 3, 2006
Iced all in butter cream with fondant stars.
2 2
By bunnypatchbaker
Jun 3, 2006
This is my second "diploma" cake.  I used the book pan, an edible image pasted on MMF with gel for the diploma, and gold dust on the "pages".
1 6
By sunlover00
Jun 4, 2006
I made this cake for my cousin's graduation from Illinois State University.  It was a three-layer butter cake with lemon curd and raspberry filling.  They wanted something pretty, but different from the typical graduation sheet cake.  While my techniques are amateur at best, this cake was of my own design.
10 41
By kbretzlaff
Jun 4, 2006
Thanks to TamiAZ for the inspiration for this cake!  It is a white cake with almond buttercream filling and icing.  The cap is a mini-wonder mold covered in black fondant, cardboard top covered in fondant, and fondant tassle.  The diploma is rice paper laid on a fondant base, and I used Americolor pens for the writing. The small cake is quilted with an impression mat, and the bottom has black and gold fondant stripes.  I really wanted an edible image for the diploma but couldn't find anyone to print one.
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By mommymarilyn
Jun 5, 2006
The only thing this graduate specifically requested was colorful flowers, chocolate cake, and BC frosting.  The diploma is rice paper on fondant, I used Americolor's pens for the writing (wish I had had an edible image).  She loved the cake!
By mommymarilyn
Jun 5, 2006
I used another pic from this site and figured out how to do it myself.  This is a carrot cake with buttercream frosting.  The cap is a half-round covered in fondant.  The top of the cap is a cut piece of cardboard with fondant as well.  The flower is fondant on a wire dusted with luster dust and the diploma is rice paper with edible food writers.
7 13
By kelleykakes
Jun 6, 2006
A HS grad cake-colors were burgendy & silver.  Got great inspriation from this site!!  The graduate was involved w/cheerleading, NHS & softball.....hope they like it! I'm 8 mos prego, & writing on the cake proved interesting b/c my belly was in the way-wasn't planning on that!!
1 6
By jennycakes
Jun 9, 2006
I borrowed the idea for this grad cake from TamiAZ.  The tiers are 8" and 10".  The top cake is chocolate fudge cake with whipped mocha filling.  The bottom tier is french vanilla with strawberry cream cheese filling.  The whole cake is iced in cream cheese frosting and the decorations are all fondant.
1 21
By janetwhitson
Jun 10, 2006
Marble Cake with buttercream icing.  Fondant diploma and cap.
3 1
By Rookie68
Jun 13, 2006
thank GOD for MMF! as it dried it cracked on the edges like parchment! What I did not like was the black gel for writing- it comes out all globby. Chocolate BC on hat and chocolate MMF laid on cardboard for the top. cap tassle was originally red and white 'strings' of MMF but I had to nuke it for like ONE Second to soften a bit to fix and well guess what totally melted :)) so I used red BC last minute, which of course wouldnt hang down without breaking (reason it's so short lol)
By oceanspitfire
Jun 15, 2006
1/2 chocolate & 1/2 yellow cake - fondant diploma and cap - cap was cardboard covered with fondant - buttercream icing and tassel - confetti bottom boarder.  Made for my boss' son.
3 7
By susgene
Jun 17, 2006
My nephew asked for a "white cake with a skateboard on it" for his graduation cake. I made this sidewalk with ramp and chocolate skateboard for him.  The ramp is a dummy covered in fondant.  The sidewalk top is fondant and the diploma and flags are gumpaste.  The skateboard is ENTIRELY edible--made of chocolate with pretzel rod axels.  The only inedible items on the cake are the necklace on the skateboard and the wooden dowels holding the flags.
6 7
By BlakesCakes
Jun 17, 2006
This cake is iced with BC icing. The scroll was created by laying fondant on the cake leaving enough at each end to roll up giving it the scroll/diploma effect!  VERY EASY!!!
1 2
By Mysweetcakes
Jun 18, 2006
The book is an 11"x15" Chocolate Cake with Bavarian Cream Filling covered in buttercream then MMF.  The base of the graduation cap is marble cake with buttercream then MMF.  I tried to get the book to have an old world feel about it, but I think it just turned out looking old!  LOL!  All decorations are made of MMF fondant with luster dust highlights.
4 32
By CakesUnleashed
Jun 19, 2006
Last minute Graduation cake order!  Phew!  It's amazing what you can do in three hours!!!  I went along the same line as my Grad Book Cake but a bit more simplified.  The boy that graduated is going to be studying to be a Construction General Contractor, so that's why I made all the tools.  Cake is a 1/4 marble sheet cake with buttercream frosting and base of grad cap is chocolate covered in buttercream then MMF.  All decorations are made of MMF.
6 22
By CakesUnleashed
Jun 19, 2006
Blue Tipped Roses, Bordered Grad Pic and Cap and diploma
3 3
By practiceandpatience
Jun 25, 2006
I made this cake for the grade 8 class graduating from a french school.  I had a lot of trouble with the cap but I got some great tips from the wonderfully helpful people here at CC and we are all happy with the outcome!
10 43
By bradleysmom
Jun 25, 2006
Here are the cap and diploma cookies made for son's graduation party.  Ran out of time and would rather have filled in the designs, but this was all I had time to do.  No-fail sugar cookies and royal icing.
1 3
By MomLittr
Jun 27, 2006
This is a 9x13 iced with buttercream for a little boy graduating from preschool.
1 7
By 3tiers
Jun 29, 2006
1 13
By cheekysweets
Jul 2, 2006
All buttercream sheet cake.  Hat is a bowl cake with a piece of matzoh covered in melted colored chocolate as the mortar board.  A chocolate cream filled roll cake as the diploma, and pound cake books.  The cup beside the cake holds breadsticks covered in chocolate to resemble pencils.
3 2
By steffla
Jul 7, 2006
Buttercream cake with fondant covered cardboard hat and fondant diploma. This was my first try at a cake this elaborate and I was not happy with how it turned out, but the picture looks pretty good. (You can't see all the flaws!!) Thanks to boween for the idea.
1 10
By katemegan
Jul 9, 2006
FBCT of high school and college logos.  Fondant grad cap (a piece of cardboard and piece of paper towel roll covered in fondant.  Diploma made of rice paper and dusted with gold luster dust.
2 7
By missyek
Jul 16, 2006
No fail cutouts and Antonia's Royal icing
3 27
By Michele25
Jul 22, 2006
This was my first cake of this size and my first graduation cake.  I see the mistakes I made and I will know what to do and what NOT to do next time! It's a homemade chocolate cake with BC icing.  A lot of things went wrong along the way and yet the cake came out perfect in spite of it all. My icing techniques need work.
2 1
By crafty1
Jul 25, 2006
Two eight-inch orange cakes torted and stacked with Grand Marnier IM"Buttercream" and covered in fondant.  Nortarboard was modeling paste, diploma. was rice paper, and the rest of the decorations were fondant.
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By itsacake
Jul 26, 2006
Grad cap is wonder mold with fondant covered cardboard and fondant tassel and diploma.
2 50
By Kitagrl
Jun 16, 2005


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