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These are egg and dairy free cupcakes with buttercream icing.
By gatorbear
Jul 1, 2007
These were fun to do. It's based off a comic strip. They were done with White as Snow Buttercream and I freehand drew the characters. The birthday boy LOVED them. One was chocolate, the other golden yellow
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By EverlastingSweets
Jul 10, 2007
Cupcake cake made with seven white cupcakes, buttercream icing.  Smoothed using the Melvira method.
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By Shelle_75
Jul 28, 2007
I made 24 cupcakes, 8 of each design.  French Vanilla cupcakes, vanilla buttercream, fondant shoes, fondant rainbows.  Many thanks to Doug for the suggestion on how to give some height to the yellow brick road cupcakes.
16 29
By kathik
Aug 2, 2007
3 3
By cuchenscm0109
Aug 5, 2007
More cupcakes for Super Saturday!
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By ljudd1969
Aug 13, 2007
I am trying new recipes for cake. I made a different white sour cream cake recipe using butter instead of oil. The frosting is chocolate hazelnut buttercream. My students and fellow teachers said they were very good. My husband said they enjoyed them at work, but  that I needed to send more. I am looking forward to using this recipe again when I bake my final cake for my gumpaste class. I am making a three -tiered wedding cake using the inspiration from this site. Thank you!!!!
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By Bev55
Aug 24, 2007
16 39
By j1handal
Sep 8, 2007
Made this for a friend of mine who's a kindergarten teacher and took it to her class for her brithday. My first cupcake cake! It was much easier than I expected. Buttercream with Nicco Wafer candy for the polka dots.
4 19
By jnoel
Sep 21, 2007
I make this for my daughter's kindergarten class.  Had lots of fun with these!!
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By yffrank
Sep 25, 2007
Here are all my Monsters ...Not at all like i would like them but with my back this week they will have to do!The bluish monster is actually a deep purple(Purple people eater,lol)  the other is franky..But hmm again next time i will do the faces with icing not m&m's and gel icing..Lesson learned..Oh well at least these were done for a friend for free cuz i wouldnt charge for these,lol
5 7
By tara1970
Oct 10, 2007
These were ordered at about 2pm for tomorrow afternoon. So  I got into my shop and made 4 dozen of them. School colors are gold (yellow) and black. Mascot is the the tigers. I like the way my petit four tiger cakes turned out better, but I had a little more time to plan those out! These are all buttercream.
By tasteebakes
Oct 10, 2007
I had some extra cupcakes sitting around this weekend and decided to try a design I had seen on cakestrings website.  Mine aren't as good as hers but my son loved them.  Dark chocolate fudge cupcakes with buttercream icing.
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By SueB
Oct 15, 2007
Cupcakes for 3rd birthday princess party.  All BC frosting.
1 2
By dbmiller02
Oct 26, 2007
I was asked to make these for a children's Halloween party. The brains were from a Family Fun magazine and the mummies and monsters are a Wilton design. Thanks so much for posting such inspirational photos on this site. They're always challenging me to do better work.
2 1
By absijails
Oct 29, 2007
Got the idea for these from the article here on CC. Both yellow and chocolate cupcakes iced with BC
1 6
By Marzbar71
Oct 31, 2007
These were from Wilton's website.  I donated 2 dozen of these to a school.  They were much cuter in person and fun to make!
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By ANicole
Nov 1, 2007
Experimenting with cupcakes before I have to deliver my first order. They want dragonflies and butterflies, green and purple, for a christening celebration. Can't figure out how to get the icing smooth on a cupcake!
3 17
By Antgirl
Nov 8, 2007
I made these cupcakes to give out as favors at my brother's fiance's bridal shower. BC icing, multicolored dragees, and chocolate hearts.
2 2
By KimmysKakes
Nov 11, 2007
Butter pecan cupcake with maple cream cheese frosting
1 1
By CosmicCupcake
Nov 16, 2007
My first attempt at Big Bird, used the leaf tip for the feathers, #12 for the eyes and candy corn for the beak.
By chica07
Nov 20, 2007
These are from class one of cake decorating.  White cupcakes with buttercream icing for the clowns.  i wanted to do these 10 years ago.  Mission accomplished.
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By Nicol
Nov 26, 2007
Made these mini cupcakes with some leftover batter.  Couldn't think of what to put on them, when I remembered I had some leftover red icing in the fridge, so now they're wearing little hats!
15 99
By Liv02
Nov 29, 2007
Vanilla butter cupcakes
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By MsS
Dec 5, 2007
This is the mini cupcake centerpiece I made for my daughter's second birthday (Winnie The Pooh theme).  The cupcakes are white almond sour cream with buttercream dream icing and pre-made royal icing cabbage roses.  The cupcakes are in a Winnie The Pooh honey pot.  The ivy filler is silk.
By beauty4151980
Dec 26, 2007
This is the only photo that turned out :( 
I made these for my office on Christmas Eve. The cake is the Eggnog cake recipe here on CC, the frosting is my own creation (Spiced Eggnog), topped with French Vanilla pirouette cookies and a sprinkle of nutmeg. They were very elegant and even more yummy :)
By CeeTee
Dec 28, 2007
Iced in all buttercream. This was for my nephew
s 15th birthday. He LOVED it!
11 4
By Lisa422
Jan 1, 2008
Christmas cupcakes made for my childrens' school Christmas party. The snowmen in particular were wildely popular, no doubt due to the amount of candy that goes into those. Got the inspiration from many great cupcakes posted here on CC.
2 33
By BakingGirl
Jan 3, 2008
This is another photo of the samples I took to the jewelry boutique, this one shows her kitty logo up close.  (CT)
2 2
By ANicole
Jan 12, 2008
Well I just let my  imagination run wild w/these. Made them just for fun. White cake iced w/buttercream.
4 17
By Cakeluvermomof4
Jan 16, 2008
I have forgotten who posted about using the White Chocolate Raspberry Creamer in cake but thank you!   I also used some in the buttercream--yum!  White chocolate raspberry cake and buttercream with white chocolate shavings on top.
5 5
By birdgirl
May 30, 2007
Made these for my daughter's birthday. She is all about video games.
2 2
By my2sunshines
Jan 21, 2008
white cake with white chocolate buttercream cupcakes
6 4
By akgirl10
Jan 22, 2008
Made from 2 cupcakes stacked on top of each other, covered with #233 buttercream strings.  Base is a heart cookie and the sign is a smaller heart cookie.
13 47
By BCJean
Dec 31, 1969
Cupcakes created for a little girl's birthday party...featuring chocolate polka dot dresses and party hats.
6 3
By lola1123
Jan 26, 2008
By dolphing81
Jan 28, 2008
Cupcakes made for 'Melbourne Cup' Day which is the biggest horse race in Australia.  The entire country celebrates and usual hold luncheons and 'get dressed up' for the races.  Vanilla cupcakes with green royal icing topped with green coloured dessicated coconut to represent grass.  Horses were made from chocolate seahorse moulds - of course you can't see their tails as they are inserted into the cakes.
By Bec
Jan 31, 2008
I made these cupcakes for a baby shower order.  I got the idea from a website I found but I can not remember the site.
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By Chef_Mommy
Feb 10, 2008
These are a few of the mini cupcakes I made for my daughter's preschool class.  They are chocolate with buttercream.  The hearts are cut out of colored white chocolate.  TFL!!!!!
13 69
By mpaigew
Feb 12, 2008
My friend sent me pictures of cupcakes that inspired these.  I wish I had the name of the person that made the originals.  I am not sure if she is on CC or not.  If so, THANK YOU.  The decorations and covering are fondant.  I put a bit of buttercream underneath to hold it on.  In the future I would hide the icing underneath better.
By msmanning2
Feb 19, 2008

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