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This has certainly been a fun process!  Will have to do it again!!!!

This is the result of my first BCT.  It needs a bit of improvement; there were some areas where  I could have distributred the bc a bit better, but I am happy overall.  Best of all my son loves it :)  I have always thought that even w/many an imperfection, baking/decorating for my kiddos is worth it!

Will post more views later...gotta run to the party!
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By Marimar
Oct 1, 2005
just finshed my last cup cake started baking at 5oclock and finished at 9:15pm, man i am a tired baker.

red velvt with buttercream icing, whict cake with chocolate drizzle and chocolate candy, cinnom swirl and creamcheese icing with cookie on top, i forgot what else i did . pic does no justice for them in person.
cup cakes or for daughter school, husband job, and my job also
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By TandTHarrell
Feb 13, 2006
Cupcake cake with buttercream transfer.
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By Marimar
Feb 27, 2006
We had a very patient teacher ...
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By sunnyca
Mar 4, 2006
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By elif
Mar 22, 2006
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By lans
Apr 18, 2006
White cake filled with strawberry cream and covered with fondant.  Flowers and tea cup/saucer made of fondant.  My very first tiered cake.
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By Maddey
Apr 27, 2006
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By elif
May 6, 2006
These are mini and regular cupcakes.  They are decorated with buttercream icing and the brooms are pretzel sticks and yellow spice drops.  The buttons and eyes and mouths are mini chocolate chips.  The noses are candy corns.  They were a big hit for my daughter's class.
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By pastrypantry
May 16, 2006
We had a swim party for the end of the year & I needed a quick, easy dessert for the it needed to be easily transported.  Came up with the idea of the cups and the m&m's...the candy gave the cones a 'seat' and kept them from flopping around.  Plus, the kids were able to munch on it, then put it back in their cup and swim or play some more...worked out great!  Chocolate, vanilla & strawberry cake w/chocolate & vanilla BC.  Thanks for looking!
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By JennT
May 26, 2006
I did these in addition to a cake for my daughters birthday.  She had to many kids and not enough cake!
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By girltrapped
Jun 19, 2006
First try at decorated cupcakes.  Wow, much easier than decorating a cake!  100% butter BC icing, gumpaste and royal flowers and leaves.  I cooked the cupcakes a little too long.  Cake plate is a gift from a close friend.  Thank you for looking!
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By PinkPreppy
Aug 24, 2006
We decided to go to a potluck at the last minute today, so I had to throw something together.  This was a great way to use up some MMF that I needed to use.  Cupcakes with BC grass, crushed chocolate graham cracker dirt and MMF ghosts.  These actually won a prize for "Most Fancy" food!  I didn't even know they were giving awards.  Everyone just loved them!
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By Ishi
Oct 28, 2006
My mom used to always make these when we were little... now I can't go a year without making them.. SO EASY!
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By mandacurlz
Oct 31, 2006
I only have 2 colors, but have fun playing with my new air brush. These were Strawberry Cheesecake cupcakes and Devil's food.
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By doleta
Nov 6, 2006
These are no-flour, no-milk product cup cakes my son brought to school on his birthday.
By tiarra
Nov 12, 2006
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By tiarra
Nov 12, 2006
By tiarra
Nov 12, 2006
Made for my daughter's preschool teachers
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By asweetheart3
Dec 18, 2006
choc/van cup-cakes,buttercream icing, royal icing snowflakes
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By newfyicing
Dec 24, 2006
Sponge cake selection - vanilla sponge, spiced sponge, almond sponge.  In silver cup cases for neat presentation.
By Arty
Jan 1, 2007
This is my first attempt at making a cupckae cake for my son's birthday party.  What an easy way to distribute cake!!  I freehanded the picture of Spongebob and filled with stars.  The kids loved it!
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By 3beattieboys
Jan 2, 2007
my attempt at a home made cupcake stand,  i may have an up coming order for a display using my funky stripes and roses cake with cupcakes to match.. so instead of spending heaps of money buying one i thought i would try and make one... total cost $20.00 aus dollars... sorry if it looks uneven in the pic, it is
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By sweet_as_tisse
Jan 14, 2007
I made these for my co-workers from some left over icing.  I got the idea from the 05 yearbook.  These were fun to make and did not take a lot of time.  Enjoy
By Firstlady
Jan 18, 2007
A 6" on an 8" with a cupcake.  All buttercream.
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By divaofcakes
Feb 6, 2007
Milk bottles used for  ghosts
By doobsd
Feb 6, 2007
Bat Cake black jelly bean, licorice
By doobsd
Feb 6, 2007
I made these cupcakes in 2006 for my daughter's class on Valentines day.  The kids just love it when you put the time into their treats!
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By pastrypantry
Feb 13, 2007
mini chocolate cakes on a tower stand- cup cakes, really!
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By franziska
Mar 24, 2007
Cupcakes to go along with the cake...Rubber Duck Theme
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By monkee73
Mar 25, 2007
this is a repeat design of my son's cake, for a little boy's first birthday...
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By sweet_as_tisse
Apr 18, 2007
2 5
By cakelover888
May 1, 2007
Cupcake display for an 18th birthday,  its a suprise for Sara from her mum and dad...  top cake is a choc mud filled and iced with choc BC then covered in Fondx , cupcakes are also mud with IMBC frosting.  all the decorations a re fondant with tylose added...  i also made the stand.. thanks for looking..
5 12
By sweet_as_tisse
May 2, 2007
These are basic cupcakes.  They are iced in buttercream and the daisy is made of royal icing.
By lizbuth
May 5, 2007
This is a cupcake cake with a fbct on top.
By lmn4881
May 12, 2007
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By hnogden
May 13, 2007
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By moniquerei
May 14, 2007
I made this cc arrangement for my daughter's teacher as a combo gift.  This is the 2nd year my daughter had her (she moved up with my dd and going up again with her next year).  This was for Mother's day, Teacher's Appreciation, and also for working on a Puttin on the Hits lip sinc show.  The cc are chocolate with bc frosting and the bucket contains a  4 inch butter pecan cake frosted in bc on top of a piece of foam.  She cried when my daughter gave it to her.   Thanks for letting me use your ideal.
2 8
By sdrper
May 14, 2007
This is my first time to make a cup cake bouquet. Thanks for all the inspiration
ladies!!!  I think it turned out very nice and I love my new 1M tip!!! :)
By angelwaggoner
May 14, 2007
Apr 13, 2005


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