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My friend sent me pictures of cupcakes that inspired these.  I wish I had the name of the person that made the originals.  I am not sure if she is on CC or not.  If so, THANK YOU.  The decorations and covering are fondant.  I put a bit of buttercream underneath to hold it on.  In the future I would hide the icing underneath better.
By msmanning2
Feb 19, 2008
Lemon Cupcakes with Fresh Lemon Zest Buttercream. 
All accents are MMF. 
2 35
By Destini
Feb 27, 2008
this is my first attempt at a cupcake bouquet.  thanks to Cambo for posting such an informative thread!  7 regular sized cupcakes iced with the 1M tip.
6 38
By sweetpea8
Feb 28, 2008
cupcakes with bc frosting and piped chocolate footballs
By slingmama
Mar 2, 2008
Idea totally borrowed from Cambo's beautiful bouquets, but I tried to do her mums and could not get them right.  I tried different tips and I was pretty happy with this look.  I used tip #61, all butter cupcakes with stiff bc.  I was able to fit 27 mini cupcakes since the pot is a little bigger,  I found the 
pretty pot at the dollar store  = ) TFL
2 3
By CakeswLove
Mar 3, 2008
All buttercream icing
1 4
By cakesbyjackie
Mar 23, 2008
5 5
By bonucc10
Apr 3, 2008
When I saw this idea in here, I had to try it myself!  The icing flowers were quick and easy to make (there's an excellent YouTube video out there from the Culinary Institute of America.)  I did have some trouble with the assemblage!  A note to anyone trying this...your styroform ball needs to be about 2" smaller than your pot/bucket (the cupcakes need the support from the pot's rim.
2 6
By cody1479
Apr 14, 2008
Thank you Robinscakes for your help in making this cupcake.
I really loved your flower. It was so much fun to make
1 3
By cupcakes
Apr 27, 2008
Mini Loaf cupcakes with fondant and 3-d apples.
5 41
By CosmicCupcake
May 8, 2008
Cupcakes using tip 104 & the bigger rose tip. Thank you Ironbaker for the insperation.
1 3
By Monica0271
May 10, 2008
Made these for fun!Rainbow cake with buttercream dream!
7 29
By tenleysmommy
May 14, 2008
250 Cupcake wedding cake (white, carrot cake and red velvet). The blue hydrangeas are handmade out of gumpaste. The white circles with the Rs are gumpaste with royal icing.
3 5
By Kortni
May 16, 2008
By Cupcakechick
May 31, 2008
cupcakes for school.  NFSC bunny face & vanilla cupcakes w/ BC (idea taken from Wilton website)
1 1
By micnmax2003
Jun 4, 2008
Chococlate chip cc with vanilla bc and starburst candy accents
By cupcakemkr
Jun 10, 2008
cherry limeade cupcake with lime bc
3 3
By cupcakemkr
Jun 10, 2008
made for my son to bring into class for his birthday.  all buttercream cupcakes, and airbrushed details.
2 2
By bbarnes
Jun 16, 2008
This is a tier of cupcakes I made for a grand opening. Came out pretty nice.
6 7
By dukebrees
Jun 25, 2008
Chocolate 3 tiered cake w/ribbon and gumpaste calla lilies. Top tier is slanted. Chocolate and Cinnamon Toast Cupcakes w/chocolate "S" on top for the last name. It was a hit. Thanks for looking.
7 6
By skittles2120
Jun 27, 2008
Small ccc for spidy lover who is turning 3. Just 12 cupcakes and a fondant spidy on top. the  white specs are actually edible glitter, it never photos well. At least I cant get it to.
2 1
By susanscakebabies
Jul 1, 2008
For my daughter's 8th birthday. Giant cupcake on top of another cake. Pink and brown circles are made out of chocolate candy melts. Everything else is buttercream.
1 5
By Cake4mykids
Jul 1, 2008
Just MMF covered cupcakes for dessert segment.  TFL
By cakelady11215
Jul 7, 2008
This is a 1/4 sheet Present with a Wilton Giant Cupcake on top. Decorated to coordinate with Birthday Express' Lil 1St Cupcake Birthday paty stuff. First time going BIG, using the wilton cupcake pan and first time doing a fondant bow and tag. Many thanks to all the wonderfull insipiration here and a special thanks to  sls0812  your giant cupcake really insiped me!!!
10 96
By sadsmile
Jul 17, 2008
the sister of the bride ordered these...gave me no clue as to what she wanted, just said "what ever you think" this is what I!!! BTW...let's just pretend that the mess behind the cupcakes isn't there ok?
1 7
By monstersmom
Jul 18, 2008
My daughter thought this was corny, please give me your opinion. I hot glued a foam heart to the board, inserted toothpicks and glued on scrunched pieces of tissue paper.
3 3
By DiscoLady
Aug 8, 2008
My first cupcake bouquet.
3 16
By jmlawren
Aug 13, 2008
Mini cupcake bouquet I made for practice.  I used a coffee cup of mine as the base.
3 6
By momtofourmonkeys
Aug 16, 2008
Cupcake with buttercream icing. Pink rosettes with green leaf accents.

See my other cakes at
3 7
By SliceTheCake
Aug 20, 2008
I made these for my daughter's kindergarten class.  They were the 'Shinging Stars', hence the blue and yellow mmf stars.  The kids all thought it was really cool that the stars were edible.
1 9
By BethHansen
Aug 22, 2008
Yet another baby carriage cake...:)  I wasn't a fan of the colors, but that's what was on the invite, and that's what her sister wanted!  I think it needed some yellow or something...
Anyway, lemon cake torted twice with lemon SM buttercream and raspberry filling.  Cupcakes are choclate and WASC with cream cheese icing and raspberry and lemon filling.
By Steffen74
Sep 20, 2008
Birthday cake and cupcakes.. All done in buttercream with fondant accents..
6 30
By CakesByLJ
Sep 21, 2008
Strawberry and chocolate cupcakes with fondant rolled roses for a 7 year old girl's birthday  party.  They were a hit.
By hallfamily727
Oct 6, 2008
This is a bouquet of mini cupcakes set inside small plastic cups.
1 5
By ginascakes
Oct 27, 2008
I made this with the Wilton cupcake pan, paper part is chocolate ganache, top icing is buttercream filled with buttercream. The kids loved it!
By notjustcake
Oct 28, 2008
Ghost cupcakes....
2 1
By liapsim
Oct 30, 2008
I know they are very simple but they are so cute and they were soooo good.  I used the Snickerdoodle recipe on this site and it was very good.
1 2
By peridotsun1
Oct 31, 2008
I made this out of 67 cupcakes to look like the birthday invitation. I did 3 huge FBCTs, and then set them on the cupcakes. Overall I am happy with it, but I see several problems that I wish I would have been able to do better. Thanks for looking! :)
3 14
By marag
Nov 1, 2008
Ganache, Homemade Caramel, and Toasted Coconut on top of a yummy Cupcake
4 10
By jessfmaldonado
Nov 11, 2008
These are vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting.
2 9
By sweet_2th_fairy
Nov 27, 2008

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