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Nothing really specialy about this cake, just posting this to show the Special Dark Chocolate Butter Cream Icing I was finally able to make using Hershey's new dutch processed cocoa.  I made this for a close friend's 43rd birthday.  We both LOVE dark chocolate!!  I really like the color of this frosting, so glad I was finally able to find the cocoa!!
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By smileyface
Jan 10, 2006
This was a cake made for a lady who makes primitive quilts. She works at the Gooseberry Patch - I didn't realize how well it matched one of their books until my daughter went and got it and set it by the cake! 9X13 Chocolate cake w/ buttercream - different tips for different areas - added some texture.
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By Loucinda
Jan 29, 2006
Cake I made for my husband to take to work, Devil's food cake with chocolate frosting.  The roses on top are light and dark chocolate (the Wilton book does it in pink).  I also used a serrated scraper for the sides and piped dots for the border on the bottom.
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By Samsgranny
Mar 15, 2006
This cake was colored after the dark olive green fabric used in the wedding decor.  I tried to choose a picture that would show as much as the color scheme as possible.  Opinions?  It wasn't my favorite cake because of the dark color - but I did enjoy doing something other than "white"!  You can view some of my other cake creations at  Thanks for looking!
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By OCakes
Mar 16, 2006
8" round w/ BC icing, BC flames and fondant silhouettes.  Once again I like to thank Boween for her inspiration. :)  The flames were fun to make!!!!  Had to watch myself...I was getting carried away!
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By bjfranco
May 14, 2006
My first attempt at ganache.  I love the way it looked on the cake.  layers of dark choc choc chip and white choco cake with dark choc ganache filling.  Used white choc melts for the top.
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By dodibug
May 28, 2006
I did this at Xiomara's Bakery Basic Baking Class... Basic Puerto Rican Birthday Cake decorated with a Beach Theme... The Sand is light & dark brown sugar. The sea is made out of blue piping gel mixed with royal icing. The clouds are smushed marshmallows. It also have gummy octopus, fish cheese cookies, a variety of plastic figures. Thanks for watching... Hope you liked it!!!
By AsharEdith
Jun 11, 2006
My mother LOVES ice cream, so I thought this would be a fun cake for her.  Yellow butter cake with BC (crumb coat and whipped cream), fondant (Wilton and dark chocolate Satin Ice), melted Wilton dark chocolate (hot fudge), Butterscotch sauce mixed with melted white chocolate (butterscotch sauce), and candied cherries.  Oval pan for boat, mini balls for scoops.
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By FunCakesVT
Jun 22, 2006
I made this simple cake for my "retirement" , actually it was my going away party that my co-workers are throwing me. I just wanted to make something to say "thank you". It's confetti cake, with whipped dark chocolate ganache filling, dark chocolate buttercream, and I used the VIVA technique.
Jun 25, 2006
Dark chocolate cake with dark, white, and regular chocolate icing.
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By jennianne
Jun 30, 2006
This is one of two birthday cakes I made for friends last weekend. This is a dark chocolate almond cake torted into four 8-inch layers filled with dark chocolate caramel buttercream and caramel. Crumb-coated with caramel and then frosted with dark chocolate caramel buttercream. I decorated it with tootsie roll roses, purple-tinted vanilla buttercream, double-chocolate pirouline cookies, and purple ribbons.
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By writer_mom
Sep 12, 2006
Carrot cake with colored white chocolate coating and dark chocolate 'faces'.  What a riot!!  Such fun!
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By FunCakesVT
Oct 26, 2006
They are vanilla and chocolate. The lining has a leaf pattern that matches the leaves on top. I made the leaves out of royal icing. I made around 200 leaves, it took a while, lol.
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By manatee19
Dec 1, 2006
First attempt Christmas ornaments.  White caramel cupcakes with mini half ball on top.  Rolled buttercream, royal icing, pearls and snowflakes for decoration.  Some super pearl and luster dust used.  Hangers are luster dust covered fondant.  Thanks to BlakesCakes for the inspiration and instruction.  The dark ornaments are actually purple and blue.
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By cupcake55
Dec 15, 2006
My husband wanted me to try making him a cake the flavor as the orange candy that is dipped in chocolate. We usually get them during Christmas time.  They also come in a ball.  Believe it or not it tasted just like the candy.  Orange cake with Dark chocolate icing.
By diamond008
Jan 21, 2007
White modeling chocolate roses and fans, hand molded not cutters used.  This was top cake layer of three. The middle layer was covered in milk chocolate and bottom layer in dark modeling chocolate roses and fans.
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By Karenelli
Jan 23, 2007
Dark Chocolate butter cream, covered with fondant, and pure chocolate in the middle, my husband wants me quit, Say's he is gaining weight:)
By Whitefawn
Feb 4, 2007
I made this cake for my husband's 41st birthday. It is a homemade 2-layer dark chocolate fudge cake torted into four layers filled with dark chocolate fudge mousse. The frosting is semisweet chocolate ganache and 41 hand-dipped raspberries. I topped the raspberries off with leftover ganache for some extra chocolatey goodness. It was delicious.
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By writer_mom
Feb 7, 2007
Chocolate entry for Rochester, NY, Epilepsy Foundation's annual chocolate ball fundraiser.  Each year they chose a theme.  this year was pirates.  All decorations are made out of chocolate modelling paste(melt chocolate, add corn syrup, let firm up). Islands are cake underneath.  Pirate ship is rice krispy treats underneath.  All items are edible, even treasure chest and the contents.  Map is rolled out white chocolate modelling paste. Bronz medal won for it.
10 20
By tanyacakes
Feb 8, 2007
Old Fashion Banana Cake (my grandmother's recipe), filled & iced with dark chocolate ganache.  MMF accents.
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By kendraanne
Mar 2, 2007
This was my first time making and using ganache to coat a cake.  Turned out pretty good!  Chocolate fudge cake filled with whipped chocolate ganache.  Coated with dark chocolate ganache and topped with whipped ganache rosettes, white chocolate, and milk chocolate.  White chocolate filigree.  Yep, that's 5 different types of chocolate!  I'm sending it to work tomorrow with DH so I won't be tempted ;)
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By startropics
Mar 12, 2007
I made this cake for my sister-in-law. She is really into scrapbooking and crafts. She just made a couple of acrostic pages for my other sister-in-law. (An acrostic is a poem or other writing in which the letters of a word spells out another message.) It a 13X9 sheet chocolate almond cake torted with rich caramel and a dark chocolate mousse. The cake is frosted with dark chocolate buttercream and pink-tinted vanilla buttercream.
By writer_mom
Mar 30, 2007
This is my 3rd attempt at a cake.  I made a dark chocolate cake and used the buttercream dream recipe I found on this site.  The beads I made earlier this week and tossed them on there for the fun of it.  I was trying to see if I could do swirls.  I think my frosting was too melty so it was tough but I look forward to my next try which will be soon!!
Thank you for looking everyone.
By Sunny77
Mar 30, 2007
This was made for a constumer who was turning 40.
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By kdees
Apr 21, 2007
mini cake 2" and 3" stacked...scratch vanilla from whimsical bakehouse (mmm) and whipped milk chocolate ganache. went for the rustic look, and used plain parchment paper for the chocolate wrap so it would be wavy and uneven. swirled white and dark chocolate with toothpick and topped with fresh blackberries, ribbon and a glitteted butterfly.
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By melysa
May 14, 2007
Bday cake for my twin sister ("the evil twin")! I wanted to use her fave colors - black & burgundy and make it gothy for her. The bottom 9" is lemon blueberry cake. It is filled with a mixture of bc & lemon curd and iced in bc. The top cake is choc choc chip pound cake with alternating layers of choc and cookies & cream filling and iced in choc bc. The monkey is MMF and so is her name. The flames are also MMF that I colored and then airbrushed. The studs are edible silver dragees.
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By indigojods
May 27, 2007
i did this for a friend that loves WOW it choc cake with choc mouse filling covered in choc icing some fondant on pillars statues are ri.
By Erlyns_Treats
Jun 16, 2007
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By Barbend
Jun 30, 2007
Covered in buttercream and dark chocolate fondant, all decorations made with fondant and painted with luster dust
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By Reyna
Jul 13, 2007
Just playing around with candy melts. For a 1st try with a chocolate wrap, not too bad I think. I'll keep working at it.
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By KellyKrocker
Jul 20, 2007
This was for a housewarming shower... The flowers are artifical silks...
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By Cakeyladey
Jul 29, 2007
My friend, ljberry actually iced and decorated this cake for me, this was my daughter's wedding cake, I did the groom's cake and baked all the cakes.  This cake was done in aqua blue and dark chocolate fondant bow, thanks for looking!
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By loree001
Aug 6, 2007
To go along with the white chocolate ruffled cake for an order tomorrow.
22 30
By ShirleyW
Aug 10, 2007
Chocolate, whipped cream, M&M, Malted Milk Balls, Kit kat Bars, Piourette Cookies, dark chocolate rich cake.  Yummy good!  BIG TX to roxnyny!!   You Rock!  Thanks for your yummy idea on this cake!
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Aug 19, 2007
Hershey Bakeoff GRAND PRIZE 1st PL Winner; Hershey DK Choc w/DK Choc Cream Filling, DK CH Whipped CR Frs, deco w/Hersh DK CH Kisses & drizzled w/melted Hersh DK CH Kisses; cake contains Hersh DK CH Syrup & Hersh DK CH Cocoa. CH Sprinkles in the filling.  Photo was taken as afterthought..DD held it on her lap on way to event. Cake went lickety-split fast.   This cake is every chocolate lovers dream.  Very rich, decadent cake.  First time I ever won on the Hershey Bake Off at our local Fair!!
Aug 21, 2007
All decorations - palette, paintbrush, picture - are made out of either white chocolate or dark chocolate.  I used uncooked thick spagetti to mold chocolate around for paintbrush to get it nice and straight.
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By tanyacakes
Aug 22, 2007
All buttercream. Real Roses. 3 tier main cake (14" 10" 6") and (4) 8" rounds around cake. Based on cake out of Wilton book.
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By jreimer
Aug 26, 2007
Hi sugar friends!
Wasn't sure if I could match her swatch, especially since I had to match sugar ribbon and dust on the gumpaste hydrangea.  But, thank goodness it all pulled together great!  Thanks for peeking!
Jennifer Dontz
Traveling sugar teacher
22 108
By JenniferMI
Sep 4, 2007
Mud cake with Dark chocolate frosting and ganache. I made another one like it for a cake auction. I added the name plaque so she would feel "special"
By ConnieSue
Sep 6, 2007
Doll's dark skin was requested by my customer. The outfit resembles the same one the girl wore on her birthday.
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By awela
Dec 27, 2007


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