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Design inspired by Lindee's 2009 first place wedding cake.  This was a display cake for a trade expo.  All decoration is edible marshmallow fondant, gumpaste, royal icing, and bows are handcrafted SugarVeil.  Royal purple luster dust achieved by mixing violet, smoky amethyst, and midnight blue.  Stencils are from Designer Stencils and done with royal icing (whew...tough!).
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By laventure
Dec 13, 2009
For a sweet 16 party with a Black & White theme.   Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream filling & WASC cake with vanilla-almond filling.
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By LisaR64
Dec 16, 2009
10" italian cream cake with cream cheese icing. The design was piped free hand in fudge icing. The ribbon around the base is fondant.
By cakesbyleila
Dec 20, 2009
Pina coloda cake with pineapple and buttercream fillings.  Stenciled with royal icing.  First time I did a two tiered fondant cake and first time with a stencil.
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By humminbird712
Dec 25, 2009
My first time doing a monogram.  What a pain!  I think this cake would have looked gorgeous with some red roses on top, but I really hoe it turned out anyway.
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By Cakeasyoulikeit
Dec 28, 2009
This cake was designed by the customer. She wanted this for her New Years Eve Birthday party. The apple represents the first book. The 2 sets of flowers(gumpaste) for the second book. The 3 freyed ribbons on the 3 tiers for the third book and the four chess pieces(fondant) to represent the fourth book. The Birthday girl wanted damask stencil on one of the tiers.  She was thrilled that I was able to envision her cake and it turned out the way she pictured. I'm glad this one is over! It is very nerve racking when the person has every last detail designed out!!
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By kpk125
Jan 4, 2010
Birthday cake for my mum!
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By sabeela
Jan 5, 2010
I stenciled the damask design on to the cake and made the topper
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By jenniferrose2009
Jan 6, 2010
First time using MMF to cover a cake, cracks EVERYWHERE.  Can anyone recommend a way to make MMF smoother?  Also first time using an airbursh machine with damask stencil.  Top tier is PB silk cake, bottom is Chocolate Fudge.  Both iced in buttercream, covered in MMF.  All flowers are gumpaste.
By AXOCutie143
Jan 11, 2010
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By Shaela
Jan 14, 2010
Cake made for Bridal Show.  Fondant with fondant accents.  I made the cake stand by glueing together a bowl and plate.
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By Mencked
Jan 14, 2010
Pink Buttercream Damask Cake with Magnolia Topper
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By PanacheDesserts
Jan 16, 2010
Love this cake.  It's marbled cake covered in homemade vanilla fondant.  The aniversary cake is pistachio with pistachio nuts in it, yum!!
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By olabren
Jan 19, 2010
Designed according to the bride's wishes with cream cheese icing, damask done in black cream cheese icing and real ribbon.  The tiers were alternating. The bottom cake was chocolate with homemade bavarian cream filling, the 3rd tier was carrot cake with cream cheese icing, the top 2 tiers were white chocolate with vanilla rum buttercream.  She absolutely loved it!  Traveled an hour, in the rain, with all 4 tiers stacked.  Love SPS!
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By tracycakes
Jan 20, 2010
Iced in buttercream w/fondant accents.
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By jenje
Jan 28, 2010
This was my first real attempt at a Cricut pattern. Its only a display, but I learned a lot doing it. 6,8,10 covered in Jennifer Dontz's fondant, with cricut florish3 from the Storybook cartridge.
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By jenmat
Jan 28, 2010
I made the tower out of cake boards and cake dummies, wrapping paper and ribbon, and glue. The cake and cupcakes were white chocolate cake with crusting white chocolate (recipe on this site). The cupcakes were topped with vanilla apeels stamped with their initial, and silver dragees. This was so easy to do. Cupcakes are the way to go!
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By TatumCakes
Jan 29, 2010
Made to match my cousin's nursery and shower theme. Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla almond tiers with cream cheese and chocolate cream cheese filling. I was about ready to throw in the towel with this one but I finally finished. TFL!!!
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By aptarpley
Jan 30, 2010
Decorated with buttercream, edible damask transfers and fresh roses.
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By heychele
Jan 31, 2010
4-tiered buttercream icing with black fondant design
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By Andrea53
Feb 5, 2010
Royal icing piped in a damask design on fondant. Thanks for taking a look! :)
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By luckygurl1203
Feb 12, 2010
This is a buttercream with a fondant borders.  The stencil was done in sugar veil.  It's a 6, 9, 12.   I also made 50 cupcakes.  Thanks for looking.
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By tinygoose
Aug 22, 2009
Damask design done peach.  6", 8", 12", and 14" tiers in all buttercream with pearl ribbon.  "M" monogram topper with fresh hyrdrangeas around the cake stand.
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By tcakes65
Aug 23, 2009
First time to do stenciling on a cake & I loved the turn out!!! 6, 8, & 10" squares covered in fondant and then stenciled w/black royal icing. Monogram done in royal icing as well. My favorite cake ever done!!! Hope you like as well =) TFL!
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By kiddocakes
Feb 14, 2010
My first templates! I made this in Photoshop and they can easily be converted to an svg (if you use Inkscape) and they cut beautifully on the Cricut, especially the inlays.
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By chilz822
Feb 17, 2010
This was my second Topsy Turvy and I'm pretty pleased with the results.
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By Cakesbylauram
Feb 21, 2010
double barrel (extebded height) base and top tiers
RI stencil design on fondant, ribbon is satin, buckle unedible
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By deliciously_decadent
Feb 22, 2010
This was my second cake.  It was for my daughter's first birthday.  It's made from the 3d/wedding cake recipe, and MMF.  It was much easier then my first attempt, but I tried piping and sugarpaste for the anemones which was definitely not easy.  I don't know how people work with this stuff, and make it look so effortless...someday!=)
12 85
By allykat77
Feb 23, 2010
Oh, this was a fun one. Draped in fondant with royal icing damask stencil, the top layer is flour less chocolate cake for the bride, Lemon cake, White Velvet & Chocolate candy bar cake are the other layers. The cymbidium orchid and calla lilies are made of gumpaste as well as the monogram. Thanks for looking!
14 28
By jajpowers
Feb 26, 2010
Bridal Shower cake made to match the wedding invitation. Damask was done with stencil and black royal icing.
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By hollyh
Aug 29, 2009
This is my 2nd attempt at a stacked fondant cake  and WOW what an improvement from my first one.  It was for a birthday and I wanted to make an elegant cake, but didn't want it to look too "weddingish."  First time ever ever using a transfer (for the damask) and having to transfer on to fondant - that was FUN lol!  I WAS going to try a royal icing stencil but I ordered the wrong size so the transfer was my back up plan.  It looked ok, but of course it bothered me you could kind of see the paper outline :-/   All the fondant used to cover the cake and for the flowers was homemade :) TFL!!
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By caraleecupcake
Feb 27, 2010
buttercream with fondant bow and edible image. baby made from first impressions mold.   Thanks for looking.
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By klpint
Mar 2, 2010
Blackforrest cake with cherrys and vanilla cake with raspberries and white ganache.
Tulips and cutouts made out of gumpaste
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By pippilotta
Mar 4, 2010
the light was creating such a glare, it was hard to get a pic! hopefully i'll get one from the photographer in a few weeks. fondant icing, royal icing stencil and ribbon border. thanks for looking
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By shorty56
Mar 6, 2010
Fondant with royal icing damask pattern.
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By dreamer61352
Mar 7, 2010
The bottom tier of this cake is covered in MMF and has a buttercream damask pattern.  The top is pink buttercream with white swirls and baby feet on top.  The cake also has pink dragees and luster dust for extra glam
By greerbug73
Mar 7, 2010
Square damask stencil with gum paste rose topper
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By Bfisher2
Mar 7, 2010
My friend wanted a simple cake with a damask pattern. She provided the roses and the groom picked the topper.
The mini cake is for their daughter.
By cakesbyperla
Mar 9, 2010
By dmhart
Mar 12, 2010
I did this cake for a cousin and all I was told was that she liked I had to give the damask stencil another try and l just love the look of it:)
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By kpk125
Mar 13, 2010


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