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These are vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting.
2 9
By sweet_2th_fairy
Nov 27, 2008
Extra big cupcakes made and decorated by my two great-nieces (3 & 3 1/2). They had so much fun making and decorating these. They actually did really well with the pastry bags and decorating tips!
By lkfarley
Nov 28, 2008
By momthebaker
Nov 30, 2008
Made this very fast for a co-worker's birthday that loves cupcakes.  About a dozen and a half cuppies.  I tried the chocolate version of the WASC cake.  BC frosting.  Sprinkles and a cherry.
1 1
By vickymacd
Dec 11, 2008
Royal Icing snowflakes. I broke so many of them, but did have enough for all of the cupcakes. TFL!
4 6
By marag
Dec 19, 2008
easy breezy...collette peters bourbon chocolate cupcakes (made with grand marnier), SMBC on top.  TFL!
1 2
By cakelady11215
Dec 29, 2008
Cupcakes decorated in buttercream icing to form a gift basket.
1 1
By q2ggirl
Dec 30, 2008
My nephew turned one and had a puppy party.  I did a tower of cupcakes and this "smash cake" was the topper.
8 41
By kdosreis
Jan 19, 2009
Vanilla cupcakes w/ b.c. 
fondant toppers
By shell62995
Feb 6, 2009
2 1
By gonewild
Feb 7, 2009
1 2
By gonewild
Feb 7, 2009
The cake was a breeze, the cupcakes a pain but they made a little girl very happy & that's what counts!
1 2
By Jazz2U
Feb 11, 2009
These were inspired by sugar cookies on this site, I'm sorry I can't remember the member's name :(
1 7
By Ro40
Mar 9, 2009
8" round with giant cupcake. BC with fondant decor; gumpaste "19"
4 19
By dettdunn
Mar 10, 2009
cup cakes for a soccer celebration
2 6
By realracegirl1
Mar 13, 2009
Oh, how glad I am that it's over.  I used the 2D (I think that was it) tip.  Client said they looked like cabbage roses.  During delivery (last 1/4 mile over very bumpy brick roads)  2 boxes (4 dozen) shifted and squished together, necessitating a lengthy "repair" that I attributed to being "persnickety" when talking to client's mom.  I need a drink.
6 4
By karateka
Mar 14, 2009
Wilton giant cupcake pan, buttercream, melted chocolate chips, nuts, red gumball
3 11
By Tesha
Mar 16, 2009
Pink, purple, and blue flower cupcakes
2 1
By nholmes
Mar 24, 2009
Easter cupcakes with peeps and plastic rings
By Lila65
Mar 24, 2009
french vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting
By milknhoney
Mar 30, 2009
Sleeping baby under the blanket
By treecake
Apr 2, 2009
1 2
By mydelights
Apr 5, 2009
3 15
By xpangxiong
Apr 5, 2009
Cupcakes with pics
1 2
By karla007
Apr 8, 2009
Easter bunnies for Easter dinner.  Butter cream icing with gumpaste whiskers and teeth.  Mini m&m eyes..
2 18
By Bitsyga
Apr 13, 2009
Second go at cupcakes, made these for my friend's daughter's third birthday party!
1 7
By jojo76
Apr 17, 2009
By mykidsarekillingme
Apr 17, 2009
200Choc/French Van cc's with 6" cutting cake.  All buttercream-cc's are swirled.  First tower
1 4
By sugarspice
Apr 20, 2009
5 6
By jouj
Apr 21, 2009
These were made for a 1st birthday with a cupcake theme.  The top cake was baked in a small cake pan (5" if I remember correctly) and carved a little to give more of a cupcake shape.  The "wrapper" was made from chocolate fondant.
1 8
By shelly150
Apr 23, 2009
Buttercream baseballs with painted gumpaste flames.
2 3
By Bitsyga
Apr 24, 2009
coffee butter cake w/ vanilla bean buttercream .... cut starbucks straws for decoration
1 2
By mysticmn
Apr 30, 2009
chocolate orange cupcakes. frosted with the 1M tip. flowers done using petunia cutter and mould from Blossom Sugar Art.
1 8
By Cathy26
Apr 30, 2009
This is my first cupcake Bouquet. I had an order for one from a friend. Was alot of fun! Lemon Cake with Lemon BC Frosting. They turned out sooooo yummy!
1 1
By LaurieV
May 2, 2009
Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Flowers are candy clay.
5 39
By Ro40
May 5, 2009
An amalgamation of all my mothers day cakes put together for photographing before dividing them up.  top two tier cake is my mothers day lunch cake (8"6" tiers -white choc blueberry and lemon lime mud- in white choc ganache tinted pink, gumpaste embossed decoration, hand made topper from beads) cuppies were for my sons kinda mothers day morning tea table centerpieces (dislpayed on stands as in other pics) boxed cakes were for my daughter's teacher to say thanks for being so fantastic and like  a surrogate mum to all the little preppies (cuppies were blueberry whote choc mud with BC icing and gumpaste embossed circles or dregrees/cachous)
1 1
By deliciously_decadent
May 7, 2009
These are mini chocolate cupcakes made for a preschool birthday. The sand is a mix of crushed graham crackers and brown sugar. The flip-flops are made of fondant with buttercream straps.
1 3
By ginascakes
May 9, 2009
Madagascar vanilla cupcakes filled with: pasion fruit, lemon pie, cookies and cream, white chocolate and hazelnut & chocolate.
3 23
By xinue
May 23, 2009
This was for a wonderful friends husband whom recv'd his BS at George fox. They celebrated with chocolate and white cup cakes and cake all covered with bc & ch. bc. Inspired by a fellow cc'r.
By catcreations
May 30, 2009
Princess Belle cupcakes
3 16
By GourmetGoddess87
Jun 9, 2009

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