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Another christening butterfly cupcake tower!!! I think it would have been nicer if I had made the purple a bit lighter!
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By socake
May 20, 2006
We did this cupcake tower instead of the groom's cake with 1/2 vanilla and 1/2 chocolate cupcakes, with coordinating chocolate or vanilla BC icing.  Each is decorated with a chocolate heart made from candy melts.  This was a HIT, and I'm thrilled with the outcome!  Thanks to Helen for the instructions for the blocks!
21 49
By rachaelwelch
Jul 13, 2006
First cupcake tower for a wedding!
8 26
By jdogga
Aug 13, 2006
This was my second cupcake tower order for a wedding!  Thanks again to Antonia for the stand directions!
7 38
By jdogga
Aug 20, 2006
Ladybug Christening cake cupcake tower.
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By socake
Sep 23, 2006
I made this using Wilton's Cupcakes 'N More cupcake tower ... I wired the silver carriage to the top, added a bead-head baby, ribbon "bedclothes", and lavender tulle.  Half of the cakes were chocolate (the mom-to-be's favorite!) and half were white cake, all decorated with buttercream icing and topped with a Lindt truffle!   Yummy!  Rich and decadent!
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By barb124
Nov 12, 2006
Chocolate cupcakes cover with cream chease buttercream and sugar pumkin decoration!!!!
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By adrisss
Dec 26, 2006
Carrot Cake with Pineapple and pecans, with a swirl of cream chease buttercream icing.  Happy Ner Year 2007 wowwww Wishing you all wonderful baking and wonderful creations!!!!!!
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By adrisss
Dec 31, 2006
This was my first cupcake tower I made for my kids 2nd birthday party, Now I look at it and I see a lot of mistakes, but well my kid loved it, and I wanted to share with you!!  Happy baking !!!!  and thanks for looking!!!!
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By adrisss
Jan 6, 2007
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By Sugarbean
Jan 29, 2007
7 29
By MarisaSimonCakes
Feb 7, 2007
Vanilla & Dark Chocolate cupcakes iced with a swirl of ivroy buttercream & large ivory buttercream roses. Simple, but I loved the display.

(One thing I do wish is that they could have given me a larger table....I hate the look of the tower's corners going off each side. Grrrrr! )
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By antonia74
Feb 24, 2007
Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes on a cakeboard tower iced with buttercream icing and topped with sugar baby heads and booties. "Its a Girl" ribbon adorns the edges of the cakeboards. Inset is a close-up of the cupcakes with the heads and booties.
By karaokegirl
Mar 7, 2007
Cupcake tower featuring the Disney Princesses including the ribbon around the cake boards and the cupcake papers.
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By karaokegirl
Mar 8, 2007
Close up of the topper for the Pirate Booty Cupcake Tower. Glue gunned plastic 'gold' coins to the stand and encrusted the cupcake for the birthday girl in gold dragees.
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By karaokegirl
Mar 8, 2007
A tower of mini cupcakes (180-190 of them) with a top cutting cake. The cake is hand-painted with the words engraved into the bride's ring...

"two hearts ~ one soul"    (and the infinity symbol)
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By antonia74
Mar 10, 2007
Well I have survived my first wedding! It was all cheesecake (I hate cheesecake now! The smell turns my stomach) Thanks to Antonia74's directions for the cupcake stand! The MOB was ecstatic when she saw it!
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By dyenana
Apr 1, 2007
Close up
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By dyenana
Apr 1, 2007
This cupcake tower was for my friend's baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of her baby girl she is adopting from China that she waited over 2 years for. Used buttercream icing in (no-taste) red, yellow on homemade chocolate squares and gold edible glitter, all traditionally lucky colours in Chinese culture. The symbols represent love, eternity and peace.
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By karaokegirl
Apr 12, 2007
Cupcake tower I made for my new sister-in-law!  96 total, buttercream swirl w/ royal icing rose on each.  Piped buttercream leaves on each.  Half were Chocolate, half Lemon.  Top "cutting" cake is a 2 layer 6 inch in buttercream with buttercream roses and piped buttercream ivy.  This project helped me practice my roses... definitely have them down now! :)
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By daneza75
Apr 16, 2007
This was my 1st wedding and my 1st cupcake tower. It was for a great friend of mine and I am so proud that she trusted me with it. Her theme was daisies and her colors were white, silver, and antique blue. The cupcakes toppers are royal icing monograms (blue and white painted with pearl and sparkle) and MMF daisies (blue and white, also painted with pearl and sparkle). The bride ordered the cardboard tower and decorated it herself. It was a little unsteady, but held up fine.
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By ahmommy
May 23, 2007
This was for an 8th grade promotion dance with an "Island Paradise" theme.  We needed 300 cupcakes, so I decorated 4 cupcake cakes (in my photo gallery) and put the rest on the cupcake tower.  The tower is actually the tall tier wedding cake stand converted with brown paper, green fun foam, and hot glue.
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By tripleE
Jun 8, 2007
Final Result!  For year end 3rd grade chorus club party.
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By noosie
Jun 8, 2007
I did the tower, favor cookies and an edible arrangement as well as arranged all of the flowers for the bride.  It was a good day!
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By AlamoSweets
Jun 9, 2007
Thanks to Antonia74 for  the  stand instructions.  108 mini cupcakes, half white butter cake,  half chocolate  butter cake, all iced in  vanilla IMBC.  Top cake  is Banana cake with Fresh strawberry filling and Vanilla IMBC.  Fondant Hearts.  My first wedding order!
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By mum1205
Jun 12, 2007
Chocolate cake with white buttercream.  Gumpaste flowers and bow, painted with luster dust.  Used a technique I've seen in other photos here for the tower-  masonite cake boards covered in contact paper with wine glasses in-between. Worked wonderfully!
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By albumangel
Jun 14, 2007
What do you have when you add 250+ cupcakes on a cardboard stacked tier in 35-40 mph winds?  A heart attack!  LOL!!  Seriously I was thrilled just to snap a picture before having to strategically place rocks here and there in ithe layers!  LOL!!   1/3 - Orange Rum Cupcakes with Lemon Curd filling' 1/3 Chocolate Almond Cupcakes with Raspberry filling, 1/3 Bride White Cupcakes with Strawberry filling. Topped with  a 6" MMF covered White Cake with Strawberry filling.  Theme:  Citrus Fruit & Gerber Daisies.
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By CakesUnleashed
Jun 24, 2007
This cupcake tower included 150 cupcakes with a 6" cake on top.   Cake topper was created by Great Grand-Daughter.  (She also added the odd flowers to the top - It was hard for me to tell her that it didn't match - but I was good and left it alone!  LOL!!!!!)
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By CakesUnleashed
Jul 10, 2007
Six flavours of cake: vanilla, spice, carrot, chocolate, orange, and coconut.  Fondant hearts.
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By meriscakes
Jul 22, 2007
This Retro Wedding Cupcake Tower consisted of 300+ cupcakes, assorted flavors with a 6" cake on top.  All decorations are MMF.
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By CakesUnleashed
Aug 4, 2007
Top 6" cake of a 300+ wedding cupcake tower.  All decorations are made of MMF.
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By CakesUnleashed
Aug 4, 2007
By londonandi
Aug 13, 2007
Hubby and I made another 3-tier cupcake stand for the fall.  Holds 36 cupcakes. Circles are covered with shelf paper to make it easy to clean. Comes apart for storage.
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By CraftyMJ
Aug 26, 2007
Here is the cupcake tower I made for my baby sister's Quince. Everyone was expecting the usual tiered cake with fountain. Everyone loved this tower. I was very proud of it. My sister loved and that is all I wanted to hear!!
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By briansbaker
Sep 3, 2007
Here is the cupcake tower I did to go with my first wedding cake.  Chocolate and white cupcakes in foil liners with pool blue buttercream and a fondant white heart on top dusted with luster dust.  I wasn't real happy with the 'backdrop' for the blue cupcakes - but the backdrop was beautiful!  Thanks for looking
By Suzycakes
Sep 13, 2007
Mountain Autumn Wedding Cupcake Tower.  Chocolate Devil's food cake and cupcakes with Raspberry Filling then covered in rich Butter Cream.  Cake is covered in MMF and dusted with luster dust.  The leaves are made of MMF and dusted, as well.
I made the cupcake tower by stacking plates with bowls in between.  Worked great!
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By CakesUnleashed
Sep 23, 2007
200 cupcakes and a 6" cutting cake- 1/3 cakes ate wasc w/bc fill-1/3 wasc w/ strawberry fill 1/3 chocolate with chocolate fill .6" is wasc with bc fill. all topped with bc and chocolate curls.
who talked me into 200 cupcakes arrrrrgggggg- well at least it wasn't 200 mini cakes which she wanted originally.
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By sweetviolent
Oct 6, 2007
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By CraftyMJ
Oct 8, 2007
This was for a friend's wedding.  My husband built the stand... it's a slightly modified version of Antonia74's instructions (thank you!).  Cupcakes (120 of them) are Carrot w/ cream cheese frosting, lemon filled with raspberry and chocolate filled with carmel mousse and nutella buttercream.  The cake on top is a 5" square covered in a chocolate wrap to match the panettone wrappers that the cupcakes were in.  All flowers are fresh and they really made it complete.  Thanks for looking!
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By TheCookieCuttery
Oct 13, 2007
4 3
By Feefs
Apr 5, 2006


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