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Cake was made with 2 1/4 sheet cakes and carved and iced in buttercream; then covered in fondant. I found the diaper bag on babies r us website and made the cake to look like it.
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By CakesWithAttitude
Oct 13, 2006
All MMF, bag opening is a MMF covered cardboard form.  Hope it makes the pick-up/transport since it is so tall....
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By margery
Nov 17, 2006
Buttercream with MMF accents
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By saj_stuff
Jan 21, 2007
I used fondant for the purse strap.  Everything else is just frosting.
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By JennLitton
Feb 5, 2007
Inspired by a cake I saw on CC... I molded the cake out of 3 stacked loaf pans and covered it in MMF.  Then used the Wilton stamp set for the colorful imprints.  Most of the accessories are MMF except the bottle is a rice crispy treat covered in BC with MMF accents.
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By divaofcakes
Mar 1, 2007
I made this cake for my older sister and her husband's baby shower. Her baby's name will be Felicity, which obviously explains the name on the front. :-) The cake is meant to be a baby bag or diaper bag and I wasn't sure if it looked like one, so I was originally concerned. I felt relieved (and so happy!!) when a little girl who came said "Mommy, look--it's a diaper bag!" (or so my other sister told me). Trace0011 was a great help with some tips for my first shot at it--thanks!!
By Anjoli
Mar 27, 2007
This is a view from the side of the cake I made for my soon-to-be niece's baby shower. You can see the long strap and the pink side pockets (love them for some reason :-P) You can also see the little heart there.
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By Anjoli
Mar 27, 2007
Here is the back of the cake I made for my to-be niece's baby shower. There are simply three hearts...the bottom pink lining wasn't completely sticking yet. ;-)
By Anjoli
Mar 27, 2007
I've wanted to try making a purse cake for the longest time and I finally got my chance!  I threw a baby shower for my friend who happens to love Coach!  I made a regular sheet cake and just carved it, iced it with buttercream and topped with MMF. Everything is edible.   I wish it looked a bit more even but it was definitely a lot of fun to make!
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By giovanna
Apr 15, 2007
I made this cake for a friend. A very big thanks to 'all4cake' for her help.
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By mridula
May 6, 2007
I made this cake for my niece who is having a baby boy. I want to thank all4cake for help with the instructions. 
All items are edible some ar e fondant and some are chocolate.
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By Chef_Mommy
May 27, 2007
This is a WASC cake with a replica of a Dooney & Bourke diaper bag on top.  Diaper bag is covered with fondant.
By namaman
May 29, 2007
Just my version of a diaper bag
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By mekaclayton
Jun 2, 2007
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By sweetars
Jun 27, 2007
12x18" divided into 3 and stacked.  MMF covered/accents.
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By margery
Jun 30, 2007
This is the pink version of my diaper bag cake.
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By Chef_Mommy
Jul 30, 2007
I used fondant on the cake and sugar cookies decorated with RBC and RI. The cookies (onesies and bottles) were placed inside of the 'bag'.
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By southaustingirl
Aug 18, 2007
This is the side view, showing the bottle (sugar cookie)  inside of the side pocket.
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By southaustingirl
Aug 18, 2007
This cake was for my dear friend's baby shower.   The theme was baby blue & chocolate colors w/ paisley & dots so wanted to keep the cake simple.  The cake was 3 layers covered in fondant.  The bottle top, pacifier & diaper were fondant; bottle in the pocket was a sculpted rice krispie treat.  The block is a fondant-covered cake. Diaper pins were pre-made sugar decorations from the cake supply store, but they originally had a day-glow pink pin so I colored over with brown edible marker - much better!
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By katiecakes
Aug 20, 2007
This is the side view of the diaper bag cake since the front view did not show the baby bottle.  The bottle is made of rice krispie treats and the top is made of fondant.
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By katiecakes
Aug 20, 2007
This is diaper bag cake I made for my niece's friend's baby shower.  I was a little dissappointed w/ their lack-luster reaction (sorry, it's the whiner in me lol) but I was really happy w/ it before that.  It's made w/ a 12x18 dk.choc.fudge cake &choc.Buttercream, covered in Rhonda's MMF and decorated w/ buttercream.  What do you think, Honestly please...
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By lynda-bob
Sep 2, 2007
Here is the top and side view of the diaper bag (classic Pooh)
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By lynda-bob
Sep 2, 2007
A request was made for a diaper bag, so I tried and here it is - all 
covered in fondant - all items edible except safety pins. 
 I hope they like it.
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By cowgirl58
Sep 20, 2007
so fun to make. Let me know what you think!
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By AndiSC
Sep 22, 2007
did this for a friends baby shower, designed after a JP lizzy diaper bag that i just love. covered in pink/brown satin ice. satin ice seems to be giving me a hard time lately, it keeps tearing and wrinkling on my cakes. i may be switching to pettinence to see how that goes. 
thanks for looking!
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By beccakelly
Sep 22, 2007
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By donyell
Sep 26, 2007
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By Neva
Sep 27, 2007
This was inspired by all4cake, divaofcakes, and jmosquera - thank you ladies!  Caramel vanilla cake.  Iced in BC with MMF stars, hearts, zipper, strap, diaper, soother, teething keys and diaper cream.  Thanks for looking!
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By gakali
Oct 1, 2007
I've been wanting to make a purse cake and thought I'd practice with a diaper bag cake for an upcoming baby shower. The cake is frosted in buttercream. The bottles and diaper pins are white chocolate. The zipper, handles, and other accents are made from fondant. 
I think it needs more color. What do you think?
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By Jocmom
Oct 12, 2007
Mini diaper bag for co worker whose baby is finally out of NICU:)
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By margery
Oct 28, 2007
Diaper bag cake for a lady that is a huge Alabama fan.....Roll Tide! :)
By cakesbymisty
Oct 31, 2007
Red vervet cake.  Still practicing.  This is one of the hardest cakes I've made and it still came out so messy.
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By lizziegirl
Nov 7, 2007
The cake looked different in my head, but I am pretty happy with it overall.  I had made a cute cake board to look like a blanket, but then I realized the yellow from the cake and the yellow of the cake board clashed too much, so I scrapped the idea.  The shoes are gumpaste and the bottle is made from candy melts.  I need more practice using the chocolate molds.
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By springlakecake
Nov 10, 2007
Sculpted, hand painted Baby Diaper Bag cake. The cake includes a pamper, baby powder, safety pins, a rattles, pacifier, and desitin.  I sculpted the baby name and laid it flat on the back of the cake on the cake board. The shoulder strap of the bag hangs from the sides of the cake then down the back of the bag. All the ornaments are made of fondant then painted with luster dust. Everything is edible.
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By FabulousMonique
Nov 18, 2007
My best selling design. This time I made a pink bag. 2 11" x 15" sheet cakes, split then stacked. Covered in fondant with chocolate accessories on top. Oh, I forgot to mention that when I delivered the cake, the person wasn't home and when I called, she said she had sent me an email on Tuesday and cancelled!!!!! First time that ever happened. I was not happy!
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By KimmysKakes
Dec 8, 2007
This was the first large bag that I made, and I hadn't discovered gum paste yet! So this was all fondant hence the reason I was having handle issues. And I really didn't know much about supporting the layers, So the bag looking like it was sitting like a bag would, was really the cake sliding! all of the accesories are made of fondant and molded chocolate.
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By gotcake1030
Dec 23, 2007
The side view. The pockets are fondant covered rice cereal treats, and the bottle is a chocolate mold. The C's are handpainted
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By gotcake1030
Dec 23, 2007
Who just gave birth to a baby daughter, aber thinking for years, that she couldn't have a child. She is a very stylish lady, that is why I made a designer diaper bag for her
Choc cake with fondant and gumpaste details
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By Ursula40
Jan 12, 2008
Carved this one from 2 10 in sq. and then covered in fondant.  Baby shoes, pacifier, keys and diapers made from fondant.  Bottle done in chocolate.  TFL
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By helipops
Jan 18, 2008
Designer diaper bag cake made from vanilla pound cake with vanilla buttercream.  This cake is covered in fondant and the bag comes complete with fondant accessories which include, personalized baby bib, pacifier and cute little baby diapers.
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By icingonthecupcake
Mar 12, 2006


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