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My friends husbands 40th Birthday
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By Twobabiesprinces
Oct 21, 2008
Created these flowers for a day of the dead cake.
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By bitofsnshn
Oct 21, 2008
My best friend loves anything thats Day Of The Dead, so I thought this would work out great. Fudge frosting, Skull is a candle, pinwheeled the spiderweb, and I used silk flowers from the craft store. I thought the silk flowers would look better than buttercream ones, I think I was right lol
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By socalval
Oct 27, 2008 a Mexican holiday.  I used the doll pan and mini doll pan to achieve this 3D effect. All buttercream except for the mexican paper flowers.
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By DiscoLady
Oct 28, 2008
This was for my cousins wedding, he loves hunting. It is red velvet with cream cheese icing died red the skin is fondant and the flies are as well. When he cut into it, it looked like it was bleeding He Loved It.
By Nacoa84
Oct 28, 2008
Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, Skull
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By LvMy4Runner
Nov 2, 2008
Top view of my Day of the Dead cake. This was a blast to make!!!
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By BlackBoxBakery
Nov 2, 2008
Skull cake for a Day of the Dead party.
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By tara22
Nov 2, 2008
This is the ide view of the Day of The Dead cake I did. The sides were done with chocolate molds and buttercream borders, fills, and accents.
By BlackBoxBakery
Nov 9, 2008
birthday cake made for a video game fanatic...hand is choc cake and fingers are buttercream...lots and lots of buttercream. oh and fondant finger nails. eep!
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By 1sweetpea
Nov 30, 2008
Strange combination, I know, but my brother loves Evil Dead and he also loves sushi, so I gave him both for his birthday!
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By craftyleah
Jan 3, 2009
My 2009 submission for the "That Takes the Cake" competition in Austin. Roof was supposed to be more substantial, but measurement discrepancies caused a desperate rework in hotel room. Sculpting hidden by two layers of fondant. But judges LOVED my hand work. :)
By Wendl
Mar 1, 2009
The design is from "the Well dressed cake"
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By Cmaysa
Apr 8, 2009
My friend loves the Dead and even dressed as a Dead Bear for Halloween one year.  So  I knew she would love this.  All buttercream using a star tip to fill in.
By Jarnli
Apr 26, 2009
this is completely inspired from discolady and her awesome cakes.  I have a dear friend who loves this theme and I made it for her birthday, freehand buttercream icing, satin ice fondant covering skull, baked with batter bowl and sports ball pan and then cut and carved.
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By qubanqtee
May 15, 2009
Sculpted zombie head cake for boy's 11th birthday. Mom requested that it be "realistic but not too gory and not a lot of blood." Three Chocolate 8 inch round layers and one White 8 inch half ball layer covered with Vanilla icing. Total height 7 1/2 inches tall.  Fondant eyes and teeth. Eyes painted with gel colors. I call him Romero after George Romero, the director of the original "Night of the Living Dead."
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By juleebug
Jun 13, 2009
By eddiesgirl8282
Jul 18, 2009
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By rach415
Aug 29, 2009
customer wanted something "funny" on cake...turns out her card was a singing card that sang "who let the dogs out"  birthday boy showed up wearing a t-shrt that said "If I were a dog, I'd be dead"  Guess we all worked together well on that one without knowing!
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By jennrick1
Sep 6, 2009
A friends 30th birthday party.  His girlfriend went with a death to his youth theme.  The zombie was 34 inches tall and 32 inches wides.  The arms and head are RKT and the cake was chocolate, WASC, and lemon.  The cake served about 300 with taking the carving servings out.  This is my first attempt at a skelton frame cake.  I learned a lot making the cake, measure you door width and the size of your car is really important!
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By jlynnw
Sep 12, 2009
Chocolate cake with chocolate ganash for my husbands 26th birthday. He loves the evil dead movies so i thought this would be an ideal gift for him The necronomicon is a human face bound in leather .  IT was covered with white icing then dusted with different colours of brown dusts.
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By Caths_Cakes
Oct 21, 2009
Fondant covered with sculpted GP sculls & sombrero and BC details
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By halfbaked
Oct 24, 2009
The cake is for a Halloween party and it's made of a 2 layer sheet cake. Vanilla and chocolate with buttercream frosting. The hand, the rat and the spider are all plastic. The tombstone is resin material  and the pumpkins are made of candy.  The soil is crushed up oreo cookies and there are skulls on the side of the cake.
By Claireabaker
Oct 27, 2009
This is a day of the dead skull cake modeled after the sugar skulls that they make. It is a red velvet cake with buttercream frosting. It is all made edible even the sugar gems on it. Carved the whole thing with electric knife which worked great!
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By kat_girl86
Oct 27, 2009
I made this cake for my friend Karen's Halloween party.  She's a big fan of the Evil Dead movies, and wanted a cake shaped like the Necronomicon (a book bound in human skin).   The main character is Ash, whose hand turned evil, forcing him to chop it off and replace it with a chainsaw , so he could continue to fight the deadite zombies.   The cake completely creeped me out, but she loved it, and that's what matters.  It's a marble cake with buttercream filling, ganache icing covered in fondant.  The figures are gumpaste.
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By LisaR64
Oct 30, 2009
Chocolate butter cream icing. Fence is made of chocolate dipped pretzels and held together with royal icing (i should have tinted the icing). Tree, heads, hands, tombs are made of fondant. Dirt is Oreo crumbs.
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By Meghanarchy
Oct 31, 2009
ivory wedding cake done in fondant. Gumpaste day of the dead bride and groom. modeled over thick gauge floral wire and painted with paste colors thinned with a little vodka.
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By moefefa
Nov 1, 2009
Got a little carried away, all the skulls are cake with fondant.  Cake is Chocolate with chocolate rasberry filling.  I had fun ...what can I did take me alllllll day!
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By connie0603
Nov 1, 2009
My first attempt at a skull cake....what do you think?  It was from a ball cake pan and them I sculpted.  There has to be a better way, but hey I thought it turned out pretty cute.  I did add a red rose in her mouth after I took this photo, but  I forgot to take the picture
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By connie0603
Nov 1, 2009
This is the first cake I made for another person.  It was for a surprise 50th birthday party, and I DID NOT WANT TO!!!  I had only made 5 other cakes before, and I have had no training what so ever.  I did one little practice cake, and it turned out pretty good, so I went for it :)  every body loved it.  The lettuce leaves were made on my children's plastic lettuce leaf and dried in a cupcake tin to make the curve!  (i really have very few tools!  I charged her 75$.  Too much?  Too little?  I have no idea, but it was fun!
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By surewinwilliams
Nov 2, 2009
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By artsycakes14
Nov 3, 2009
A coffin cake for an unlucky soul who was turning 40 and happened to have Halloween for a birthday.  What better way to celebrate than with a wake!  The head is rice krispie and fondant, the coffin lid is styrofoam and fondant, and the rest is cake with fondant accents.
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By abromavm
Nov 5, 2009
Yellow butter cake with chocolate ganache filling. Fondant icing with fondant Grateful Dead "Steal Your Face" logo of fondant cut out and painted in gel. American Beauty roses in gumpaste. Circles of colored fondant on sides and balls along bottom of flavored fondant.
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By LucyandEthel
Nov 9, 2009
Day of the dead-esque birthday cake for my 10 yr old, she likes bright colors and skulls and gave me free reign over her birthday cake, so I free-handed this cake for her.
By sarahbigun
Dec 4, 2009
this was my first attempt at a frozen buttercream transfer. (i actually had to do it 4 times till i finally figured it out)
By sammyd
Dec 8, 2009
sugar skull cake I made for  friends birthday. Strawberry cake with white chocolate mousse filling and covered in ganache with gumpaste skull and buttecream accents. This was a fun cake to make! Thanks for looking! :)
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By mamaof3cutiez
Dec 12, 2009
By DonnasDelights
Dec 15, 2009
misfits style wedding cake on halloween
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By Pagingpaige
Dec 21, 2009
Day of the Dead themed wedding Cake
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By Dolledupcakes
Dec 28, 2009
wedding cake covered in rust buttercream with a chocolate ganache dripping down side. Back of cake has skulls and dancing skeletons to celebrate the Day of the Dead.
By jagcheco
Dec 30, 2009


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