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In the spirit of "Steele Magnolias," I present this dead possum complete with tire tracks. Yes, it's red velvet inside. I guess you have to be from the Southern USA to appreciate this, but I've done a lot for birthdays and Groom's Cakes. It's carved cake with buttercream and airbrush. Very Funny.
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By Jenn123
Jan 3, 2006
I did this brownie for my daughter's Halloween party. The skeleton is made out of popcorn.
3 4
By pastrypantry
Apr 11, 2006
This was a suprize for my friend's birthday. Got the idea from Jenn123's cake. My friend has a thing with possums...alive or dead! She loved the cake & told me she wanted a bigger one for her wedding (not engaged, lol)! It was red velvet inside, with cream cheese icing (used the spatula striping method with a grass tip for the fur). MMM for the head, feet, and tail. I used melted white chocolate and color dabbed all over the head and tail for added "fur." I'm really happy with it except the tire mark...
28 22
By soygurl
Dec 21, 2006
Done for a birthday for a woman who loved scary movies
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By Florimbio
Jul 21, 2006
A customer requested that I make a cake that looked like roadkill for a party that she hostesses with her husband every year. They call it a roadkill bash, and everyone is supposed to bring food that looks disgusting but tastes good. That's my sense of humor!! The tire tracks are not as good as I would have liked, but after doing all that fur, my hands were going numb. She LOVED the result!
12 16
By Melvira
Aug 20, 2006
Grateful Dead birthday cake has Jerry and Dancing Bear made from small bear  3d pan. The small dancing bears are chocolate transfers and the skull was done w/ clear piping gel transfer.  Thanks for looking.
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By my2sunshines
Sep 14, 2006
This zombie was made out of the 3D ball pan & chocolate rolled buttercream for the skin!
7 19
By CakeWitch
Jun 27, 2006
Made as a surprise for a friend's fiance, who is a "deadhead".  Yellow cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling and BC icing.   Logo is a FBCT and roses are BC.
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By auntsushi
Oct 15, 2006
This is a yellow cake with mocha cream cheese frosting. It is a birthday cake for a grown man that loves the Evil Dead movies. This is the "Book of the Dead" from Evil Dead II.
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By Bethroze
Dec 1, 2006
A friend of mine threw her husband a surprise 30th bday party; the theme being 'saying goodbye to his youth'. When she told me 'funeral theme' I knew this was a chance to get creative.
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By MarciaStewart
Mar 19, 2007
This was for a friend - its a dirty Alaskan snowbank with ravens picking at an arm that is melting out of it.
By KoryAK
Apr 11, 2007
This cake was for my husbands birthday and he wanted a Jerry Garcia cake.  The cake is strawberry (from scratch) with white chocolate buttercream for the flesh tone and regular buttercream for all other.  The nose is made from white chocolate modeling chocolate.  I'm not totally satisfied but he was happy and enjoyed it very much
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By tyoung22000
Apr 27, 2007
this was my final cake for wilton course 1. my instructor was awesome. she wanted to let us choose the design and since it was my husbands birthday and he loves the dead this is what i chose. swiss chocolate cake with white buttercream icing. picture was done with piping gel pattern transfer then in buttercream.
2 2
By wakeandbake
Jul 24, 2007
3 4
By delicious_designs7
Aug 15, 2007
This has to be the strangest cake request we've ever had, but it was a lot of fun to make! :)
The theme was the Mexican "Day of the Dead" celebration (even though the customers are not latin at all, they just like it!)
The coffins are made of cake, iced in BC.  The base, backboard, skeletons and wires holding the cross and flags are the only non-edible components.  The dirt is oreo crumbs, the skulls are fondant/gum paste and everything else is gumpaste (even accents on the skeletons). 23"x14"x12"
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By xpressioncakes
Aug 22, 2007
This is a fondant deer I am working on for a groom's cake this weekend (if all goes will be a 3D model of his jeep with a deer draped avross the hood!)  The bride and groom are going on a hunting trip for their honeymoon, he has no idea what his cake will be.  all he said was that he wanted a deer on it, the bride said "Run with It!!!" and this is the idea that she and I settled on.  Still have lots of detail work left to go, will post another photo of the whole cake when it's finished.
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By gmcakes
Aug 30, 2007
My nephew had his birthday party at the Monster Golf place so I made his cake accordingly. The hand is gumpaste. The rest is whipped buttercream. He LOVED it.
By mushbug9
Sep 8, 2007
3D Grateful Dead bear cake requested for a girl's 16th birthday.  Used the 3D bear, and carved some of the face.  Buttercream icing, the bib is fondant.  Let me know what you think!  Little unsure of this one!
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By sreale
Sep 27, 2007
This is an over the hill cake shaped like a headstone.  The cake has internal dowels to add support so it can be "tall and thin".  I used royal icing for the grass.
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By spohnj
Oct 5, 2007
20" long and about 8" at the widest  and 4" tall (I have a scale template and if anyone would like it, please pm me).  Red velvet inside, of course :)  Fondant with royal piping, the pumpkins are RKT inside, and the dirt is oreo crumbs.  Yes this was a GROOM'S cake!
14 59
By KoryAK
Oct 15, 2007
I made this a couple of years ago for hubby's 30th birthday. He's a huge Grateful Dead fan.  Bottom was a 9 x 13, top a 9 inch round.  I printed a copy of the steal your face symbol, cut out the pieces and laid them on the cake, and then used a toothpick to trace the symbol onto the cake (this was before I knew about the pin prick method).  All buttercream.
Oct 19, 2007
chocolate vanilla swirl sponge cake covered in real buttercream, fondant roses and daisies, buttercream apple blossoms and spider.......................for a Halloween Party this upcoming weekend
3 10
By dkulak
Oct 24, 2007
Inspired by Ellepal's Zombie Head..........
8" Chocolate/yellow cake filled & iced with chocolate icing.  
Cake was carved into approximate shape and cake scraps
used to build up the facial features (cheekbones, brows, nose).
Fondant eyeball and teeth were put in position, then the cake
was covered in fondant. Finally, cake was airbrushed and 
painted with food color to look even creepier!
7 6
By Beckalita
Oct 25, 2007
My first cake! Everything on top is all fondont. Has a party for spanish class and I'm not doing so hott in that class. Soooooo I worked my beind off making this cake hoping to get a little extra credit.  I still don't know if I actully did but I liked it and even though most people didn't lik the fondont they said the cake itself was great and it looked beautiful so it made me happy enough extra credit or not!
By Angelica101
Nov 16, 2007
2 6
By Lis1964
Dec 21, 2007
A full sheet cake to match the local high schools band half time show and t-shirt (to the right of the cake) for this seasons marching show.  Thanks for looking.
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By Suzycakes
Jan 8, 2008
Frozen butter cram transfer
1 3
By sweetsaracakes
Feb 1, 2008
chocolate buttercrean frosting, royal icing roses and glass skeletons
7 17
By sweetsaracakes
Feb 1, 2008
one cool piratecake!! he lovessss pirates.. :)
9 77
By Keetie
Feb 15, 2008
I made this cake for my son's birthday.  He had to have it after seeing  waterfallsoygurl's cake.  I also looked at the other road kill cakes on cc for inspiration.  It did not turn out as well as any of the others.  I did not have the time I wanted to spend on it so it suffered in the process.  buttercream fur using grass tip.  MMF tail, feet and head.
2 1
By luelue1971
Feb 17, 2008
The wide view, of the cake I made for my friend who just loves zombies!
3 1
By cake_or_death
Mar 24, 2008
i actually enjoyed doing this one did'nt think i would.
chocolate cake covered with fondant
3 3
By loux2
Mar 31, 2008
This was actually bday cake for a friend. Bottom is yellow, top is strawberry, both have choc. icing (her request), and it's tinted blk. Topper is real mexican sugar skulls with royal icing...very hard to do because they have to be done just right or won't set up.
2 7
By liapsim
May 10, 2008
Birthday cake for the lead singer of Rude Awakening. I was asked to create a cake based off of their song "Death Faeries". She was alot of fun to make and they absolutely loved her!
13 87
By BlackBoxBakery
Jun 29, 2008
I made these for my DeadHead brothers birthday.  Got the cookie cutter off eBay.  Toba's glaze used to decorate.  Forgot to take a photo before I packaged them.
2 2
By maplecakes
Jul 11, 2008
Made this for my BIL's 30th Birthday... for those who don't get the reference, this is a replica of the album artwork from The Grateful Dead's "Terrapin Station"  I modified it to make it into a birthday celebration!  House is actually made of chocolate cookie and assembled like a gingerbread house.  Details in royal icing, fondant, and gumpaste.   Turtle figures are polymer clay sculptures, airburshed with thinned acrylic paint.
3 7
By daneza75
Aug 31, 2008
Much tougher than I planned on... TFL!
4 5
By bdrider
Oct 5, 2008
Sugar cookies with royal icing
12 31
By mundy33
Oct 10, 2008
Myself & best friend did this for a 16yr olds birthday party at a historic prison recently. She wanted her favorite doll & Johnny Depp on the cake. The party was for 100+ people so we ended up making what felt like a million cupcakes covered w/ red dyed coconut flakes, tiny candy bones, and "metal" studs (which we also used to rim the cake as well).  
Ps-The studs are actually those candy dots from your childhood that you would always end up eating a little bit of the paper covered in luster dust!
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By lyricalcakes
Oct 16, 2008
Some poor soul lost his head and has the brains to prove it!  Good eaten when still warm!   Cake iced in butter creme, airbrushed skins tones, and used fondant for neck bone, tongue and bloody cleaver.  Rubber rat and gummy candy eye for effects; sorry ran out of time to make those.  Green and Red food color added to cake inside for a gross effect !
2 8
By robinhanson
Oct 19, 2008


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