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I was asked to make something for our family reunion.  The cupcakes were very convenient!
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By mmdd
Mar 9, 2006
This was from today's wedding. The cupcakes were Sweet Lemon with Lemon Buttercream & Dark Chocolate with Orange Buttercream. I added a little wedge of lemon or orange candy to the tops of each piped cupcake. They smelled so yummy too!
14 51
By antonia74
Dec 2, 2006
Made these for a 2 year olds party. He loves trains! He also taught my 2 year old how to say and motion Choo Choo a couple weeks ago.
2 1
By mmrichards
Apr 12, 2006
fairy cupcake in a mini terra cotta flower pot with mmf accents and wafer paper wings.........
6 19
By lastingmoments
Apr 16, 2006
Butterfly shaped cupcake cake based on one of Brenda's beautiful CCCs
13 60
By Lisa
Mar 10, 2006
Just a close up of pre-school graduation cupcakes
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By mariamom
May 11, 2006
My sister and I made these for my daughter's 1st birthday.  They were a huge hit!  We iced them in red bc icing and then dipped them in red sugar crystals.
8 23
By KristyF
May 14, 2006
Since my daughter's b-day is in the summer her teacher has a birthday bash for all the children whose b-day's fall in the summer and she asked me to bring in cupcakes and this is what my daughter picked out.. PURPLE is her FAVORITE color...Those are Wilton flower decorations!!
2 2
By jennifer293
May 16, 2006
Here is my first cupcake cake.  It was for my son and is of the Space Ranger emblem found on the sleeve of Buzz Lightyear's uniform.  My son is a HUGE Toy Story fan and loved the cake.  Emblem was free handed with bc icing.
By Blessed_Patty
May 21, 2006
These are white chocolate and double chocolate cupcakes covered  in buttercream icing. This was actually for a graduation party but I thought it might fit this category better!
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By heychele
Jun 2, 2006
This was my 2nd attempt at a cupcake cake.  I didn't figure too well on my spacing though :)  I had to curve and split up birthday. I used cookie cutters for my letter shapes.  It was simple and fun though.  I used butterscotch cupcakes from the Cupcake Doctor book.   Yummy!!
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By kellyh57
Apr 24, 2006
Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas for this.  It has taken me a while to get the picture uploaded.  The scape consists of 2 6" petal cakes and 40 cupcakes.  Dragonflies, snails, ladybugs and bees are MMF and the butterflies are RI.
4 6
By Cake_Geek
Sep 11, 2006
looks familiar? something for kids at wilton :) we were gonna celebrate my daughter's bday at a later date but i still had to make something on her actual bday right? boxed cupcake mix and leftover buttercream icing from yesterday's cake order. was too tired to start out everything from scratch. had to reserve some of my energy for her party cake. hey, my 3-yr old LOVED it all!
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By cosmicbear
Sep 20, 2006
Barbie's wardrobe inspired cupcakes
By Tamanna
Oct 22, 2006
I made this cupcake bouquet for a dinner at work. I love making these!
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By cncgirl00
Oct 27, 2006
Made some cupcakes for my Daughter's Elementary School Fall Festival's Cake Walk.  I got the ideas from a Wilton Yearbook.  I made it last minute and I was glad I was able to pull it off.

Devil's Chocolate cake w/ Buttercream Icing.
3 9
By angegreene
Oct 28, 2006
Another cupcake cake for a 3 yr old
By Payal
Nov 14, 2006
I made this cake for my DD soccer team, they are the Butterfly's, hence the chocolate transfer. It was my first time at both, ccc and chocolate transfer, I'm not very happy with the icing, I liked to be more smooth, not easy at least for me with the cupcakes moving around, I used an icer tip and glued them with icing, but they still moved! The CT it was sooooo easy I'm hooked now, can't waith to make another one!
By ShabbyChic_Confections
Nov 17, 2006
This was my first cake since taking a cake decorating course.  It was really, really hard work to do 100 cupcakes!  The top cake is not too even and this photgraph shows the back of the cake (thanx to the hubby ;-).  The cupcakes are chocolate and vanilla with vanilla buttercream.  I had made 5 different types of flowers all from floral paste.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!   I have also posted a close up picture of the cupcake flowers.  Please tell me what you think.
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By sheen
Nov 28, 2006
This cross is done with 24 cupcakes.  This is one of my favorite Cupcake Cakes I have done.  I did this about 3-4 years ago and just found the picture recently and it is still one of my favorite.  Buttercream icing on cupcakes and Buttercream roses cascading over the cross.
5 38
By leily
Feb 16, 2007
this is my first cupcake tree.  cupcakes are lemon w/lemon bc, strawberry w/bc, chocolate w/chocolate bc/carrot w/creamcheese/white w/bc   yellow w/ chocolate bc     cupcakes each have a sugared pansie    cake is yellow w/chocolate bc covered in vanilla flavored fondant
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By schildwaster
Feb 21, 2007
My customer ordered 100 cupcakes for a bridal shower.  It was around Valentine's Day, so they did red & white colors.  Both the bride's and groom's last name began with "L", so I piped out red "L"s and hearts with RI and let them harden.  Then, used BC to top the cupcakes and randomly put the "L"s and hearts on the cupcakes.
By AmyKay
Feb 23, 2007
These are fondant cupcakes made as a present for someone.
5 28
By eidel
Mar 23, 2007
These are cupcakes that I made for my co-workers. It is vanilla cake and buttercream flavored with strawberry flavor and mango malibu rum.
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By icingonthecupcake
Jun 10, 2006
Some simple grass and sprinkle cupcakes for Easter.  Chocolate chip cupcakes with IMBC/Buttercream icing and tiny Easter sprinkles.  I just thought they looked cute, and they were easy to make.
3 13
By chocolateandpeanutbutter
Apr 5, 2007
I had a ton of BC left in the fridge from my Cars cake and needed something to take to a spring party, so I whipped up these. I got the design from - bugs are made from malted milk balls/mini "robin's eggs." Not my neatest job, but the kids couldn't care less!
4 13
By Lueet
Apr 6, 2007
1 4
By gracefull
Apr 7, 2007
This cupcake tower was for my friend's baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of her baby girl she is adopting from China that she waited over 2 years for. Used buttercream icing in (no-taste) red, yellow on homemade chocolate squares and gold edible glitter, all traditionally lucky colours in Chinese culture. The symbols represent love, eternity and peace.
4 3
By karaokegirl
Apr 12, 2007
This was my second attempt at a cupcake bouquet. I tried just piping the icing on the cupcakes. These are white cupcakes with yellow icing. I think the container and bow made this look better than my first. Please share your honest opinions about my work. I am new, and I have a lot to learn.
By Bev55
May 10, 2007
This is a cupcake cake................My first one!!  It is for my son's 3 year old preschool program.  It was fun.  I made cupcakes 24 of them and then little hands took one then I had 23!  LOL!  Then I was making a Mothers day cake so I took some of the mix and made 4 more cupcake and ended up with 27!  I needed those three extra or I wouldn't of had the room to fit everyone on the cake.  The cut outs are out of fondant!  It was fun!
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By use2bethiel
May 13, 2007
5 21
By marcimang
May 15, 2007
Practice cupcakes.  Rosette cupcakes inspired by all of the cupcake bouquets and the other designs are from a cupcake tutorial from the Culinary Institute of America...
5 106
By ps3884
May 19, 2007
Okay, here's my cupcake bouquet (you know you all want to try one, thanks cambo!) and I used the method that 2yummy posted the link to. Excellent! And so easy!  They looked great.  Banana cupcakes with WBH buttercream.  My first try at WBH house buttercream, and I wasn't sure if I liked it at first. . But I added a little creme bouquet, and it tasted great on the cupcakes!  Better on cake than when tasted alone.  I gave this to my friend who's MIL just passed away.
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By chocolateandpeanutbutter
May 20, 2007
This cupcake is on the Wilton website, did these for my daughter's soccer banquet since I made a soccer ball last season.
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By klg1152
May 21, 2007
I have forgotten who posted about using the White Chocolate Raspberry Creamer in cake but thank you!   I also used some in the buttercream--yum!  White chocolate raspberry cake and buttercream with white chocolate shavings on top.
5 5
By birdgirl
May 30, 2007
Chocolate and White cupcakes with buttercream and Royal Icing flames.
2 1
By soccermom17
Jun 7, 2007
My first try at this. What a pain to transport, but the kids loved them.
By brilandken
Jun 7, 2007
35 cupcake cake, congratulating a new home owner.  All buttercream.
2 16
By 2kiddos
Jun 14, 2007
Thank you Cambo for all your help with the bouquet...I didn't assemble them actually...They were gon to do at their home. Weren't sure of transportation.....So, I quickly threw this one together...I need to work on it!!!!!!! Thanks for looking, Nicole
1 4
By nicoles-a-tryin
Jun 16, 2007
Barbie made with Wonder Mold, sitting on top of cupcake stand filled with chocolate cupcakes.  BC icing on all.
1 2
By Starkie
Jun 18, 2007

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