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By m0use
Apr 12, 2005
1/2 chocolate, 1/2 carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  Tools are molded chocolate.  Tool pouch is fondant.
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By marknrox
Apr 24, 2005
Iced with cream cheese!  I have learned my lesson. DO NOT TRY THIS ONE AGAIN!  The color faded a bit over night.
By TinaRe
Jul 15, 2005
Hummingbird, buttermilk devil's food and white cakes covered in crusting cream cheese frosting with artifical flowers.  It's not perfect, but I think I am improving and my friends were happy with it!
By Cakemaker
Jul 17, 2005
Italian Cream Cake with crusting cream cheese icing. Plastic golf ball, real tees, everything else is cream cheese icing.
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By mamafrogcakes
Oct 26, 2005
This is a fresh lemon cake, torted and layered with blueberry filling.  The icing and decorations were done with the crusting cream cheese recipe from CC.  Delicious and a very, very "summery" cake.  Nice and light--it would be perfect for a wedding/baby shower.
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By llj68
Oct 28, 2005
Simple cake I made for my F-I-L  Used the cake mix doctor recipe and the crusting cream cheese icing from here.
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By dodibug
Nov 10, 2005
Red Velvet cake with crusting cream cheese icing (recipe from this site).
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By futurecakepro
Dec 25, 2005
Everything on and in this cake is from scratch. Tthat's the only way I was taught to make a cake. If you're going to be naughty, honey.... BE NAUGHTY!!!
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By Ahvon
Jan 5, 2006
Everything on and in this cake is from scratch. That's the only way I was taught to make a cake. If you're going to be naughty, honey.... BE NAUGHTY!!!
By Ahvon
Jan 5, 2006
Everything on and in this cake is from scratch. This recipe is at least 5 generations old in my family. This/my family's recipe for Red Velvet is a four bowl, four layer receipe. 

One should never take shortcuts when making a red velvet. Baking veterans can spot the "imitation" cakes a mile a way. Remember, your cake is a refleciton of you.

Besides, as I always say...FROSTING IS NOT THE ENEMY!!!
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By Ahvon
Jan 5, 2006
Everything on and in this cake is from scratch. 

Lesson learned after making my first carrot cake...
Get the manicure AFTER you grade up the carrots!!  (Boy did I waist $20...)
By Ahvon
Jan 5, 2006
This is a last minute cake I made for one of my mother's coworkers. Unfortunately, my mom forgot to check on the spelling of the girl's name, and the spelling I was given was wrong. (The little girl's mother said her daughter didn't seem to mind.)

The is a lemon cream cheese with the buttercream frosting. According to my mother's coworker, this was the best tasting cake I'd made yet; she said the cake melted in your mouth... guess it was the 1 1/2 lbs of butter. (No cake of mine is healthy.) ;)
By Ahvon
Jan 5, 2006
Just practicing.  Carrot cake with Cream Custard and Carmalized Pecan filling.  Cake iced with cream cheese frosting and piped with stiff cream cheese/buttercream combo.  Roses were a bit soft but I was still able to shape them.  Tasted delicious if I say so myself.
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By kelleygirl
Jan 9, 2006
This was my 3rd wedding cake and my first with cream cheese icing.  It was an Italian Cream cake. It is one of my favorite cakes so far.
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By tmassey5
Jan 12, 2006
Here is my version, I just finished Wilton I and wante drose practice.  Well I got it!  The cream cheese icing was hard to work with b/c it was either to hot or too cold, but I think I got a lot of good practice.  The cake is cake with the cake extender.  i was too tired to do the sides like wilton did so i jsut did the
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By acookieobsession
Feb 26, 2006
This is for my boyfriends Aunt & Uncle.  She wanted a 2 layer chocolate cake w/ cream cheese icing and a silver bow on top.  I wanted more for her so I added the 2nd tier. The cream cheese was a little to soft so I had battle of the bulge (for the 1st time ever).  So, for the 1st time I tried cornelli lace.  I need lots of practice on that but it worked for now.
By Sue23
Mar 4, 2006
This was a practice cake - I had a customer order Italian Cream Cake, Raspberry filling & Cream Cheese Icing. I wasn't too sure what it would taste like - it was wonderful!  Thank you crisseyann for the crusting cream cheese icing. It was great to work with. Very smooth!
By gilson6
Mar 11, 2006
I was trying a new border out. Really was going for the rope border and this is what I got. The cake is pineapple with cream cheese icing.
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By gilson6
Apr 6, 2006
Ice cream cake - spice cake with pumpkin ice cream. Cream cheese icing.
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By jlh
Apr 7, 2006
Ice cream cake - 2 layers of chocolate cake, 2 layers of mocha ice cream, bottom layer of shortbread, mocha cream cheese icing (per request of mom).  Chocolate ganache borders.  Blue cream cheese icing lettering and squiggles.
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By jlh
Apr 24, 2006
Never having used cream cheese icing this grooms cake was an adventure.   Carrot Cake requres it.  Would you believe I decorated this cake in my refrigerator.  Thankfully I have a side by side with pull out shelves.  It took me forever before I came upon doing it there.
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By Granpam
Apr 30, 2006
This is the cake I made for the Teacher Appreciation Week Lunch at my daughter's school. The cake is red velvet (the Cake Mix Doctor recipe) and cream cheese icing.
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By gilson6
May 3, 2006
Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I tried to make a japanese theme. We're not from Japan, but I always like the cherry-blossoms.
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By Val40
May 11, 2006
This is 13x9x2 1 layer.  Daughter wanted for her BD.  I did the bamboo and chinese writing with stencil and food coloring.  Daughter did the HB part.  Shell border.
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By onebigdogmama
May 12, 2006
I borrowed this idea from someone on CC.  Sorry I forgot to catch the name.  This is a spice cake with cream cheese icing and the magnolia is fondant.
By alicia_froedge
May 15, 2006
This is the sideview of the previous cake I uploaded. Italian Cream Cake (Cake Mix Doctor recipe), Raspberry Filling and Cream Cheese Icing.
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By gilson6
May 21, 2006
My sister-in-law wanted a carrot cake w/ cream cheese icing.  I have only done a few cakes and never attempted cream cheese icing.  I wanted something funky to suit her, so I came up with this.  She loves pink, and the black loops are fondant.
By CareyAnn
May 22, 2006
8 Layer made from scratch, Red Velvit with cream cheese icing
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By agiftofaloha
May 22, 2006
This was the cake I made for my son. The cake is Italian Cream Cake, Raspberry Filling and Cream Cheese Icing.
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By gilson6
May 28, 2006
Carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  really messy.
By Tamanna
Jun 8, 2006
This is my 2nd attempt at the chocolate paper. Very fun to work with. I have a pound cake with cream chees in the mix, a layer of buttercream frosting and sealed with the chocolate paper.
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By SweetInspirations
Jun 9, 2006
Bride to be wanted Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Said her plates were reminiscient of Kandinsky's painting, so I found Wilton Brush on colors in the clearance aisle the night they were due, and click!  I used a paint brush and did the circles on top.  It also pays to be a teacher, I've asked other teachers to save the cupcake holders, so I might not have to purchase my own quite yet.
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By K8E
Jun 11, 2006
First time using the diamond impression mat.  Liked the results.  Red velvet cake with cream cheese BC.
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By gtshort
Jun 25, 2006
This was a carrot cake, but since it was for a 15 year anniversary, the hubby wanted something a little more special than just the normal icing carrots on top, , and his wife loves blue. I put cornelli lace on the top of the cake to cover up how un-smooth it was cuz I find cream cheese icing so hard to smooth and work with!  In fact, the flowers are buttercream - I would never even think of attempting a rose with cream cheese icing!
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By Pyxxydust
Jul 9, 2006
This is a cheese cake (not a regular cheesecake but, a vanilla cake made with cream cheese). Cheese Icing. Great success! The customer loved it.
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By gegon
Jul 18, 2006
Lemon cake w/ lemon cream cheese frosting and strawberry whipped cream filling. Hand painted fondant accents. She came to visit us for a week and this is the flavor she requested. The design was up to me.
By fmandds
Jul 19, 2006
Not really an Easter cake, but where else do you put a carrot cake??? lol
More practice with ruffle garland... carrot cake w/cream cheese icing.
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By Terrisa
Jul 22, 2006
This was my first decorated carrot cake.  It has cream cheese frosting with BC color accents.
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By MavericksMommy
Jul 26, 2006
This was a cake that I made to test the cake and frosting recipe. It was yummy! I thought it looked a little boring just sitting there iced so I decided to practice my cornelli lace on the top. The icing was extrememly soft to work with.
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By m0use
Apr 12, 2005


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