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Princess Belle cupcakes
3 16
By GourmetGoddess87
Jun 9, 2009
basket weave, basket weave, basket weave!  every cupcake is basket weaved as is the 6 inch top cake.  white chocolate with raspberry filling, and chocolate with raspberry filling.  Butter cream and chocolate buttercream - yum!!!
1 3
By cakelady5
Jun 9, 2009
These are some chocolate cupcakes with vanilla BC frostin that I threw together for a high school graduate.  The caps are made from a gumpaste/fondant combo and formed into an eggshell carton, then attached cut out squares to the top.  Made the tassels from yellow fondant painted told and sprayed all with pearl luster dust.
3 34
By melvin01
Jun 10, 2009
All buttercream cupcake cake
2 8
By TLunday
Jun 11, 2009
Cupcakes,brownie burgers and Sugar Cookie Fries
1 1
By jackiehutnik
Jun 23, 2009
These were for my daughter's 5th bday with her Ballerina class.  I had to make over 200 cupcakes that week so I went simple.  The girls loved them, that is all that matters. :)
1 3
By MahalKita
Jun 23, 2009
Cupcake bouquet basket for Mother's Day
By Karenism
Jun 24, 2009
This is pretty classic Wilton style, but a blast to make.  The babycakes are buttercream and candy decorations.
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By sweetmandie
Jun 24, 2009
Dive Flag Cupcake Cake made for friends. My daughter insisted on placing a shark fin on the cake. It was my first attempt and I can't wait to try again. It was well received.
By aquamom
Jul 6, 2009
These guys helped me a great deal during a semi-crisis a few weeks ago so I went ahead and baked 2 dozen mini-spice cakes with cardamom cream cheese icing for the wonderful fireman, The flowers were gumpaste.
By loriana
Jul 6, 2009
made these for a friend.  doctored chocolate cupcakes with whimsical bakehouse buttercream. i used the saranwrap tube idea to swirl the frosting.  loved this method.
5 1
By jennym0904
Jul 13, 2009
Sports Ball used for body and trimmed the sides to make it more pheasant shaped.  Rice Treats "Breast and Neck" attached to body with frosting.  Royal Icing face (2 sides) that I traced off a photo for template.  Store bought black frosting for neck/head area.  All buttercream feathers made with leaf tip.  Tail feathers and 'tall grasses' are made from chocolate disks.
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By luckykat7
Jul 19, 2009
5 2
By gfbakergirl88
Jul 20, 2009
the birthday girl wanted some monkeys, so i made this cupcake tower and cutting cake for her with fondant monkeys and banannas.
1 3
Jul 28, 2009
Giant cupcake for a little girls first birthday  with 6 inch round smash cake.
By Amanda1985atl
Aug 1, 2009
WASC and chocolate cupcakes, BC under MMF. Royal icing stitches. Thanks for looking!
3 4
By flourpowerMN
Aug 1, 2009
CSM:  The florist hadn't arrived yet or forgot to bring the brides cake topper, so that's why there is nothing on top of the cake.  I'm sure it will look so more complete with it on there, hopefully it arrives.  Red Velvet cake with chocolate filling and buttercream icing!  The Bride provided all the cake stands, but there weren't enough so the rest of the cupcakes (47 of them) were kept in the back. There were 8 cupcake designs total...I'm upset  I didn't take a picture of them before getting to the restaurant.  Had I known not all of them weren't going to be displayed, I would have taken pics at home.
8 3
By Trixyinaz
Aug 8, 2009
Client wanted something "girly" for a ladies luncheon.
1 2
By Poodiecakes
Aug 11, 2009
Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and fondant flowers.
1 8
By Cake_Princess
Sep 4, 2009
The idea behind this was so while at work, she and the office could enjoy the cupcakes and then she had a beautiful cake to bring home to her family. If I had a zero moisture fridge, it would have worked beautifully!
By DomiS
Sep 15, 2009
Last minute cupcakes for a beach bday
1 2
By surfgirl
Sep 20, 2009
1st birthday.  1/2 choc, 1/2 vanilla, vanilla bc covered with mmf.  coordinated with reg size cupcakes.
1 14
By sweetcakes13
Sep 26, 2009
its a boy baby shower cake...chocolate cake ..chocolate ganache buttercream and chocolate fondant..bears are chocolate molds and ducks & blue rattles are vanilla.. the bow is fondant..cupscakes are chocolate with blue buttercream..  every! loved this cake.. i had a hard time with the baby blocks ..they kept unglueing..and the bow came out was my first blocks and itl probly be better next time.. i also made dis cake in white fondant. u can see it in my other pictures.
1 3
By shorty23903
Oct 4, 2009
By buckygirl
Oct 5, 2009
Oct 11, 2009
1 4
By dllface-dani
Oct 17, 2009
Cupcake tower all buttercream with Gerbera Daises in gumpaste
1 2
By sweetcreationsbiz
Oct 17, 2009
Cupcakes to compliment wedding cake at wedding reception brunch.
2 5
By imsamiam
Oct 21, 2009
fondant covered
By SugarTime09
Oct 23, 2009
Cupcakes with fondant blankets and baby heads.
2 9
By 1melsssa
Oct 28, 2009
My first cupcake pull apart. Chocolate, yellow, & strawberry cupcakes covered in cream cheese icing. TFL
1 3
By mmlj316
Nov 2, 2009
i loved making this cake! my favorite part was making the pumpkin basket thing, cause i filled it with sprinkles (they're the little tiny candies!) <3
By actionmcjaxon
Nov 7, 2009
Devil's food cupcakes with MMF ghost toppers and mallow pumpkins.  For a large Halloween Party.
1 1
By LynnHitchens
Nov 8, 2009
These cupcakes accompanied a Winnie-the-Pooh cake with buzzing bees. I used the blue frosting to match the color of the party plates. Thanks for looking!
1 9
By ginascakes
Nov 15, 2009
These cupcakes were made to go with a Winnie-the-Pooh cake and to match the party plates. Thanks for looking!
1 1
By ginascakes
Nov 15, 2009
cupcakes with bc traced with piping gel and filled in with med. buttercream
By yiayia
Nov 21, 2009
Pumpkin flavored cupcakes, decorated with buttercream icing.
By LadyCas
Dec 1, 2009
The little girl loved monkeys.  Buttercreme with mmf accents.  Got this idea from a fellow cc.
1 4
By alijennings
Dec 2, 2009
1 1
By dlowrylopez
Dec 3, 2009
By delicious_designs7
Jan 2, 2010

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