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Damask in royal icing.  Black fondant roses on top.
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By tomatoqeen
Sep 22, 2009
My sister and I made this cake for my cousin's engagement. It's our first time trying something like this. The bottom tier is two mudcakes stacked on top of each other and the top tier is a single mudcake. All are filled and covered with ganache and then covered in fondant. The design and ribbon are black fondant. To make the design, I blew up the design on her invitation and cut out a template, then used the template to cut out the fondant. We put the hearts on top and the black base on so that it wouldn't look too much like a wedding cake.
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By Melnick
Sep 25, 2009
Chocolate cake with cheesecake filling.  Damask desing is stenciled on with royal icing.
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By JennaB
Sep 28, 2009
Blue fondant with Black damask stenciling. This cake was a huge hit at my wedding show.
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By lovetofrost
Oct 2, 2009
My first time piping letters and scrolls, I thought it was pretty fun once I got the hang of it! The cake is WASC with buttercream, covered in MMF. TFL!
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By SaucyFraggle
Oct 2, 2009
Baptism cake for our Pastor's newborn.  My first time stenciling.  Used Sam's Club BC, but I must have gotten one of the batches that didn't crust as well.  The stencil did leave some marks.
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By PuffMamaT
Oct 3, 2009
A Simple yet totally elegant cake.

Sprayed with luster and wrapped in real ribbon.
Monogram was done to exactly match the couples napkins. My hubby- the handwriting genius did it for me.
Loved this cake- loved the reception set up!
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By luvscakes
Oct 5, 2009
This is the first cake I've ever stenciled. I used it for a display cake at a craft show.  Pink MMF and brown royal icing for the stencil.
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By SimplyIced
Oct 5, 2009
Tiramisu cake with mascarpone filling and AMBC
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By saberger
Oct 5, 2009
Wedding cake I did for a black & white damask-themed wedding.
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By BitofWhimsyCakes
Oct 8, 2009
my first wedding cake ...and geez did this wind me 
lots of fun but stressful at the same time 
5 tier 6/8/10/12/14 all chocolate cake with nutella buttercream (brides favorite)
Funny story happened on delivery ....the cake table was unstable and thank god i ws still there gathering last minutte things otherwise this might have been filed under cake disasters 
Thank you to all fellow cc'ers for the wonderful inspiration
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By Ren29
Oct 12, 2009
This was a wedding cake made to match the bride's invitation.  I used a stencil for the damask pattern. MMF with royal icing stenciling.
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By mysticalcakes
Oct 13, 2009
Hello.....I wasn't too sure on this one..but i think it turned out ok, This is a 6,8,10 and 12 inch squared...all covered in Choc Satin ice....and the two layers has real ribbon (from the bride) and the others is the damasking with a brown Royal icing on it...
No flowers, just the monogram, I like flowers...but that is me...HEHE

Thanks for looking NIcole
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By nicoles-a-tryin
Oct 14, 2009
160 cupcakes for one of the nicest brides I have had the pleaure of meeting.  lemon raspberry surprise, raspberry chocolate truffle, mayan chocolate decadence, each design was a different flavor.  this order was fun but way more work than I had anticipated....
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By cr8zchpr
Oct 18, 2009
3 tier white wedding cake with damask print on each tier accented with red roses and white accent flowers
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By dobo86
Oct 26, 2009
This was for my daughter for her 23rd b-day.  I needed to do a test cake for a wedding I have in a week....the stencils are from Designer Stencils....fondant covered 8inch cake, white chocolate cake and strawberry mousse flg.  
Stenciling is done with Wilton out of the tube black buttercream!!  Thanks SugarShack for that tip!!
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By jlsheik
Oct 28, 2009
MMF with Buttercream stencil and writing. My first try with the damask stencil. I have a lot to learn about it but I think once I do I'll really like using them.
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By Tellis12
Oct 30, 2009
All fondant with damask stenciling....ribbon and rhinestones.
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By jlsheik
Oct 31, 2009
White layer cake with strawberry and buttercream filling, frosted with buttercream, covered in fondant. Fondant cut-out silouhettes and hand-painted damask design on the sides.
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By maggiec25
Nov 4, 2009
Stenciled with thinned paste color. Rose, ribbon and letters out of gumpaste. The bride wanted those little letters on the left side of the upper cake, only as emblem. In my opinion it would look better, when the letters are bigger and upstanding....
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By pippilotta
Nov 6, 2009
6,8,10, and 12-  I was so excited to try stenciling on the side of a cake!  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but VERY time consuming.  I masked off the top with painters tape so it would have a clean edge on top.  Then used a putty knife to spread on the royal icing.
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By brea1026
Nov 6, 2009
I made this cake for my first contest...and I won. :)
I used Fondarific fondant. (Very awesome stuff - and so are the ladies that own it :) Then I used a stencil with royal icing.
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By Promeegirl
Nov 8, 2009
This was my 2nd damask cake of the weekend.  It was for one of my best friend's wedding.  TFL!
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By brea1026
Nov 8, 2009
All Fondant with damask stencil...done in black buttercream.  The "lift" is styrofoam covered in ribbon.
The mansion was dark and it was hard to get a good shot of this...I am hoping the photographer will send me a disc of his!
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By jlsheik
Nov 8, 2009
Buttercream with stencil, and fondant accents. The feathers were my favorite :)
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By sweetkisses
Nov 9, 2009
Oval and round tiers on oval and round Wilton "Always and Forever" separator rings.  Top oval tier is carrot cake, middle rounf tier is key lime pie cake, bottom round is dark chocolate cake
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By laventure
Nov 9, 2009
my first wedding cake!  for my brother's wedding and i was also a bridesmaid... never again!  12, 10, 8, 6 squares iced and decorated with BC.  without the awesome power of SPS this thing would have never made it!
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By ebredhawk
Nov 11, 2009
I made these cupcakes and cake for a store Holiday party.  The stand I made from wallpaper they had leftover from the store and covered it so it would not be stained from the buttercream.  The cake on top is a damask stencil and I handpiped the logo from their store.  The cupcake I just did a variety of designs but my favorite are the roses.  Hope you like it.
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By sweetbabycake
Nov 11, 2009
made for my daughter's teacher's duaghter's 2nd birthday
top is a 5" coconut mud in fondant, base is a double barrel 7" in 1 in strawberry and the other in caramel vovered in fondant with edible image detail, silver cachous, fondant plaques and clear pearls are unedible
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By deliciously_decadent
Nov 12, 2009
5" double barrell or 2x7" and a 9"
one of my all time fave cakes to make!!! covered in fondant then i applied damask printed edible imaged and edged the tiers in black royal icing pearls, hot pink ribbon is fondant and the bow is gumpaste
thanks for looking :-)
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By deliciously_decadent
Nov 12, 2009
6 31
By cookinqueen
Nov 13, 2009
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By Katie9812
Nov 16, 2009
3 tier topsy turvy. pina colada rum flavored. Damask stenciling.
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By shesacraftie1
Nov 17, 2009
I am doing a Bridal show in the middle of Jan. Here is a my newest display cake for it.
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By Jenn2179
Nov 19, 2009
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By Fancicakes
Nov 19, 2009
This cake was done for my aunt's 69th birthday. This was my first time doing stenciling. The cake is covered in MMF. The flower is gumpaste. The cake is lemon with lemon curd filling and fresh raspberries. TFL.
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By pattycakescookies
Nov 22, 2009
The hand made flowers were to match the couples center pieces  for a wedding at Berkeley Church in Toronto. The fuchsia and lilac matched the their colour scheme while the damask print added a dramatic touch.
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By fortheloveofcake11
Nov 30, 2009
Design based off of the baby's bedding. Gumpaste booties and fondant bows. Damask is BC.
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By KittisKakes
Dec 3, 2009
This black and white (slightly cream) wedding cake was inspired by a damask print and
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By fortheloveofcake11
Dec 5, 2009
Inspired by Collette Peters, although not nearly as good.  Covered with Ivory MMF and RI brushed embroidery.  Thanks for looking
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By angelak
Dec 12, 2006


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