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Here is a much better picture of the dino cake from a few weeks. ago.  I love the way the colors worked together!
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Apr 13, 2005
This is a dinosaur cake I did for a friend of my son, he just loves dinosaurs and I wanted to bring his cake to life. The cake is decorated with buttercream icing, the volcano is made of chocolate, and I made the dinosaurs out of candy clay. He loved it, and still talks about it!!! I hope you all like it too~
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By sweets2eats
Apr 13, 2005
partysauras pan. Made for my son's 5th birthday.
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By KimAZ
Apr 20, 2005
The sheet cake was a marble cake with buttercream icing, the volcano was devil's food with chocolate buttercream icing, and the dinosaur was a pound cake.  The lava was made with piping gel, the rocks were MMF, marshmallow bits, and toffee bits.  The surrounding dinosaurs were sugar cookies..the little boy loved it!
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By ribbitfroggie
Jun 21, 2005
Everyone loved this cake for my 9 year olds birthday party. It's a 2 tier cake (6" & 9") - bright buttercream frosting with the dinosaur sculptures and trees made of chocolate wafer/candy melts (Wilton).  Inspired by Liv and Kaye Hansen's Whimsical Bakehouse Book.  The cake itself was chocolate chip pound cake with chocolate ganache filling (yum!).
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By vuemura
Jun 28, 2005
This was for my son's 3 year old birthday.
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By hobbycakes
Jun 30, 2005
This one was for my cousins sons 3rd B-Day
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By Cady
Jul 3, 2005
This was an extremely forgiving cake.  I used a bundt pan and baked an extra cupcake to place in the center to create the "nest".  Fondant for the dinosaur, the egg, and a few leaves...  Chocolate "rocks" all around the "ground".  My son had it in his head he wanted a dinosaur egg cake, and by golly, he got it!
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By jennawarner
Jul 31, 2005
My friend's little girl has been totally fascinated with dinosaurs since she was 4 years old.  Today she turned 7, and her request was for a purple tyrannasaurus rex with yellow hair!  She is definitely her own little person! LOL
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By momsandraven
Aug 15, 2005
The theme of our fair was "Get Wild with Your Inner Child" and dinosaurs.  So I tried to use that in a cake idea.
The cakes are dummies.  The frosting is just crisco buttercream.  The dinosaurs are dyed candy melts.
It won a blue ribbon in the children's cakes category and then a rosette for "Best Demonstration of Fair Theme"
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By montanakate
Sep 6, 2005
Edible image dino for my granddaughter's 3rd.  She loves dinos!  Buttercream icing airbrushed light brown with dark brown, black and green camoflage.  The image border is covered by the vine and leaves to look like a jungle scene.
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By piklpop2
Sep 9, 2005
White cake with vanilla icing.  candy metls for the lava. Fondant painted with blue luster dust for water and fondant rocks.  toy dinos and trees.    volcano is wonder mold pan.
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By susanmm23
Sep 9, 2005
Used the Wonder Doll cake mold for Dinosaurs body and mini ball pan for his head.  Put on top of a 14" cake round.
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By Amyr
Sep 11, 2005
I made these for my daughter's preschool.  Sugar cookies with royal icing.
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By LaylasMommy
Sep 14, 2005
First try using fondant and first try making a 3D cake (still need more practice)!
By vuemura
Oct 10, 2005
First try using fondant and first try making a 3D cake (still need more practice)!
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By vuemura
Oct 10, 2005
My version of a dinosaur cake I saw on this very webpage. Fun and easy to make!
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By wyatt
Nov 5, 2005
Okay, go easy.  This is my first real attempt at a theme cake.  My son loves Dinosaurs and especially Jurassic Park, but I couldn't find any at any local stores, etc. that was what I wanted, so I tried it myself.  I've signed up for the Wilton I course (I start it in a few weeks).  Wish me luck!
By happypage
Nov 15, 2005
Baked for my nephew's 9th birthday. The cake is green tea chiffon cake with longan fruits as fillings, sprinkled with green tea powder on top to depict grass.
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By nanzz
Nov 27, 2005
Iced in buttercream. volcano is chocolate cake with buttercream and red gel. Dinosaurs around bottom edge are candy melts, other dinosaurs are plastic.
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By Kimlk
Dec 8, 2005
no fail
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By antonia74
Dec 10, 2005
I had some exta frosting so i thought i would give the dinosaur a try.  I use the ministand up bear pan and the sides looked a lot better untill the kids ate the candy off the sides while i was at work today!
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By Cady
Jan 7, 2006
I made this cake last night in class.  My first "creature" . . . I thought it was really cute and thought I would share it.  It is a red velvet cake (one 8" plus 1 cupcake) with buttercream frosting
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By bbelias
Jan 25, 2006
This is a cookie I did for a friend's son. It is made with royal icing.
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By dydemus
Feb 8, 2006
This was my first attempt at a frozen buttercream transfer.  The cake was for my son's 3rd birthday.
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By tootsa
Feb 9, 2006
This is hand sculpted from a double layer 12" cake...fondant covered, each scale cut by hand, and then the cake hand painted as I don't quite yet have my airbrush.  :-)
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By Kitagrl
Feb 10, 2006
Dinosaurs with royal icing.
By rlctic
Feb 14, 2006
A volcano cake with dinosaur cookies.
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By rlctic
Feb 14, 2006
Done for a customer that bought the little dinosaur figurines.  I am so happy with the way this turned out.  It's a yellow cake with chocolate BC.  Everything, but the dinosaurs, is edible.  And you folks were right...Harry the Caveman wouldn't have looked right at all!  Thanks for looking.
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By oohlalacakes
Feb 16, 2006
A dinosaur cake for a 1st birthday party. 12" round cake turned on its side and covered w/ fondant. Head and tail also cake. Spikes made of gumpaste. Edible rocks and crushed graham cracker lay on board.
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By rainamehta
Feb 21, 2006
Volcano cake with cute dinosaurs that roar and light up when you push a button. The cake is 4 single layers tall and has a cup in the middle to put dry ice in for a smoke effect.
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By WendyVA
Feb 26, 2006
This a 1/2 sheet marble (yellow and Choc.) cake with b/c icing. On top and around the sides I have edible images. The dinosaurs on top are plastic toys. This cake had me stumped when the client first asked for a dinosaur cake. I wanted something different and I was somewhat pleased with the outcome....Thanks again for looking.....
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By spoiledtoodef
Mar 4, 2006
Simple 8" 2 layer cakes with edible images.
By bigcatz
Mar 9, 2006
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By ptselena
Mar 17, 2006
I made this for an 8 year old.  I was just told to make him something with cars, spongebob, or dinosaurs.  I guess I made the right choice, he loved the cake.
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By tinascakes
Mar 17, 2006
I made these cakes for my stepson and my nephew's birthday.  I used a shot glass and dry ice in the tops of the small cakes for show only.  We removed them when we gave the cakes to the boys.  Not a very good picture of any of them. Busy day!
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By geehouse
Mar 17, 2006
This cake is my first with making and using MMF...I'll never go back to Wilton Fondant!!!!  This cake is for my son, who LOVES dinosaurs..Turned out pretty good I think??
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By Tat
Mar 18, 2006
8 3
By Lousaria
Mar 22, 2006
Dinosaur birthday party - all buttercream.
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By cakesbyallison
Mar 24, 2006
I made this for a boy's birthday.  The design is from the 2002 Wilton Yearbook.  I used the Stand-Up Cuddly Bear pan.  The icing is buttercream.  The scales and toenails are candy melts.
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By talmas
Apr 13, 2005


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