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I loved this cake.  It was for my cousins surprise bday party.  She cried when she saw her cake (best feeling in the world for me as a new cake decorator)   The inspiration came from Leahs.  Thank you for sharing your advice with me, and thank you for looking...  You all have inspired me to keep pushing and challenging myself.
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By dcabrera
Apr 19, 2009
All BC black & white damask cake, using stencil.  I love this look!  Bow is gumpaste with a little lustre dust.  Thanks for looking!
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By beachcakes
Apr 20, 2009
The cake was covered in an ivory marshmallow fondant. The bottom and 2nd tier was stenciled with black royal icing, using the damask stencil from Designer Stencils. The 3rd tier was wrapped with a 2 layer fondant ribbon and had their monogram hand painted. The top tier was stenciled with the motif from their invitation and topped with a pink bow to match the border and base of cake.
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By sweetcakesbyrebecca
Apr 21, 2009
This was for a ladies get-together at a local church.  They decorated in spring colors, with petunias and ladies' hats on each table.  I covered my cake with my signature vanilla cream cheese fondant, which I also used to make my petunias!  I didn't have a petunia cutter, but hand molding turned out to be pretty easy!  Also my first try with buttercream stenciling!  I sprinkled the top stencil with light green sparkling sugar for added elegance.
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By kansaswolf
Apr 24, 2009
All white cake with bc, first time to do stencil on sides with white RI. Real flowers. 6-12-14
By Shelly4481
Apr 25, 2009
Made to match invitation.  TFL
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By vnm42101
Apr 29, 2009
This cake is covered in fondant and the design is piped with royal icing to match the wedding invitations.  The bride is a graphic artist and she designed how she wanted the cake to look.  I absolutely love what she chose for her cake!
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By Jessmar
May 2, 2009
white cake with strawberry cream cheese filling. buttercream frosting and black is dark chocolate fudge icing from the can colored black. damask design is an edible image.
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By gemstone2404
May 3, 2009
Damask was done with designer stencils out of royal icing. All layers covered in fondant with fondant accents. Hardest cake I've ever done (structurally)! The middle tier was 3 layers thick and weighed a TON! All came together in the end & the bride-to-be loved it!
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By bsweetcakes
May 4, 2009
Fondant covered. Bottom tier I used a stencil and royal icing.  The middle tier  was wrapped with black satin ribbon and a rhinestone buckle. The top tier I used the diamond impression mat and then put pearls at the cross sections.  The topper I ordered plain online and then added a few rhinestone for extra bling!  Fondant roses with non edible crystals mixed in on top.
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By BCo
May 12, 2009
Sour Cream Vanilla Cake with Buttercream Icing & fondant accents
By Polkadot79
May 18, 2009
I made my first professional  wedding cake this weekend.  It is iced with buttercream, mmf decorations and gum paste roses and hydrangeas.  This cake was a LOT of firsts for me, and I had a lot of fun making it.  Thanks for all the help from all the CC Members, and thanks for  looking!!
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By slice09
Jun 1, 2009
My girlfriend asked me to do a cake for her new MIL's birthday so this is what I did.  Thank you Sharon for your boxes & bows DVD!!   I'm really happy with how this one turned out, especially since the last cake I uploaded I was so disappointed with this renewed my confidence in my abilities.  TFL
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By cakeinthebox4U
Jun 7, 2009
I hand cut the stencil for this one to match the wedding invitation.. this was all buttercream
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By jessi01
Jun 11, 2009
cake dummy from my new range for the 09/10 spring summer wedding season
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By deliciously_decadent
Jun 12, 2009
Rolled Chocolate over chocolate raspberry cake with ivory ribbon and ivory damask.  A homemade stencil was used for the damask.
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By yeastconfection
Jun 15, 2009
7 Tiered cake with damask pattern on two tiers. Embellished with Swarovski rhinestone mongram and a few on the pillowed tier. Bows are accented also with Rhinestones and avocado luster dust. Black and White stripes make a good base for this masterpiece and bring attention up to the middle elevated tier.
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By CAKE_goodness
Jun 24, 2009
This is a cake I just finished yesterday for a customer that works in a nearby hospital and has a patient that is expecting is a few weeks(at least they hope she can last that long) and is on dialysis and in Kidney failure.  She couldn't pay me very much, but I had the prompting to "go the extra mile" on this one for the mother.  I finally got to try out the Damask treatment that I learned from Nick Lodge a couple of months ago in a class that I was lucky enough to attend.  Everything here is completely out of gum paste, and fondant.  I'm getting better at sculpting and making flowers too.  My customer(who is also my friend and next door neighbor) was just floored and couldn't stop telling how fantastic is was.  I was happy to do it for the new mother.  TFL
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By Momkiksbutt
Jul 9, 2009
This was for my brother's wedding in May. I know there are several mistakes I wish I'd been able to fix, but this cake traveled six hours through torrential rainstorms, so I was just thankful each tier was still in one piece! This may possibly be my LAST wedding cake as well as first!
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By Callyssa
Jul 10, 2009
My first wedding cake attempt, for my brother's wedding.  Bride chose design, and I warned her I had no experience with square cakes or with stencils!  I had trouble all around - my scratch white cake would not bake tall enough, and I had to add foam core under the bottom layer to be tall enough for the stencil.  The royal icing got too thin when adding black coloring, but would get too gray if I added more sugar, so it was too thin to do accurate stenciling, hence the slightly messy look.  It was 90 degrees in my kitchen both days I worked on it, so everything was just a bit harder to work with.  In the end, it came out decent, and the bride loved it, and the guests all complimented me on the flavor, so that's good.  Oh, the bride's mother placed 3 random pink roses right on top after I set up the cake....they didn't go with the design at all in my opinion!
4 7
By Larkin121
Jul 20, 2009
Made this as a surprise for my friend at the request of her husband. First time using a stencil and I LOVE IT!!! Easier than I thought it would be. First gift box. First time making gum paste roses and applying them to a cake.
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By CakeInfatuation
Jul 28, 2009
Vanilla cake with buttercream and fondant icings.  Gum paste roses and air brushed pattern.
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By reenie
Jul 28, 2009
My boss just loves Buddy's cake from the Wedding Cake Competition on Food Network. So here's my version for our front window. I had some real issues with this guy including the fact that one of the bakers iced it in Royal and it was all lumpy and had air bubbles. My boss's husband didn't want to use that much fondant on a display cake. So... I tried to make it work and cover as many of the imperfections as I could. It was a real challenge stenciling on lumpy royal icing but all in all, it turned out pretty and the customers seem to like it.
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By CakeInfatuation
Aug 6, 2009
My first use of my new cake stencil. German Chocolate layers filled with chocolate cream and frosted with a light chocolate buttercream
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By dymeans
Aug 7, 2009
Hello....Thank you so much to cakelady77 for your help..i was really scared to try this...but it was easier then I thought....It is MMF with Royal icing...i bought the stencils from Global sugar art...and bought the putty knife from Home depot, Thanks so much for looking NIcole
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By nicoles-a-tryin
Aug 13, 2009
BC with black fondant ribbon and scrolls (Jennifer Doontz scroll cutters used).
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By Mencked
Aug 13, 2009
This design was inspired by the lindee's original design.  A big thanks to her for such a great design.  My bride saw the picture and was in love with it.  The round wedding cake is 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", and 16" tiers in all buttercream.  Fresh roses and orchids in the brides colors of cerise, orange, pink, green, and purple were used.  Handmade crystal "H" monogram.
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By tcakes65
Aug 16, 2009
This is a cake for my SIL's engagement celebration this past weekend.  I had some issues from smeared stenciling to collapsing jewelry box lids but overall I was happy with final result.  Thanks for looking!
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By noosie
Aug 17, 2009
I made 2 identical cakes for an appreciation lunch at my church. WASC coverd in fondant with black royal damask stencil and black and white gumpaste roses.  It match the damask decorations perfectly.  It was my first time stenciling and I wasn't feeling well so they turned out better than what I thought they would
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By tracycakes
Aug 22, 2009
This is a buttercream with a fondant borders.  The stencil was done in sugar veil.  It's a 6, 9, 12.   I also made 50 cupcakes.  Thanks for looking.
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By tinygoose
Aug 22, 2009
Damask design done peach.  6", 8", 12", and 14" tiers in all buttercream with pearl ribbon.  "M" monogram topper with fresh hyrdrangeas around the cake stand.
4 23
By tcakes65
Aug 23, 2009
my first cake i thought was worthy for CC!  my MIL's birthday cake and an opportunity to try out my new designer stencil!  i am in love with this method!  frosted and decorated in BC, strawberry cake with cookies 'n cream filling.
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By ebredhawk
Aug 25, 2009
15 year girl who liked damask and wanted black and white only.  WASC with fondant.
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By makeminepink
Aug 29, 2009
Bridal Shower cake made to match the wedding invitation. Damask was done with stencil and black royal icing.
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By hollyh
Aug 29, 2009
This four tier hexagon cake was covered in homemade white chocolate fondant and then stenciled with black royal icing.  The bright colored gumpaste flowers were handmade and included Calla Lilies, Roses, Hydrangea, Hypericum berries, Daisies, Small fillers and Sweet peas.  Small fondant ribbon trimmed the bottom edges of the cake and were finished with a little bow in the front.  The pattern was heavier toward the top of the cake and less was applied on the lower tiers.  The cake was amaretto with chopped maraschino cherries and shaved milk chocolate added to the batter and the same was added to the Bavarian cream filling between the tiers.  It was as delicious as it was beautiful.
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By DenaB
Sep 4, 2009
fondant covered shoe box cake, gp shoe to match the actual bride's shoe, pearl necklace (from Earlene's pearl instructions), red lipstick tube, red rose petals, gp plaque.  Butter yellow cake with vanilla SMBC and chopped reduced peaches in the filling.
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By sweetiesbykim
Sep 8, 2009
Fondant stripes, bows, and polka dots on concave, bc iced round cakes. "16" is piped with melted (then colored) white chocolate. Top tier is stenciled buttercream. One of my bow loops broke, so I had to put the bigger bow up top and make a "bow" out of the remaining tails and center piece at the bottom.
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By arosstx
Sep 12, 2009
Cakes are covered in fondant with real roses. It was 4 different flavors.
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By momg9
Sep 21, 2009
10-8-6  covered in fondant and hand stenciled with royal
6 16
By jessi01
Sep 22, 2009
Inspired by Collette Peters, although not nearly as good.  Covered with Ivory MMF and RI brushed embroidery.  Thanks for looking
7 3
By angelak
Dec 12, 2006


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