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This was done as a 50th anniversary cake for some friends.   First time airbrushing stencils, thought it would make such a nice gentle pattern to go with their gold theme.  I like how it turned out, although someday I'd like to make a bit more realistic gumpaste roses.  I generally buy them just to save time but this time I made them.  I actually think it looks nicer in person, esp as the curtains they used are a shiny "damask" type gold and it goes so well with everything!
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By Kitagrl
Mar 13, 2010
I did this cake for a cousin and all I was told was that she liked I had to give the damask stencil another try and l just love the look of it:)
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By kpk125
Mar 13, 2010
The cake was covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. The top tier had a round fondant "broach" with pearlized dragees as accents. The middle tier was a quilted pattern. Rather than using the standard caking tool that creates the quilting look, I freehand the design to make sure that I get the spacing as accurate as possible. In order to do this, I cover the cake and then have to work quickly. First, I measure the diameter of the cake and mark equal distances around the top and bottom of the tier with a toothpick. Then, I take either a strong rule or a straight edge scraper tool and angle it at about a 45 degree angle. I simple connect the top dot with the corresponding bottom dot that is two intervals away (wow, does that make sense at all?). This creates the quilting pattern. Then, I adhere pearlized dragees that match the broach on the top of the cake in the overlapping corners. The design of bottom tier is done by......... using a stencil! Can you believe that? :) I tinted buttercream to match the avocado color of the middle tier. Although it might sound easy, stenciling is pretty challenging when you're putting it onto a round cake, let alone onto fondant. I tried my best and was pretty happy with the outcome.
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By SaltCakeCity
Mar 14, 2010
Covered in light pink fondant with black RI stenciling. Gumpaste bow
By obabassa
Mar 15, 2010
75th birthday.  live roses
By toniajw
Mar 15, 2010
My first attempt at "stenciling".  I love the look and was very surprised/pleased at how it came out for my first.
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By indianacakesbylisa
Mar 15, 2010
I loved making this cake!!!  Lots of firsts for me... First stenciling, tallest single fondant covered tier (the 6" double barrel), first attempt at edible jewels, first fail at edible jewels (went with gum paste & luster dust instead), first and last time I use a boxed cake mix based recipe (I definitely prefer scratch recipes), and first transportation trouble... the cake was rather tall and narrow, smallest tier was 4".  Thanks to Stellastarchild for sharing her converse shoe pattern and directions!  The stencil damask pattern, color scheme, and overall design for this cake is based on the party's invitation... see my blog for more details.
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By mandymakescakes
Mar 15, 2010
By malry8
Mar 18, 2010
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By kaz79
Mar 22, 2010
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By kaz79
Mar 22, 2010
The cake is stenciled with black royal icing...the antique doorknobs are poured sugar, and the necklace is poured sugar and gumpaste chain :o)
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By leslie2748
Mar 22, 2010
I made this wedding cake this past weekend for our good friend's wedding. The damask matched their invitations.
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By Jenn2179
Mar 23, 2010
Inspired by a picture of a cake by glass slipper gourmet brought in by the bride. Fruit cake covered in  purple fondant brushed with edible glitter and stencilled with gold.
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By Tee-Y
Mar 23, 2010
here is the finished product of the damask cake
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By luckygurl1203
Mar 26, 2010
My first attempt at a wedding cake- practice for a friend's wedding.  I stenciled the damask pattern on top and bottom-  would definitely try a different method next time!  Thanks for looking!
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By tnterri
Mar 26, 2010
Made for a wedding today
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By Jenn2179
Mar 27, 2010
Black royal icing over fondant.  Used #2 round tip and free-handed all piping which took five and a half hours...glad it wasn't a bigger cake!!!
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By laventure
Mar 27, 2010
My first attempt at sculpting a cake into a pillow and another first at a shoe.
By lucycoo
Mar 27, 2010
This design is based on the bday girl's bedding set. 10" & 8" rounds covered in fondant. The damask design was printed on my edible image printer. The Eiffel Tower is gumpaste. :-)
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By KimmysKakes
Mar 28, 2010
By TennisJenna
Mar 29, 2010
Hand Painted
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By PSimonaDel
Apr 5, 2010
3 circled layers covered with fondant, center dowels placed through cakes for support. Damask pattern stencilled on with black icing.
By omcdfour
Apr 7, 2010
Sugar cookies iced with royal icing
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By omcdfour
Apr 7, 2010
First time using stencils with royal. I like it!
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By jertmann
Apr 9, 2010
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By dlkitty
Apr 9, 2010
This cake was done for a 40th birhtday celebration.   The two pink tiers were done in buttercream with fondant accents.  The middle white tier was done in all buttercream.  The damask was done using a cake stencil.  First time to use a stencil...I loved it.  The 40 was done in gumpaste with black disco dust.
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By jaklotz1
Apr 10, 2010
Made for a sophisticated baby shower lunch for my very colorful friend.  Vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling.
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By Mrsnoodle
Apr 12, 2010
This is my first cupcake tree that I made for a bridal shower.  Two dozen cupcakes and a 6" carrot cake all with cream cheese icing.  I used 6" cake dummies covered in ribbon for the center rounds.  I love damask.  I learned a lot about stenciling with cream cheese's not easy!  Thanks for looking.
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By goldenangel88
Apr 12, 2010
We worked so hard on this cake.  Had to redo the fondant on two tiers,  then when we get to the venue,  the florist would not let us put the flowers on.  This is what he did to our beautiful cake.  I hate the flower arrangement,  but what could I do.  From now on all my brides will have to sign a paper saying that the flower arranging can only be done by us or there will not be any flowers on the cake.  TFL
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By Denisecharpentier
Apr 12, 2010
baby boy shower cake, fondant/gumpaste bow, royal icing decor, gumpaste bootie
By tiastastytreats
Apr 13, 2010
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By Pilla
Apr 21, 2010
I planned to add more detail to the cake but ran out of time....I held too many hats for this event and simply time was not on my side.  The feather topper matched the table centerpieces.  I'm happy how the cake turned out and the party, it was all worth it in the end!  Oh and stenciling is a PITA!!  LOL
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By Iva1976
Apr 22, 2010
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By Iva1976
Apr 22, 2010
Originally posted yesterday and deleted because of photos.  I blurred her face in order to repost.  I hope that works!  lol   I used MMF and royal icing...TFL
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By Iva1976
Apr 23, 2010
All bc, stenciled sides, baby carriage image idea came from the invitation.
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By arosstx
Apr 24, 2010
Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Covered with fondant with black fondant accents and gumpaste roses.
By craftyleah
Apr 25, 2010
I made this wedding cake for free for a friend.  This was my first wedding cake.   I had alot of trouble with this cake.  Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.  Due to the different problems, I had to change the design of the cake.  I actually liked the end result better than the original design.   I was very pleased with it and the bride and groom were blown away!
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By Kimmie76
Apr 25, 2010
By jenniferchristman78
Apr 26, 2010
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By tonicake
Apr 27, 2010
Vintage style wedding cake. Size: 16,12,8,4 inch
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By eileen50538
May 2, 2010


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