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This is for a friends Birthday coming up soon.  She loves her zombie games.  I wanted it to be annimated instead of realistic.  I am considering re doing it but im not sure.  If anyone has any thoughts on how to improve please do share.
By bethyscake
Jan 1, 2010
Strawberry cake with buttercream icing and handpoured chocolate bears and peace signs.
By chefshawna
Jan 6, 2010
A chocolate fudge cake with a really thin layer of royal icing in order to decorate
By cakeystacey
Jan 13, 2010
A chocolate fudge cake decorated with a very thin layer of  royal icing in order to draw the skull on
By cakeystacey
Jan 13, 2010
Buttercream iced cake I did for my son's 14th birthday.
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By DanielleRG
Jan 21, 2010
Buttercream transfer...this pic was taken many, MANY hours after it was sitting out...the colors got all funky and it started melting...I made another one a few months later and can't find the pic...
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By Pandamas
Jan 31, 2010
This was a very simple cake for a Dia de los Muertos theme wedding. The "papel Picado" was made out of colored wafer sheets.
By doramoreno62
Feb 5, 2010
The chicken is made from homemade white chocolate modeling clay (the corn syrup recipe) tinted yellow. The cake is a 9x13" single layer coated in buttercream. Fun!
By ginascakes
Feb 20, 2010
Panaramic photo of cake.  Chowder riding a train through Marzipan City on left, day of the dead cake mountain cake portion in middle, and on right Spongebob on a train through bikini bottom.  My son helped decorate the train facades which was so awesome for him.
By turtlelox
Feb 21, 2010
My first attempt for shadowgrass camo.  Base color airbrushed with fondant grass leaves attached.  Rice Krispie layout boat covered in fondant, fondant waders and fastgrass, gumpaste duck decoys, shotgun and grass sticking out of cake.  Fondant cattails dipped in coco.
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By Jenbud
Feb 22, 2010
sponge cake, covered with fondant
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By horrice
Feb 22, 2010
30th birthday cake for a friend. Covered in MMF, blood is piping gel colored red, grass is buttercream frosting
By vancee74
Feb 23, 2010
21st B-day cake for a young man who is a "Wild Bill Hickok" fan. I tried to study up on my history so that I could replicate Bill's gun, badge, hat, and clay poker chips. Of course the cards on the table are known as "dead man's hand" becuase these are the cards he was holding when he was shot. This cake is french vanilla with dark chocolate ganache filling and covered in chocolate buttercream frosting. All other design elements are made from modeling chocolate and marshmallow fondant.
By rushing31
Mar 5, 2010
I loved making this cake! The cake was covered in fondant and then hand painted. All decor is either, chocolate, RI, or fondant.

Thanks for looking
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By calivettie
Mar 19, 2010
Someone asked me to make this cake for them 12 hours before they needed it. I've never made a book cake so it was interesting. Wish I would've had more time to detail the cover.
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By AnotherCreation
Mar 19, 2010
My son requested a "dead arm cake" for his sixth birthday. This is a side view of the cake. It was totally disgusting and a huge hit. I put it under Halloween, because i am sure I have the only child in the world who would ask for this cake. Red velvet cake, fondant, strawberry jelly, twizzlers.
By stalbertsusie
Mar 20, 2010
all buttercream with edible images.....tfl
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By renee2007
Mar 22, 2010
The Xbox 360 game console was trimmed from an 11x15' cake, remote is also cake and zombie hand is a rice krispies treat, all fondant covered. I used some instructions from a cake blog at:
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By TheCakeJeannie
Mar 22, 2010
First time doing frozen BC transfer.  Cake itself is "tie dyed" with white chocolate filling.
By andreac999
Mar 24, 2010
My favorite band of all time is the Grateful Dead, i have always searched for GD cakes on here to see what would come up. All of a sudden all these elaborate steal your face cakes were popping up, i couldnt get over the detail and perfect lines of the skull, then when i figured out they were done using a buttercream transfer, I had to try it!! Im so glad i did. I really enjoyed making this cake! I originally planned on doing some Grateful Dead bears along the side of the cake but I was up waaaay too late and seeing as this was only for my ex i said....IM DONE!
By chinacat77
Mar 28, 2010
By Rcajd
Apr 2, 2010
my second grateful dead cake
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By Pandamas
Apr 23, 2010
By ange14843
Apr 25, 2010
Vegan chocolate with vegan "buttercream".
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By Nadiamama25
May 4, 2010
Day of the Dead themed bridal shower.  Roses are mad of fondant and the skull is hand painted and based off of our favors (which you can see on the right).
By CarolynsCakesandCreations
May 6, 2010
carved from a single layer 8" cake, was done for a g/f of a tattoo artist.  skull is carved and covered in fondant with buttercream frosting details
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By preciouspjs
May 10, 2010
I have wanted to make a Dia de los Muertos calavera for a long time and when I saw the gorgeous one that 'preciouspjs' posted a few days ago I just had to try! I had a leftover 7" round carrot cake & some buttercream with lemon zest.  Not the easiest thing to pipe with because the tip kept getting clogged with the zest so I had to use a #2 tip, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Especially since it took me less than 3 hours. That might not sound that fast to some but I'm usually pretty slow so for me it's huge!
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By bhv333
May 13, 2010
This was a cake to celebrate all the November birthdays in the choir where I sing. The Nov. 2nd Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico is my favorite holiday and every year I have an altar full of candles, orange marigolds, sugar skulls and "pan de muertos", the special bread with "tears" running down the sides. I've tried to recapture the feel of one of these altars here. Hope you like it!
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By Marianna46
May 31, 2010
Made for my friends birthday,  INSIDE : chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream OUTSIDE :   white chocolate fondant,  gumpaste roses dusted with black lustre powder, SUGAR SKULL COOKIES :  chocolate piped in different colors and designs on white chocolate skull shapes, chocolate striped cookies, STATUE : unedible and provided by my friends wife.
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By xCakeAddictx
Jun 13, 2010
Son has asked me to make his wedding cake, never made one before, so I practiced with this one.  14, 12,9,6 topper is not edible.  My prob, I used cakeboards and wooden dowels and let it sit for 2 days.  Seemed fine but when I did take it apart as if cutting it, the lower level was grossly gooey!  I cant image cutting this at a reception.  Got ahold of Stressfree and they were amazing to me, called me personally the next day and because the system is a disk not a plate, I can see this will work great!  I will post the real cake in Oct when I make it.  I highly recommend them!
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By connie0603
Jun 16, 2010
Skulls are cereal treats covered in fondant, chocolate with chocolate fudge buttercream cakes.
By TrixieTreats
Jun 29, 2010
This book is out of my sisters all time favorite movie Army of darkness. I did this all out of fondant layers.
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By MissKoller
Jul 6, 2010
grateful dead
By mbr130
Jul 9, 2010
By cleeg1
Jul 11, 2010
My client LOVES "Dead Dolls". Her husband asked me to make her a cake for her birthday. Fondant and gumpaste figures.
By bnmusician
Jul 16, 2010
if you like to hunt this is a great cake
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By mrsprinkles
Jul 24, 2010
A friend's birthday cake..all I know how to do at this point is bc transfers and am a little hesitant of fondant.  The cake was also tye-dyed on the inside.
By IrishTorte
Aug 8, 2010
This is a cake that I did last halloween. The intestines are made from homemade marshmallow, bones are roulade cake, ribs are gumpaste, orgins are fondant covered redvelvet cake, maggots are white chocolate truffles (hand rolled in shape of maggot), face and main body is cake and molded rice treats covered with moldeling chocolate and fondant, The entire cake is airbrushed, covered with red and green piping gel, and steamed for a wet look. Very creepy to make!!!!!!!
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By solociachef21
Aug 15, 2010
Lady has some sense of humor :)
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By Lelka
Aug 15, 2010
this was a red velvet with cream cheese to go with the theme
By jessidel26
Aug 25, 2010


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