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Just a simple white cake. I used my Cricut machine to cut out paper flowers from scrapbook paper, and the '30', glued them together and used a skewer to hold them on the cake. I thought it turned out pretty and my sister in law loved it. Disregard the piece of green taffy, my niece was "helping" decorate! LOL
By catmiller
Sep 14, 2008
The client doesn't know what she's having so they chose an invitation that was neither feminine nor masculine. I designed the cake using the invitation as a guide. Used Ganache under the fondant and my cricut to cut out the letters and stars. I freehanded the baby carriage.
2 19
By SharonK1973
Jul 17, 2009
I made this for the bridal show next month. The tiles and monogram are done with poured sugar. The detail work was done using the cricut with fondant with tylose added. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out the cricut for me.
16 155
By Jenn2179
Jul 20, 2009
I made this cake for the bridal show next month. Thought black and white would do well. I iced it in royal icing to simulate buttercream but won't have to worry about people sticking their fingers in the icing and messing it up. It was a PITA to ice.
5 22
By Jenn2179
Jul 21, 2009
10" square chocolate-chocolate chip pound cake with vanilla buttercream.  Monogram made using fondant & Gumtex mix and cut using the Cricut Expression and Story Book cartridge.
3 9
By ptanyer
Jul 22, 2009
Manequin wearing a cake dress with Fondant fabric. The sides if the triangle cake was done with the cricut! Fun, fun, fun!
8 28
By SharonK1973
Jul 27, 2009
Topsy turvy to be delivered tomorrow in 105 degree weather...and its outdoor! Poor people! I made the stars, words and bow center on my cricut.
5 2
By SharonK1973
Jul 28, 2009
This cake was for a guy in my office that loves Hello Kitty.  The cake is a doctored German Chocolate mix w/BC icing.  The Hello Kitty figure was cut on my Cricut Expression out of fondx with a touch of Tylose.
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By ATCakes
Aug 3, 2009
Did this for another friends b-day.  Gluten free choc cake with choc b/c covered in MMF

The Celtic Crest ( shamrock) is gumpaste cut out using my cricut.  The rest of the decoration is all MMF
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By dutchy1971
Aug 8, 2009
Scrolls on top tier were cut out with cricut from a scan of the wedding invitation. My husband helped a lot to hold the stencil in place!.White chocolate fondant, gumpaste roses. I love the colors of this wedding!
12 43
By SharonK1973
Aug 9, 2009
Two tiered topsy turvy cake covered in pink fondant and black flowers, grass, borders and black gumpaste bow. Grass was cut with the cricut.
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By SharonK1973
Aug 17, 2009
This cake serves about 316 frosted in all buttercream with buttercream detail. the bride and groom cake was to be ontop of the main cake but was getting way to tall. I do like how it all fits together with the side cakes and the letters of the bride and grooms name on them. I made the letters out of gumpaste and fondont and used my Cricut. ( My new found friend for cutting letters) It took me a few times to get it right but when I did I sure loved the look kof the letters. I also made the boarder around the monograming out of fondont and dusted the pearls with pearl dust. I was very happy how this cake turned out.
By live2create
Aug 23, 2009
I used my Cricut to make this stencil.  NFSC with Antonia74 RI.  TFL.
5 2
By tljkids
Aug 24, 2009
All of the decorations on this cake were cut with my Cricut !  Everything is cut out of fondont, I have also used gumpast but didn't want to color a whole bunch of gumpaste and I had chocolate fondont, it work pretty well. I had to learn the thickness I needed to run through the machine and there were alot of trial and error pieces but I got what I needed. I made  the pearls and dusted them with pearl dust along with the chain around the ribbon on the monograming.  I wired beads and placed them into each rose also, I like the effect of the flowers and beads. The bottom cake is the real cake the other four are dummies. My kids thought it was so silly to put all of the work into the dummies, but that was what the bride wanted and I was so happy with the end product.
6 18
By live2create
Aug 29, 2009
This bouquet was for donated for a church silent auction. Ended up with the request last minute so I only  had 1 1/2 days to make this one. The winner requested a birthday set and it had to have soccer involved. NFSC with glace icing, I used my Cricut to make the soccer ball templet, outlined the negative space on the cookie w/ food color pen and filled in with icing, I was scared they wouldn't come out properly, but was happy with the results.
1 3
By andpotts
Aug 30, 2009
MMF covered cake with cricut cut designs.
8 3
By customcakesbymo
Sep 2, 2009
This was a fun cake to do, I had shown the bride a picture of a cake I saw here on this web site and fell in liove with mine is no where near the master piece I saw but I was happy how it turned out and so was the bride. 
  I cut the side decorations with my Circut, love that machine! along with the monograming. I reversed the side cake drappings to add a little contrast, then added the beads in the roses, pearls along the bride and groom and the base of the cake. The cake served 325 all white cake with raspberry filling and satin silk chocolate filling. 
 I made pearls and dusted them with pearl dust and placed on the drappings, alot of hand work went into this cake but it was fun.
2 9
By live2create
Sep 7, 2009
Flower power cake for my beginner class, made as an example and for tasting.
I cut the flowers and the dots with my cricut - a wonderful machine :-)
4 30
By pippilotta
Sep 12, 2009
I love the bouquets I seen here so I had to try one. And the brown designs were made with the cricut... I'm so happy I got one love it!!!!
11 102
By cakesmade4u
Sep 12, 2009
I made these for my friend's sister's baby shower.  She is having a boy and girl, twins.  The drs (and now parents) refer to the babies as "baby A' and "baby B" so we went in that direction...Oh, and I used my cricut to cut the "baby" on each cake.
6 58
By Lovemesomecake
Sep 15, 2009
For a little girl having a dress up/diva party.  Used my Cricut to cut toppers
2 21
By Lovemesomecake
Sep 17, 2009
This design was cut out with the Cricut.
8 30
By Briarview
Sep 24, 2009
This was actually a birthday cake for a girl having a halloween themed dress up party.  The eyeballs are red velvet cake balls with fondant, homemade marshmallow peep ghosts and real candy corn fill the bowl along with her beloved dog in a pirate costume.  Cake is lemon with lemon curd and citrus cream cheese icing.  Monster eyes on the side of the bowl were cut out on the cricut.
1 4
By JennaB
Oct 2, 2009
Everything except the stars are cut with my Cricut machine.
4 9
By MissyTex
Oct 7, 2009
This cake is a very unique cake, but lovely at the same time. It is also very special to me because the couple came to me with their picture after they had gone to one of the top wedding cake places here and they couldn't make it. Adding insult to injury, they told her that the cake looked "ridiculous"! How professional! I think they were trying to get her to change her mind into choosing one of the boring cakes they can make! So they came to crossing their fingers!!!!! I use my cricut to cut out a stencil of the stars and went to town with gold petal dust! It was a very rewarding cake to make. Top half of globe is cake, bottom, styrofoam. Also used the cricut to cut out the continents. The bride loved it so much, it is now her facebook profile picture!
5 5
By SharonK1973
Oct 23, 2009
Made for a friend's 50th birthday. He likes two things: Miller Lite and The Baltimore Ravens. First time making Beer bottles/ice. Thanks to everyone with tutorials they were beyond helpful! I made the Raven logo on my Cricut. 3 layers of chocolate cake with raspberry filling and buttercream icing. Fondant panels rolled with woodgrain imprint and painted with brown color. Says Happy 50th Birthday Tim Don't Kick The Bucket around the board because his wife wanted to get an over the hill type jab in. I thought that was a great idea for it. TFL
8 13
By jillangel
Oct 23, 2009
Dummy for the first german cake show in Hamburg.
This was my entry for the wedding cake contest, I won the 3. place :-)
Flowers and leaves out of gumpaste, the stencils are self cut with my cricut
8 38
By pippilotta
Oct 28, 2009
The buttercream was a little sloppy, but I was tired and hungry! Hibiscus were cut using my cricut. They are fondant mixed with tylose.
8 53
By SharonK1973
Nov 1, 2009
2 layer 9x13 cake with buttercream and fondant bridal gown.  Roses, small hearts and brown motifs are fondant/gumpaste.  The bride's colors are blue and brown.  The brown motifs on the sides were cut with a cricut-first time using it.
4 13
By sewgratefulquilts
Nov 7, 2009
Mosaic and lettering out of gumpaste/fondant 50/50. Lettering made with my cricut
3 6
By pippilotta
Nov 15, 2009
Chocolate cake with fondant, flowers out of gumpaste.
Cake inspired by cakelava
16 316
By pippilotta
Nov 24, 2009
Last minute client requested a Barney birthday cake for a 2 year old girl. Wasn't able to find a Barney figurine at any of the local stores so I hand sculpted this one out of cold porcelain. Cake is iced in cream cheese buttercream. Candy bead boarder. Gum paste decorations cut using the Cricut.
2 6
By obabassa
Nov 29, 2009
dummie cake made for a fashion photo shooting for "Jolie" (it will be New Years Eve dinner fashion ;)) Pug is made from polymer, as the cake had to be send by parcel service.

Thanks for looking!
3 11
By Tuggy
Dec 11, 2009
I cut out a snowflake stencil with my cricut and laid it on top of the frosted cake then poured sugar sprinkles around it and removed the stencil.
1 4
By kayakgirl13
Dec 22, 2009
White cake with butter cream icing , Cricut cut letters ,WOOHOO, fondant bow done at the last, still supported with wedges LOL
1 4
By zdebssweetsj
Dec 23, 2009
My partner and I made this shopping bag for a local store. It mimics their bag (the photo is edited to show the front and back of the bag in one picture). The details were made by scanning in their bag, using Corel to extract the images, importing into SCAL, cutting out using the Cricut. A lot of fun to make and the shop owner was thrilled it looked exactly like his bag! Its a Sylvia W. chocolate cake with orange filling and coffee SMBC.
3 22
By snowshoe1
Dec 31, 2009
This is a book cake I did for an 18 year old girl. I made the dragon out of fondant, just kind of poked and prodded it until it looked like a dragon. The letters are cut out with my Cricut machine.
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By jertmann
Jan 8, 2010
Basic 8 in yellow cake with bc icing and filling.  letters are fondant cut out with my cricut.  And fondant flowers to accent.. TFL
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By momdalejr
Jan 8, 2010
I made this cake for my sister's birthday.  I made the Cinderella from my Cricut!  The first gumpaste image I've made with my Cricut.  The tiny details (eyes & lips) ended up being paper because I couldn't get it to work with gumpaste.  So I've gotta figure that out.  The cake was strawberry filled with strawberry swiss meringue.  I sprayed the entire cake with edible pearl dust spray.  Sadly, the dent on Cinderella & crooked "E" came from me dropping the camera on it when I was taking pictures!  TFL!
2 1
By meri1028
Jan 11, 2010
I used my scrapbooking cricut machine to cut the flowers out for this one, very simple cake.
3 4
By Edee
Aug 14, 2008


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