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I made this for a birthday party at my house this weekend. We ate crabs.  I made crab shaped sugar cookies but took the picture before putting them in the basket.  Cake was strawberry torted and filled with cream cheese icing (my husband's favorite) lightly sprayed with red color and fondant wood slats.
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By thecakemaker
May 2, 2005
This cake won the Governor's cake class at the State Fair.  My family and I got to me the Governor because of this one!  Layered white cake with buttercream.  Sprayed wilton coloring under the fondant slats.  Slats brushed with cocoa powder for coloring.  Crabs were molded fondant sprayed with wilton coloring.  The cake had to be in the theme of Maryland and of course "Maryland is for Crabs!"
<b>Please ignore the other cakes in the photo, they are not mine</b>
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By thecakemaker
Apr 13, 2005
This is a different version of my bushel of crabs cake.  I made this for my MIL's sister for her 60th birthday back in July.  The crabs are fondant (Satin Ice) sprayed with wilton red and orange.  The cake is chocolate with buttercream and fondant slats brushed with cocoa powder.  It was a big hit.  The kids loved eating the crabs!
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By thecakemaker
Sep 9, 2005
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By taniabanana
Apr 11, 2006
A friend wanted this for her DJ boyfriend, and this was definitely a first for me!  I used fondant for all of the decorations, and just made two 8" rounds, and placed them side by side.  For the microphone, I used Rice Krispie treats, and then covered it with fondant, and painted it with Luster Dust.  She wanted a crab around because he sometimes gets "crabby"...
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By K8E
May 28, 2006
Made for my company beach party last year.
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By msbask
Jun 28, 2005
Hard to tell from the angle, but the eyes stick up on top.  Fun to make!
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By Rexy
Jun 5, 2006
My friend Cindee got married on the beach in Florida so I made this cake for her for a surprise party at work!  It is a chocolate cake with creamcheese reeses peanut butter cup filling and butter cream icing.  The coral and shells are white chocolate and the crabs are royal icing.
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By txdragonfly
Jul 2, 2006
White chocolate and painted fondant shells with a fondant crab. The moss is dyed orential noodle. It's a 3 teired buttercream cake. This was served on the American Rover tall sail ship in Norfolk Virginia.
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By siblingsweets
Jul 7, 2006
Everything is in buttercream icing, the sculptures are made of mmf.
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By Taralynn
Jul 7, 2006
This cake is for my niece's 6th birthday. Chocolate and white cakes with buttercream under fondant. All fondant accents. Luter dust accents too.
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By krissy_kze
Jul 8, 2006
I made this cake for my bff's 40th birthday.  We were having a crab feast so this was a nice ending for the meal.  I got some ideas from other people on this site (thank you) and used some of my own. Some of the crabs are fondant and some are melted, colored white chocolate. It was alot of fun to make.
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By colls
Jul 16, 2006
Client requested a "Cake for Two" (6") playful beach themed sand castle cake for 50th anniversary.  I asked if a crab couple would be fun and she agreed!  It was fun to make and easy.  Chocolate Shells, Fondant Critters and Brown Sugar Sand.  Top tier is a ice cream cone.
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By bjfranco
Jul 19, 2006
These cookies were so fun to do.  They were for my friends annual Luau.  There are Lobsters, crabs, sea turtles, palm trees, suns and fish.  No fail sugar cookies with royal icing.
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By cakecre8tor
Jun 4, 2006
The cake is marble, iced in buttercream.  The brown "paper" and crab mallets are fondant, the crabs are candy melts, the beer cans are candles with the wicks cut off and the mugs are plastic filled with yellow piping gel and topped with buttercream.

I made this for my office's August birthday celebration.  I was trying to think of something summery, and I'm in Maryland, and nothing is more summery than crabs and beer!
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By delightfulsweetbea
Aug 23, 2006
Crab Cake
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By rydersmom
Aug 23, 2006
all buttercream.
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By marecip
Sep 4, 2006
Buttercream w/ mmf accents.
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By MommyEdzards
Sep 16, 2006
goes with sea creature cake
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By MommyEdzards
Sep 16, 2006
Ugly guy, but that's what they wanted.  Sculpted with buttercream icing and fondant legs.
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By sampy
Oct 13, 2006
This was a doll birthday cake done from 2-10" rounds on botton and a large glass Pyrex measuring cup.  Fondant Flounder and Sebastian.
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By Suebee
Nov 22, 2006
You know you're a cake decorating addict when you make cupcakes to decorate when there is some free time between cake orders!  I experimented with MMF for these cupcakes.  Added store bought sea life gummies
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By minchan
Dec 3, 2006
no fail sugar with MMF, sanding sugar and royal icing
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By pinkflamingo
Dec 5, 2006
Three 6" cakes covered with IMBC. Top is removable - Furby is made from Rice Krispie treats covered with royal icing. Hermit crabs (modeled after pets of the birthday girl) made from MMF.
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By mary-ann
Dec 15, 2006
This was the first attempt at the mermaid and crab, and, during the Christmas rush, no less. But, I found the mermaid to be so much easier than I had anticipated.
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By JoMama
Dec 24, 2006
Butter Pecan cake covered in buttercream.  The man and crabs are fondant.  The fishing pole is a pretzel stick.  Everything else is buttercream.
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By toristreats
Jan 24, 2007
Made for Crawfish boil party. It's 1/2 sheet cake made of 70+ cupcakes w/ B/C then covered with tablecloth made of marzipan & sprayed w/lines. Used waferpaper "newsprint" w/ friendly news! Made marzipan, lemons, garlic & sausages, & marzipan chocolate covered Crawfish, Crab & Potatoes. Also made Zatarains box out of chocolate with wafer paper for details &  filled with nerds w/ small opening so people were eating them right out of the box.  Just a few feet away the real thing, it was great fun!
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By gateaux
Mar 17, 2007
I wanted to do something tropical for this birthday cake- the colorflow pieces are so very delicate though, 
It will be a while I think before I do that again, but in the end I did get the results I was looking for.
I traced the outline for the crabs and fish from a coloring book onto the wrong side of regular wax paper and 
did the colorflow on the opposite side, Happy Birthday Dana!
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By SommCakes
Apr 2, 2007
I made this cake for my father's 70th birthday last weekend.  It is a journey through the four states that he has lived in - starting in Wisconsin, California, Alaska and then Maryland.  The postcards are edible images on fondant.  Cake is covered in buttercream with fondant accents.  I'll post some follow-up pictures of each side of the cake as you can't see everything at the same time.
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By azterp
Apr 4, 2007
No fail cookies, royal icing  -te crab also has red sugar.
My favorite is the octopus!
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By coffeecake
Aug 3, 2006
This is a bit cramped but, I dont have a bigger pan .....yet. All figures are made from fondant and the cake is covered in b.c. Thanks for looking!
By FaithsPlace
Apr 20, 2007
plain bundt cake with fondant crab. Letters are no-fail sugar cookies with fondant decoration
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By Tuggy
May 5, 2007
This cake was for my girlfirends daughter who was turning 2 this past weekend and just LOVES fish.  Iced with buttercream with krispy treat fish on top covered with MMF.  Fish on the side, crab and treasure chest are all MMF as well.  It is hard to see from the photo, but there is a large piece of coral behind the fish that is also krispy treats covered in MMF and then covered with large white rock sugar.
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By azterp
May 8, 2007
My sister told me she wanted a beach themed cake with maybe a beach ball for her two daughter's birthday party.  So YAY I got to take artistic license.  I saw a beach cake on here where a lady make RI transfers of her grandkids and that inspired me to my MMF figures of my nieces.  The crab, the beach ball, the beach blanket, and the sandals are all MMF too.  The sand is cookies, the fence is RI and the shells are candy melt.  She wanted it to look like Myrtle Beach, SC also I had so much fun with this cake!
4 27
By cakesbydana
May 12, 2007
A good friend of mine bought candy eyes from CK and shared them with me so I HAD to make NFSC animals to use the eyes on! LOL
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By pammelasue
May 22, 2007
Some summer cookies I am doing...I tried to do the "bundles of cookies" techniques but couldn't work with such a thick icing. I just used the black outline
NF with royal...
8 28
By yankeegal
May 22, 2007
my dd and i made this one for her end of the year class party.  the crabs and shells are made of chocolate clay we had fun with this one.
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By andiesweet
May 25, 2007
This was my first attempt at a tiered cake.  It was for my nieces high school graduation party.  All buttercream with fondant accents.
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By gia2088
May 25, 2007
These are some cookies I made just for fun, using some new cutters I got.
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By aminium
May 29, 2007
Sugar cookies with royal icing. I made a bunch of these for the Williams Sonoma store that I work at, for the displays.
3 26
By mundy33
Jun 12, 2007


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